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Available for:

EASEUS Todo Backup Home 2022.2 Build 14.2 – 50% OFF

EASEUS Todo Backup Home 2022.2 Build 14.2 – 50% OFF
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EASEUS Todo Backup is a complete, reliable disaster recovery solution to backup system, data, files and folders, hard drive partition. It not only provides convenient user-interface to simplify your tasks but also enables you to backup and restore an image of your partitions or entire hard disk.

This backup manager enables users to backup and restore data in multiple ways for their data security. In addition, this EASEUS Backup software allows users clone a hard disk, in order to replace the old one or transfer to another one.

EaseUS 18th Anniversary Sale – 50% OFF until August 15, 2022

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EASEUS Todo Backup Home is a free file backup and disaster recovery software, protecting your data, including photos, music, videos, documents, financial data and applications. Back up what you want, when you want. Users are faced with the essential challenge: the need to secure their PC and important files, such as system, family photos, music, applications, personal data and financial documents.

Protect your PC with EASEUS Todo Backup Home by just a few quick steps. If you lose any files you like or need to go back to an earlier version, don’t worry, you can recover them in time. It is a complete free backup and recovery solution for home users.

Backup Benefits:

  • System backup. Full system protection allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when disaster happens.
  • Disk imaging. Block-level disk imaging quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes.
  • File backup. File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files.
  • Hot backup. Back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup.
  • Outlook Email backup. Disaster recovery for Outlook Express or Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.
  • Incremental and differential backup. Only back up changes made since the previous backup, saving time and storage space.
  • Schedule backup. Flexible backup scheduler allows backups to run based on daily, weekly, monthly or event.

Recovery Benefits:

  • System restore. Quickly recover your entire Windows system backup in minutes to the original or new location using a Linux or WinPE bootable media.
  • Flexible disk restore. Quickly restore what you need, recover granular files, folders, volumes, or all from a single disk image.
  • Selective file restore. Recover individual files and folders from a file backup image without restoring an entire image.
  • Pre-OS recovery environment. If your system won’t boot, simply select EaseUS Todo Backup from boot menu to launch Pre-OS and then recover your system.

Special Benefits:

  • Migration and clone. Fast, easily and safely migrate system to an SSD or a bigger HDD for disk replacement or upgrade.
  • Backup management. Easily manage backup job and automatically delete the out-of-date backup images, saving storage space.
  • Browse image file. Browse backup with Windows Explorer and simply copy-paste files/folders.
  • Compatible with GPT/UEFI. Create a WinPE bootable media for 64-bit Windows system resided on GPT to start up PC recovery in case of emergency.

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup 14.1 (2022-05-10):

  • Redesigned product for new centralized management to better meet the backup management needs of enterprises and service providers (MSPs)
  • Improved support for Office 365 email accounts
  • Solved the problem of file backup stuck in special environment
  • Solved the problem that some systems cannot be backed up due to VSS startup failure
  • Resolved an issue that caused ESET Security to indicate Potentially unsafe applications due to being exploited by malware
  • Fixed a potential dll hijacking risk
  • Fixed an issue where the error message was returned incorrectly due to deleted images during smart backup
  • Solved the problem that the boot plan backup may not be executed under Windows XP
  • Fixed the problem that the command execution failed to be judged before/after the backup

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup 14.0 (2022-05-06):

  • Add the function of creating and backing up to the EASEUS security zone to keep the backup data away from the threat of extortion software
  • Solved the problem that outlook backup finally gets stuck or crashes
  • Fixed the problem of VSS invalidation caused by the wrong setting of partition name in GPT partition table
  • Solved the problem that the file backup is stuck in a special environment
  • Solved the problem that some systems cannot be backed up due to VSS startup failure
  • Solved the problem that ESET security prompts as potentially unsafe applications due to being exploited by malware
  • Fixed a potential DLL hijacking risk
  • Fixed the problem of returning failure information due to the deleted image during intelligent backup
  • Solved the problem that the scheduled backup may not be executed when starting up under Windows XP
  • Fixed the problem of executing commands before / after backup without judging the failure of command execution

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup Home 13.6 (2022-03-14):

  • Solved Outlook backup stuck or crashed at the end
  • Solved an issue where Dropbox Enterprise Edition support, configuration issues caused authorization to fail
  • Solved the problem of garbled partition name after setting gpt partition table crc32:54915b09
  • Solved the problem of unsuccessful Winpe download
  • Added DFS network support

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup Home 13.5 (2021-08-13):

  • Added Cloud Backup. Protect important files with new EaseUS Cloud Service.
  • Fixed some issues where cloning was not possible in some scenarios
  • Fixed some bugs

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise 13.5 (2021-02-01):

  • Improved the performances of “Clone” and “Restore”
  • Upgraded file filtering methods
  • Fixed the problem of data inconsistency in some environments during cloning/backup

Changes in EaseUS Todo Backup Home 13.0.0 (2020-12-08):

  • Solved the problem that the wrong mirror deletion caused by the mirror retention policy in certain scenariosc
  • Fixed the blue screen when system starts after restoring or cloning the system in certain environments
  • Adopt a new method of excluding files during backup, which greatly improves backup performance and reduces backup file space occupation

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008

Devices Supported:

  • Parallel ATA (IDE) HDD
  • Serial ATA (SATA) HDD
  • External SATA (eSATA) HDD
  • All levels of SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers
  • USB 1.0/2.0/3.0 HDD
  • IEEE 1394 (FireWire) HDD
  • Full support of RAIDed configurations (hardware RAIDs)
  • Support large capacity hard disk (MBR and GPT hard disk, EaseUS Todo Backup can support up to 16TB hard disk and 32 disks at most.)