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Active@ File Recovery by LSoft Technologies

Active@ File Recovery by LSoft Technologies
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Active@ File Recovery 23 for Windows is an easy to use, safe, and efficient data recovery tool, even if your system is not bootable. It provides the ability to effectively recover data as a result of having been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost.

Active@ File Recovery is designed to restore accidentally files and directories, that have been lost or deleted from your system. Also you will be able to recover lost or deleted files.

The utility scans computer hard drives in minutes and displays all files which can be recovered. It allows you to recover the deleted files from the Recycle Bin. Moreover, it allows you to recover data after formatting or loss of partitions.

The Professional package also includes integrated Active@ Disk Editor (or Hex Viewer), Virtual RAID reconstructor, being able to recover damaged RAID disk arrays, and File Organizer needed to re-organize and rename files detected by their signatures.

Active@ File Recovery Ultimate Edition extends the Professional package with Active@ Boot Disk Lite. It is a bootable WinPE-based ISO Image that you can burn to CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray. Or write to USB Flash Disk using supplied Bootable Disk Creator. Windows PE boots from this CD/ DVD/ USB and you are able to recover partitions as well as recover particular files and folders from the lightweight Windows recovery environment. This is crucial for unbootable systems. Ultimate package also includes Linux-based bootable Active@ LiveCD, being able to boot all the latest x86 and x64 UEFI secure boot systems.

Active@ File Recovery Features:

  • Photos recovery, pictures recovery if they were deleted from flash media, or lost due to formatting a memory card
  • Large disks and disk arrays (RAID) supported (large than 2TB)
  • Data Recovery on unbootable due to a computer crash, virus attack, damage by malware, or power failure PCs
  • Recovers from damaged Microsoft FAT/exFAT, NTFS/NTFS+EFS, Apple HFS+, Unix UFS/XFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4/BtrFS/XFS file systems
  • File Organizer for files detected by signatures allows to re-organize files in folders tree, rename files based on the internal attributes and preview re-organized data before actual recovery occurs (Professional packages)
  • Recovery for all Windows versions supported
  • Recovers deleted files from damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions
  • File recovery for files and documents that have been lost by disk formatting, damaged by virus attack, or a power failure
  • Partition recovery after disk partition(s) loss / deletion / re-format / physical damage on FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, UFS, XFS, ExtFs and BtrFs
  • Raw Disk Image (sector-by-sector copy) & Raw Compressed Disk Image creation for future data analysis and data recovery from the image
  • Supports hardware RAID disk arrays virtual reconstruction. RAID data recovery (Professional packages)
  • Full support for multi-language character sets (Unicode), recovers files and folders having names containing not only Latin characters
  • Different types of drive scan: QuickScan (Fast), SuperScan (Slow), and Last Chance recovery
  • SuperScan technology recognizes 135 file types by signatures and sorts them in folders

Changes in Active@ File Recovery 24.0.2 (2024-01-22):

  • New Recovery Kernel version 14.1.17
  • New SuperScan option: Reconstruct disks having different physical sector size
  • New SuperScan option: Reconstruct devices starting with non-zero offset in sector
  • Improved recovery volumes clusters size > 64Kb
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Improved Boot Disk Creator – added Display Scaling and Network Resource mapping
  • The latest Active@ Boot Disk based on WinPE 10.0.25398.1 (Windows Server 23H2 code base)

Changes in Active@ File Recovery 23.0.2 (2023-05-08):

  • Improved support of NTFS partitions with large cluster size
  • Improved support of disks with 4096 bytes sectors

Changes in Active@ File Recovery 23.0 (2023-02-08):

  • Improved recovery of NTFS volumes formatted with large cluster size
  • Latest recovery kernel contains many improvements
  • Upgraded to Qt framework version 5.12.5 and Platform Kit v143
  • Active@ Boot Disk – WinPE upgraded to Windows 11 22H2 base
  • Boot Disk Creator can store configuration for WIM PXE boot

Changes in Active@ File Recovery 22.0 (2022-03-21):

  • Added new predefined file signatures recognition:
    • Adobe iWork Pages (PAGES)
    • Apple iWork Numbers (NUMBERS)
    • Apple iWork Keynotes (KEY)
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Ultimate package: improved Bootable Disk Creator
  • Ultimate package: Active@ Boot Disk switched to the latest WinPE v.10 based on Windows 11 v21H2 code base

Changes in Active@ File Recovery (2020-10-30):

  • Simplified and improved User Interface
  • Latest Recovery Kernel includes improvements and bug fixes
  • Ultimate version: Active@ Boot Disk upgraded to the latest WinPE based on Windows 10 build 2004
  • Ultimate version: Active@ LiveCD upgraded to openSUSE 15.2: Linux Kernel 5.3, KDE 5.18

Homepage – https://www.file-recovery.com

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8,  7, Vista, Windows XP;
  • Windows Servers 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003;
  • WinPE – recovery environment;
  • Boots from CD/DVD/USB: WinPE-based & Linux-based recovery boot disks.

Features supported:

FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS, Apple HFS+, Unix UFS, XFS, JFS, Linux Ext2/3/4, BtrFS; HDD, SSD, USB, IDE, SATA, eSATA, SAS, SCSI hard drives, USB Flash, SD, MMC, CompactFlash; RAID reconstruction (RAID-0/1/5, Span); Deleted/damaged partitions recovery.

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