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Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter PRO 7.0.2

Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter PRO 7.0.2
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Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter (DAP) is a fun to use software to automatically turn a photo or a 3D rendering into great looking painting inspired by some of the most famous real world artists.

DAP allows you digitally to repaint your photos in the style of famous world masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Benson, Corot, Cézanne and many others.

Instead of processing pixels of the input photo, DAP uses the image as a guide and applies real brush strokes based on the works of famous classic painters to recreate from scratch your photos in each artist signature style.

Dynamic Auto Painter repaints your photo stroke by stroke so it looks like a painting when viewed both up close on a large monitor as well as on a small screen on your phone. This is where filter based applications often fail. But DAP is different!

The output from DAP is already fantastic but if you still need more details you can use our AI Photo & Art Enhancer app to give your paintings an unprecedented edge. The special machine learning process will enhance brush strokes and texture while increasing pixel amount up to 16x for truly gallery- quality prints.

Main Features of Dynamic Auto Painter PRO 7:

DAP offers detailed control of every aspect of the painting process, but it also allows for manual preparation of images with very robust pre and post processing.

  • More than a decade worth of artistic styles. There are more than 200 styles and variations supplied with the software. You can add many other styles created by our users or you can create your own.
  • Inpaint. Remove unwanted parts from the image directly with this powerful set of retouching tools
  • Canvas and Material designer. You can easily adjust how the paint reacts to the canvas and how it reflects light. This can add a third dimension to the brush strokes
  • Grading & Pre-Processing Tools. Grading offers a precise tonal control over input images. There are other standard preparation adjustment available such as Levels, Contrast etc…
  • Layers & Post Processing. With the Layers you can fully control how the result image will look like by mixing different painting steps in any way you wish. Now with PSD export.
  • LeRoy Color Randomizers. The algorithms can add subtle (or not so subtle) color variations to unexpected places, making it an ideal starting point for expressionism.
  • Style Editing. For the curious minds DAP offers an unmatched versatility in designing the painting process with color matching and hundreds of internal effects
  • True Mosaic Engine. Adds ability to create mosaic while controlling the angle of the mosaic stones.
  • Directional Brushes. Directional Brushes can be used for various special effects, for example painting certain areas in only one direction
  • Auto-Masking. Detail masks can be automatically created based on the image content to prevent small brushes from being used on flat areas such as sky.
  • Panel. Get first row seat to all the parameters with Panel. Fully customizable drag- and drop parameter collection

Some Examples how the software is used by customers:

  • As a first tool in the toolbox: Use DAP then continue in drawing applications like Corel Painter or Photoshop to refine your painting
  • Beat the Artist Block: Run photo through Dynamic Auto Painters various styles to get an inspiration before you start painting with real paint on canvas
  • Reinvent lost art: Use Dynamic Auto Painter to process photos that are too small or blurry or process your old drawings
  • Enhance 3D Rendering: Many of the styles can bring a new life into 3D renderings from software such as Poser
  • Show and Sell your art: There are many users that sell their art created partially or entirely with Dynamic Auto Painter

What’s New in Dynamic Auto Painter 7:

  • Feature Follow – Brushes can now follow the angle of image features which can improve the natural feel of the painting
  • Directional brushes
  • True Mosaic Engine
  • SMART brush size – brush can automatically resize to correspond to the image complexity
  • New content aware automatic detail mask options
  • New “Panel” feature to directly access any parameters of the preset
  • Ability to Batch process image using changing preset parameters (modulation)
  • Ability to Randomize any parameter
  • Ability to capture painting process into video frames
  • Template helper tool
  • Fine Area Brush in Mouse Assisted Painting and many other additions
  • New and improved presets (DAP 7 comes now with more than 200 presets and variations or about 270 MB of content)

What’s New in Dynamic Auto Painter 6:

  • Art Tone
  • Leroy Color Randomizer
  • Internal support for Preset Folders
  • Grade Tab to fine color correct input image
  • Inpaint tab to fix and remove objects from the input image
  • Equirectangular 360 Panorama support
  • U-Paint helper for real-world artists
  • Link to Premium templates

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).