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WebAnimator 4.1 – 15% OFF

WebAnimator 4.1 – 15% OFF
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Incomedia WebAnimator will help you to create fantastic animations, to add to your websites and online stores, without using Flash. Instead, it uses the more modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

This means you can be certain that your animations will be correctly displayed on all the main browsers, as well as smartphones and tablets (including iPhone and iPad).

BUY NOW WebAnimator 4 – 15% OFF

During working process, the program allows you to see everything as you create it, using an intuitive interface with all the necessary tools. You don’t need to learn or use HTML code, and you don’t need to be an experienced animator.

The program offers a whole series of tools, including timelines and keyframes, that can be added to your stage with a simple Drag & Drop.

Templates, Special Effects and Live Animation are ready to use for a quick and easy design, development and management of your animations.


  • Graphic interface. The interface boasts a new, flat design and integrated panels instead of the former superimposed look.
  • Responsive animations. You can design your animations to be responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to the browser window’s dimensions.
  • Google Font preview. Now you can view your chosen Google Fonts directly from the stage than only in the external browser preview.
  • Adding objects. You can add objects directly with one click, no need to drag the icon from the toolbar to the stage.
  • Animation properties. From the Properties menu, you can see how properties change when an effect is activated.
  • Text Editor. Syntax Highlighting in the editor now lets you enter text.
  • Internal engine. Replace your internal rendering engine with Chromium to increase speed and improve design functions.
  • Copy/Pase Management. Now you can copy and paste key image frames as well as objects with associated key frames.
  • Image library. More than 1 million royalty-free images are available in the library for you to import directly into your projects.
  • Shape Object. You can use more shapes than just the rectangle and the circle, choosing from a library of shape presets.
  • New effect pre-sets. 5 new effect presets added to those already available.
  • Vector images. Added the option of importing SVG vector images.
  • Video Object (only for WebAnimator Plus). Added the option of inserting a video by simply entering the YouTube URL.

Homepage – https://www.webanimator.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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