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Available for:

AirDC++ 4.11 – Advanced Direct Connect Client

AirDC++ 4.11 – Advanced Direct Connect Client

AirDC++ is a modern client for Advanced Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks. You are able to join “hubs” with other users, and chat, perform searches and browse the share of each user.

AirDC++ is the ultimate, easy to use file sharing client. It allows you to share files with friends and other people, for example, with people who have a common interest from all over the world. Also AirDC++ can be used within local or wide area networks.

AirDC++ is extremely high performance with lots of advanced features. It has been tested to operate smoothly even with millions of shared files or hundreds of terabytes of data. The source code is available for everyone and there is no bundled software or advertisements of any kind.

AirDC++ also includes many unique features for people sharing and downloading files in standardized release format (original releases).

AirDC++ feature highlights:

  • An easy to use settings wizard for new users
  • Allows sharing different directories in different hubs
  • Real-time monitoring for share changes
  • Possibility to open multiple per user connections to one user
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Grouping of queued files into directories
  • Possibility to add own searches that will searched for regularly and downloaded automatically when found
  • Advanced sharing of partially downloaded directories/files and more efficient way of finding alternative sources
  • Support for NMDC and ADC protocols and encrypted transfers on both
  • Bandwidth controlling capabilities

Changes in AirDC++ 4.11:


  • Print better error messages when updating the country database fails
  • Encryption: accept TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256 cipher
  • Allow closing various tab with Ctrl+W


  • Fix a possible crash when uploading files
  • Fix possible filelist-related crashes
  • Fix issues with saving of options on the extension tab
  • Fix warnings with hubs that are blocking direct private messages (shown only for AirDC++ users)
  • Fix reopening of previously viewed text files
  • Fix sending of UDP data when connecting to a SOCKS5 server via IPv4
  • Fix listing of drive content when browsing local file system in the Web UI


  • Main menu item to match own filelist with ADL search (you can still match your own filelist after it has been opened)

Changes in AirDC++ 4.10:

  • Improved transfers speeds
  • More reliable extensions

Changes in AirDC++ 4.00:


  • Extension tab for installing and managing extensions
  • Include node.js extension engine in the updater and installer
  • Add labels for event log messages
  • Allow changing web server bind addresses from the settings, show a link to the Web UI
  • Add an option to show user IP and country in chat (RoLex)
  • Allow setting a custom temp file path via dcppboot.xml


  • Bind web server to localhost ( by default
  • Don’t wait until the current file has finished completed when stopping hashing
  • Don’t allow adding bundle sources without a known hub
  • Save application identifier in the settings file for more reliable future settings migration
  • Improve handling of directory downloading errors


  • Fix incorrect TTH data being added in hash store when shutting down while hashing is in progress
  • Fix fetching the list of downloaded files for partial bundle sharing


  • Inbuilt check for missing/extra files (replaced with the airdcpp-release-validator extension)
  • Inbuilt share monitoring (replaced with the airdcpp-share-monitor extension)
  • Manual SFV checker (can be implemented with an extension)
  • fulDC FTP logger (can be implemented with an extension)
  • Support for migrating legacy XML hash databases from DC++ (or other compatible applications

Changes in AirDC++ 3.71:

  • Extensions are now able to add their own context menu items in different types of places (e.g. search, bundles, filelists) and perform custom actions (or open web links)
  • The share refresh API has also been greatly improved, and it’s now possible to list and cancel running/queued refresh tasks
  • Extensions will also be able to add custom highlights/links for all chat and status messages, and it’s even possible to show custom context menu items when the user clicks the highlighted text

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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