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FrostWire 6.13.2 build 321

FrostWire 6.13.2 build 321

FrostWire is an open source, peer-to-peer file sharing program for the BitTorrent protocols. Above all, it is free program, and you can run it on any computer with an internet connection. FrostWire uses very little minimum system requirements.

Join millions of other file sharers and download unlimited music, movies, and games. A large variety of files you will find on FrostWire, and searching for them is quick and easy. Never again pay for a service that could be dirt cheap. – if it weren’t being run by profiteering gluttons.

This application is written in Java. Gnutella support was dropped entirely, and now FrostWire only uses the BitTorrent network. You can now use this program to send large files or entire folders to Colleagues, Friends and family.

FrostWire Features:

  • Completely Free and open-source
  • Send large files and folders
  • Firewall-to-firewall transfers
  • Turbo-Charged Download Speeds
  • Full featured BitTorrent support
  • Magnet Link compatible
  • SoundCloud compatible
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Wi-Fi sharing for Mac, PC, Android
  • Kindle Fire HD compatible
  • Internet Radio support
  • New Media Library and Audio Player
  • iTunes Integration
  • Max. speed network connections
  • Junk Result Filters
  • Friendly Online Chat Rooms
  • Proxy Support
  • No Spyware. No Adware. Guaranteed.

The program performs a Smart Search upon the most relevant torrent search results. They come from BitTorrent search engines. That means it remembers every file contained by every torrent. It scans increasing greatly the chance to find what you are looking for, super fast.

Changes in version 6.13.2 Build 321:

  • SC search fixed
  • EZTV search removed
  • Telluride Video Downloader build 31 with Python 3.12.1
  • Fixes X Video Download issue where video file names were too long
  • Java Runtime Environment 22 update
  • Updated TPB search engine with new domain and HTML parsing
  • Improved file name handling to truncate names exceeding 255 characters
  • Updated User-Agent list with more recent agents
  • Updated Ssl pinned domains

Changes in version 6.13.1 Build 320:

  • Java Runtime Environment 21 update
  • org.xerial:sqlite-jdbc: update
  • Telluride Video Downloader build 29 with Python 3.12.0

Changes in version 6.12.0 Build 318:

  • Telluride Video Search works in Spanish, German, Italian, French countries
  • Faster app startup
  • Java Runtime Environment 20.0.1
  • Deprecation fix: URL(s) -> URI(s).toURL()

Homepage – https://www.frostwire.com

Supported Operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit) or later
  • macOS 11.5.2 (Big Sur) or later (64-bit, x86_86 or arm64)
  • Linux, Unix such as Solaris (64-bit)
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later

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