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Available for:

Malwarebytes Build 1.0.1725 – 25% OFF

Malwarebytes Build 1.0.1725 – 25% OFF
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Malwarebytes Premium is an antimalware program that can thoroughly remove even the most advanced malware. It detects and removes malware where even the best known antivirus and antimalware software fail. The application monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start.

Malwarebytes is the next-gen security program that protects you from the most advanced (zero-day) threats, making antivirus obsolete. The Proactive Protection Module keeps your system safe and secure with advanced heuristic scanning technology.

BUY NOW Malwarebytes Premium – 25% OFF

Malwarebytes products have a proven record of protecting computers by completely removing all forms of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and rootkits.

This software combines all of malware-fighting technology-anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit, and malicious website protection into one program. It scans 4x faster than previous versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

Premium Benefits:

  • Protects you from advanced (zero-day) threats, including ransomware, so you can surf the Web without worry
  • Removes all traces of malware for complete safety
  • Removes potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that make your computer run poorly
  • Scans fast so you do not have to sit around and wait for your security to finish working
  • Easy to use, just set it and forget it
  • Can replace antivirus or run alongside other antivirus programs

The advanced technology protects businesses from the constantly-evolving threat that malware poses to corporate systems. From data loss to network corruption, undetected malware can decrease revenue and wreak havoc on your network. Malwarebytes provides maximum protection while using minimal resources, to keep your system focused on your business.

What’s New in Malwarebytes 4.5.12:

Features and improvements

  • Additional enhancements to security for account based license.
  • Improved logging for:
    • Security Advisor.
    • Product update functionality.
  • Performance enhancements.

Issues fixed

  • MBAM-6538: During an Update, and under certain circumstances, MBAMWsc.exe does not run on the first service restart, causing no registration with Windows Security Center.
  • MBAM-6974: Network failure after some time of Malwarebytes operation.
  • MBAM-7095: Opening Toaster message when Malwarebytes screen opens briefly shows 404 error in Toaster message window.

What’s New in Malwarebytes 4.5.10:

  • Enhanced Detection and Remediation.
  • Performance enhancements.

Issues fixed

  • ARW-628: Veeam backups failing when Ransomware Protection is enabled.
  • MBAM-6913: Real-Time Protection prevents Perl applications from launching external processes.
  • MBAM-6929: Windows Security Center doesn’t recover and enable protection when Malware Protection is disabled.

What’s New in Malwarebytes 4.5.8:

Features and improvements 

  • ELAM SHA-2 384 driver now supported.
  • Enhanced Detection and Remediation.
  • Performance enhancements.

Issues fixed

  • MBAM-3874: Scanning continuously, even though scheduled as weekly occurrence.
  • MBAM-6429: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) C4 in MBAMChamelon.sys on MB4 exit, under certain circumstances.
  • MBAM-6431: Malwarebytes UI restarts twice during start-up, under certain circumstances.

What’s New in Malwarebytes 4.5.7:

Features and improvements 

  • Enhanced Detection and Remediation.
  • Foundation for VPN integrated controller.
  • Performance enhancements.

Issues fixed

  • MBAM-2476: Multiple network connection modals get stacked when shown.
  • MBAM-5511: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error due to Farflt.sys. Access violation in farflt!ProtectedProcessLocate.
  • MBAM-5765: Web Protection module blocks inbound connections on TCP/53.
  • MBAM-5995: Web Protection module never deletes inbound ICMP context objects.
  • MBAM-6354: Security Advisor shows incorrect status for issues not related to Real-Time Protection.
  • MBAM-6393: Anti-Exploit module preventing Native Hosts Extensions from running under certain circumstances.

What’s New in Malwarebytes 4.5.6:

Features and improvements

  • Complete scan notification setting is now in Settings under the Notifications tab.
  • Enhanced Detection and Remediation.
  • Enhanced product performance.

Issues fixed

  • MBAM-6062: Malwarebytes crashed after deactivation and MWAC.sys verifier was enabled.
  • MBAM-6254: Security Advisor issues with dots in multiple languages
  • MBAM-6261: Language setting were changing back to English after Malwarebytes updates.
  • MBAM-6287: Learn more link in the In App cart was not working.
  • MBAM-6289: Language codes in MBSetup.exe did not match what’s in the user interface and sometimes defaulted to English.
  • MBAM-6135: Malwarebytes UI would not open after upgrading or installing from version 4.5.2.
  • MBAM-6138: MBAMService was stuck in a Stopped or Pending state.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Languages Available: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Koraen, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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