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Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 1.0.239

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange 1.0.239
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Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange provides granular restore from the database level allowing for recovery of information stores, individual storage groups, mailboxes or specific emails. When your Exchange Server goes down, every second counts.

Nothing is faster or more secure than this Acronis software. With one-step automated backup, you can rest assure that all of your organization’s critical communications are preserved.

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When disaster strikes, Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange will enable you to retrieve specific emails, shared folders, or entire mailboxes for specific users.

Combined with Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange can restore to the point just prior to failure. All this at a price/performance point that is attractive to enterprise and small/medium sized businesses alike.

Product Components:

  • Management Console is a tool for managing data backup/restore on the local network from a single location. Using it you can install agents remotely, schedule tasks, recover data remotely, set backup/restore options on remote database servers, and import a pre-existing maintenance plan.
  • Agent is an application, enabling local and remote management from Management Console of data backup/restore on a networked computer, on which it is installed.

As critical to business as email is, your business must be able to complete a recovery of the Microsoft Exchange server in minutes, not hours or days. To achieve this, Acronis, the leader in disaster recover software, developed Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange. Using a flexible, intuitive interface, Exchange Administrators can backup the mail database at the brick or database level, assuring users have availability to email with virtually no loss of productivity.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange is an excellent compliment to the award-winning Acronis Backup & Recovery suite of disaster recovery and system migration products, using patented disk-imaging technology. Together, they deliver comprehensive server and PC disaster recovery and full Microsoft Exchange database protection – a winning disaster recovery plan combination.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Key Features:

  • Near Continuous Data Protection of Logs. Automatically backup the Exchange transaction logs as they become available.
  • Granular Restore. Recover a mail server, mailbox, or single mail message.
  • Easy Administration. Full database backup and restore with single click using wizard-driven GUI.
  • A Full Range of Recovery Options. Enable recovery of data from the last known archive, a particular point-in-time, or from the Exchange server’s point-of-failure.
  • High Speed Performance. One of the quickest backup and restore solutions for Exchange servers available. Quickly perform granular restores from a database backup.
  • Guided Disaster Recovery. Creates a step-by-step disaster recovery plan that will guide a user through a recovery.
  • Password Protected Archives. Protects backed up database image for electronic transport.
  • Active Restore. Access mailbox while database is being restored.
  • Database and Brick Level Backup/Restore. Flexibility and speed based on need.
  • Dial-Tone Recovery. Restore email service quickly to basic dial tone capabilities.
  • Incremental Backup. Saves disk space, backup and recovery time.
  • Flexible Storage Options. Choose where your archives are automatically copied, be it on a local hard drive, network share, FTP server, or other external device.
  • Resource Management. Manage system resource performance with CPU and bandwidth throttling.
  • Centralized Management. Better control of backup and restore process from a single location.

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