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SugarSync – Back up, Sync and Share

SugarSync – Back up, Sync and Share
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SugarSync is a free service that enables you to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and devices. Sync PCs, sync Macs, even sync PCs with Macs!

The application enables you to back up, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies. So that you can access them from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or any other device. Cloud storage for your music and photo collection means it’s securely backed up and accessible anytime, from any computer or device.

SugarSync offers:

With SugarSync you get online cloud storage for all. When you make a change or add files on any of your PC or Mac computers, the program automatically syncs your files to the cloud. There you can access them from any Internet-connected device – including your smartphone or iPad.

The online backup service works quietly in the background without interfering with your productivity. SugarSync makes it easy to backup, share and access your files, anytime, anywhere.

Your files will be transferred securely using TLS (Transport Layer Security). And will be stored in the cloud in an encrypted format using 128-bit AES. It’s the same level of protection used for online financial transactions.

Get remote access to your files, photos, and media from anywhere. Just log in to the SugarSync website from any computer to access your important folders and files. With SugarSync’s mobile app on your device, you can view, share, and access your data on the go.

SugarSync provides data security you can count on. It makes sharing a breeze. Whether you are sharing one file, or an entire folder with hundreds of files, a few clicks is all it takes.

Benefits of SugarSync Mobile App

you have access to all of your data, right from your smartphone or tablet. With this app installed on your mobile device, you can access files from any of your computers. Moreover, you can share photos with friends and family, upload files and photos from your mobile device to your computer. You can even edit documents, depending on the capabilities of your device.

Furthermore, you can send files of any size remotely from your mobile phone or tablet. Even if your computers are turned off. With Mobile Apps for Android and Apple iOS, you can even sync files or folders between your device and your computers. It’s like having all your computers inside your device!

SugarSync has mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices.

Changes in SugarSync 4.1.3 (2022-05-12):

  • Fixed problems with syncing and crashes when reconnecting e.g. after device sleep
  • Updated Developer ID Application certificate

Changes in SugarSync 4.1.2 (2022-03-23):

  • Updated and resizable file type icons in Folder and Gallery views
  • Several dialog boxes updated to consistent styling
  • Improved messaging to make it clear a minimum of 3 characters is required for search
  • Context menus now show ellipses next to items that open a dialog
  • It is now possible to log out from SugarSync from the taskbar menu
  • New option to log out automatically each time the app is closed
  • The signup option has been removed from the login screen
  • Updated Windows signing certificate
  • A 3rd party license file is now included in the installation directory
  • Updated copyright notices
  • Fix for auto logout issues when 2FA is enabled
  • Numerous small user interface bugs have been fixed

Changes in SugarSync 4.1.1 (2021-10-11):

  • Streamlined installation on macOS
  • Improved error messages for 2FA issues
  • Fix for sync issues after macOS upgrade
  • Fix for missing Windows system tray icon

Changes in SugarSync 4.1 (2021-02-08):

  • 2FA support (coming later this month)
  • Improvements to sign up process

Changes in SugarSync 4.0.3 (2020-12-01):

  • Added hotkey shortcut for Preferences
  • Various UI improvements
  • Internal code cleanup

Changes in SugarSync 4.0.2 (2020-10-28):

  • Added silent upgrade as an option for updating SugarSync
  • Added alert when OS shutdown while SugarSync is syncing
  • Added ability to turn on/off daily summary emails from within the folder share dialog
  • Added support for drag and drop within subfolder view
  • Added support for macOS Big Sur
  • Fixed excluding subfolders to…. exclude subfolders from syncing
  • Fixed multiple SugarSync shortcuts installed on Windows
  • Fixed how we calculate folder sizes
  • Fixed a crash when calculating a users quota
  • Fixed macOS mission control black desktops

Changes in SugarSync 4.0.1 (2020-07-09):

  • Updates to identify Public Links with the same name
  • Improved upgrade experience of the desktop app
  • Improved client startup speed with no internet connection
  • Improved macOS uninstaller to clean up all files upon uninstall
  • Fixed quota discrepancies between desktop app and web app
  • Desktop app shows a link to the status page when it can’t connect
  • Various UI improvements

Changes in SugarSync 4.0 (2020-05-26):

  • New look and feel across all of our apps
  • Recent activity shows an overview of your file activity
  • Added hover states to the activity icons to give more details to what SugarSync is doing
  • Misc bug and crash fixes

Changes in SugarSync 3.11.2 (2019-10-28):

  • macOS Catalina support
  • macOS case sensitive file system support
  • Fixed quota calculations with purged Protected Folder backups
  • Search improvements
    • Results now highlighted when opened in Folders view
    • Files can now be deleted in Search view
  • Thumbnail logic improvements
  • Added exception to Windows Defender upon installation
  • Crash and memory fixes
  • Breadcrumbs now work in all views
  • Crash, memory and CPU usage fixes

Changes in SugarSync 3.11.1 (2019-07-19):

  • Enhanced Protected Folder walkthrough
  • OS level notifications for new shared folders
  • New notification tab in settings
  • Proxy updates no longer require app restart
  • Crash and memory fixes

Homepage – https://www.sugarsync.com

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8.1, 10, 11
  • 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina) and 11 (Big Sur)
  • Android 4.1 and up
  • iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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