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Webyog SQLyog 13.1.2

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Webyog SQLyog 13.1.2

Webyog SQLyog is the most powerful manager, admin and GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB.

With HTTP/ HTTPS/ SSH Tunneling is a easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world.

Webyog SQLyog software was developed keep in mind the necessities of all who use MySQL as their preferred RDBMS.

Whether you enjoy the control of handwritten SQL or prefer to work in a visual environment, Webyog SQLyog makes it easy for you get started and provides you with tools to enhance your MySQL experience.

SQLyog MySQL GUI is the most powerful MySQL manager and admin tool, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, Administrator, phpMyAdmin and various other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL clients in a single intuitive interface.

Webyog SQLyog Features:

  • HTTP/HTTPs Tunneling
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Visual Data Compare
  • Query Profiler
  • Data Search
  • Schema Optimizer and Index Analyzer
  • Schema and Data Synchronization
  • Wizard driven compressed backups with scheduling
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Form View
  • Visual Schema Designer
  • SQL Formatter
  • Import External Data
  • Session Restore
  • SSH and HTTP Tunneling
  • Foreign Key Lookups
  • Autocomplete

Changes in version 13.1.2 (December 2018):


  • The “date picker” in Data/Result grid now has an option to use server timezone. Before only client timezone was used.
  • CREATE/ALTER TABLE GUI now supports CHECK constraints with recent MariaDB servers.
  • Added a “combo”/dropdown list for selection of Connection and Query tabs. Before with a large number of open tabs it could be difficult to navigate between tabs.

Bug Fixes:

  • Altering a table containing virtual columns could lose data due to erroneous quoting.
  • Renaming a virtual column generated wrong syntax with MySQL 8.x. Also fixed a unicode issue with virtual columns in MySQL 8.x.
  • With MariaDB servers virtual column -expressions were not displayed properly in ALTER TABLE.
  • Renaming a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT after renaming the parent columnname resulted in an error. Also undoing/reverting a change in the ALTER TABLE dialog could cause a similar error.
  • Object Browser window will have consistent width with different screen resolutions.
  • Formatting a query with MySQL functions could add an extra whitespace before the opening parenthesis of the MySQL function, thus invalidating the query.
  • Changing password using ‘User Manager’ generated wrong syntax, resulting in syntax error, with MySQL 8.x servers.
  • A crash could occur when using drag’n’drop to create a Foreign Key.

Homepage –

Size: 7.64 MB

DOWNLOAD Trial for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Trial for Windows x64

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