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VueScan 9.7.53 – Scanner Software

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VueScan 9.7.53 – Scanner Software

VueScan, the world’s most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. It works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance.

VueScan is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professionals.

This application changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your system and all other scanner software will continue to function.

VueScan can output scanned documents, photos, and film in PDF, JPEG, TIFF formats. It can also recognize text using OCR and create multi-page PDFs using flatbed scanners and scanners with automatic document feeders. .

Accessing your WiFi enabled scanner has never been easier. The Mobile Edition allows you to seamlessly scan documents and photos straight to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from HP, Canon, and Epson WiFi printer/scanners. In addition to sending via Email and saving to the Photos App, Vuescan Mobile allows you to save scanned images to your favorite iOS apps. That can open PDF or JPEG files such as iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, etc.

VueScan is a replacement for the software that came with your scanner. It is compatible with 5831 scanners from 42 scanner manufacturers.

VueScan Scans Documents

  • Scan with Flatbed and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)
  • Scan to PDF (Single and Multipage)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatic Color Detection
  • Small document file sizes
  • Automatic document deskewing

VueScan Scans Photos

  • Scan with Flatbed and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)
  • Scan to JPEG or TIFF
  • Preset photo sizes
  • Scan multiple photos on the flatbed
  • Automatic file naming

VueScan Scans Film and Slides

  • Works with almost all film/slide scanners
  • Scan to JPEG/TIFF/RAW
  • Infrared Dust Removal
  • Color correction
  • IT8 Calibration
  • Photoshop Integration

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.53:

  • Added support for Plustek A320E
  • Fixed problem with some Genesys Logic scanners
    • Canon 5600F
    • Canon LiDE 100
    • Canon LiDE 200
    • Canon LiDE 700F
    • Plustek OpticFilm 7400
    • Plustek OpticFilm 7600i
    • Plustek OpticFilm 8100
    • Plustek OpticFilm 8200i
  • Fixed problem with some WIA scanners
  • Fixed problem with Epson XP-6100
  • Fixed problem with Canon DR-C230
  • Fixed problem with Brother MFC-J5625DW
  • Improved recognition of ScanJet 4850 vs. ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.52:

  • Added support for 2 new Brother MFPs
    • Brother DCP-J587N
    • Brother DCP-J987N
  • Added support for ‘Input Lamp’ on Epson Perfection V600
  • Fixed problem with Minolta Scan Multi and Scan Multi Pro
  • Improved recognition of ScanJet 4850 vs. ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.51:

  • Increased number of bits in TIFF and Raw files with multi-sampling and size reduction
  • Fixed problem with hangs after some Windows installs
  • Fixed problem with ‘Overview’ and ‘Cropped area’ not both updating when ‘Input Media’ changed

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.50:

  • Added support for 80 new Canon MFPs
    • Canon E3400
    • Canon E3440
    • Canon E3470
    • Canon E3490
    • Canon E3491
    • Canon G2020
    • Canon G2021
    • Canon G2060
    • Canon G2160
    • Canon G2260
    • Canon G2420
    • Canon G2460
    • Canon G2520
    • Canon G2560
    • Canon G2820
    • Canon G2821
    • Canon G2860
    • Canon G2920
    • Canon G2921
    • Canon G2923
    • Canon G2924
    • Canon G2960
    • Canon G2962
    • Canon G2963
    • Canon G3020
    • Canon G3021
    • Canon G3060
    • Canon G3160
    • Canon G3260
    • Canon G3360
    • Canon G3420
    • Canon G3460
    • Canon G3520
    • Canon G3560
    • Canon G3620
    • Canon G3625
    • Canon G3660
    • Canon G3665
    • Canon G3820
    • Canon G3821
    • Canon G3860
    • Canon G3920
    • Canon G3923
    • Canon G3960
    • Canon G3962
    • Canon G3963
    • Canon TR7000
    • Canon TR7020
    • Canon TR7060
    • Canon TR7600
    • Canon TR7620
    • Canon TR7660
    • Canon TR8600
    • Canon TR8620
    • Canon TR8630
    • Canon TR8660
    • Canon TS3400
    • Canon TS3420
    • Canon TS3425
    • Canon TS3429
    • Canon TS3440
    • Canon TS3450
    • Canon TS3451
    • Canon TS3452
    • Canon TS3460
    • Canon TS3465
    • Canon TS3466
    • Canon TS3470
    • Canon TS3480
    • Canon TS3490
    • Canon TS3491
    • Canon TS3492
    • Canon TS7400
    • Canon TS7430
    • Canon TS7440
    • Canon TS7450
    • Canon TS7451
    • Canon TS8430
    • Canon XK90

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.49:

  • Improved quality of buttons at lower right (rotate, zoom, change frame)
  • Added ‘Prefs – Dark mode’ option on Windows 10
    • Installs ‘VueScan Dark Mode’ theme
    • This theme can also be selected from Personalization control panel
  • Fixed problem with flickering window title
  • Fixed problem with Canon DR-M260
  • Fixed problem with Brother MFC-J6925DW

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.48:

  • Added support for Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1400
  • Added support for Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600
  • Added support for Plustek OpticSlim 1680 on macOS
  • Added support for older WIA 1.0 drivers (i.e. Mustek)
  • Fixed problem with Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and ScanSnap S1500M
  • Improved recognition of ScanJet 4850 vs. ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.47:

  • Fixed problem with adding/deleting pages from PDF file on Windows
  • Added “PDF – PDF tools” command
  • Improved recognition of ScanJet 4850 vs. ScanJet 4890 (same USB Product ID)

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.46:

  • Fixed problem with film scanning with Genesys Logic scanners
    • Canon 4400F
    • Canon 5600F
    • Canon 8400F
    • Canon 8600F
    • OpticFilm 7200
    • OpticFilm 7200i
    • OpticFilm 7300
    • OpticFilm 7400
    • OpticFilm 7500i
    • OpticFilm 7600i
    • OpticFilm 8100
    • OpticFilm 8200i
    • ScanJet 4850
    • ScanJet 4890
    • ScanJet G4010
    • ScanJet G4050
  • Fixed problem with occasional smearing at start of scan with some OpticFilm scanners
  • Fixed problem with recognition of ScanJet 4850 and ScanJet 4890

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.45:

  • Added three levels of ‘Filter – Sharpen’
  • Fixed problem with PIE/Reflecta scanners when connected with Firewire
  • Changed ‘Input – Options’ to ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Professional’
  • When using ‘Basic’, displays only two tabs – Input and Prefs
  • Added default folder and output files to Input tab

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.44:

  • Numerous user interface improvements
  • Changed ‘Input – Options’ to ‘Basic options’, ‘Standard options’, ‘Advanced options’
  • When using ‘Basic options’, displays only three tabs – Input, Output, Prefs
  • Remembers current tab when exiting and restarting VueScan
  • Removed default folder and output files from Input tab – now only in Output tab
  • When output file name doesn’t contain ‘NNN+’ or ‘*’, always prompts for name
  • Removed ‘Output – Auto file name’ option (was confusing)
  • Added ‘Output – Center captions’

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.43:

  • Added support for one line or two line captions
  • Controlled by ‘Input – Caption 1’ and ‘Input – Caption 2’
  • Uses black letters on a white background
  • Text is anti-aliased so it looks good
  • Text can contain non-English letters (i.e. Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Uses smaller font if caption is too long to fit
  • Appended at the bottom of JPEG, TIFF and PDF files
  • To disable, set to zero-length line
  • Useful when scanning photos, slides and negatives to add info
  • Easy to delete later with an image editor

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.42:

  • Set ‘Prefs – Network scanners’ to choose how to find network scanners
  • Use ‘mDNS’ to search the network for scanners (default)
  • Use ‘Manual’ to manually enter info about a scanner
    • Set ‘Prefs – IP address’ to the IP address of the scanner
    • Get the USB Vendor ID and USB Product ID from the supported scanners list
    • Set ‘Prefs – USB Vendor ID’
    • Set ‘Prefs – USB Product ID’
    • Re-do the ‘Scanner – Find scanners’ command

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.41:

  • Added support for 17 new Epson scanners
    • Epson DS-30000
    • Epson DS-31100
    • Epson DS-31200
    • Epson DS-32000
    • Epson DS-730N
    • Epson DS-875
    • Epson DS-975
    • Epson ES-400 II
    • Epson ES-500W II
    • Epson ES-580W
    • Epson M2110
    • Epson M2120
    • Epson WF-3820
    • Epson WF-4820
    • Epson WF-4830
    • Epson WF-7820
    • Epson WF-7840
  • Improved ‘Input – Frame alignment’ on Nikon scanners
  • Improved ‘Input – Blank page removal’
  • Improved scan quality with Plustek OpticFilm scanners

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.40:

  • Added support for ‘Input
    • Epson Perfection V600
    • Epson Perfection V700
    • Epson Perfection V750
    • Epson Perfection V800
    • Epson Perfection V850
    • HP Scanjet G4010
    • HP Scanjet G4050

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.39:

  • Faster return to home with Canon 4400F (5 sec instead of 15 sec)
  • More accurate maximum scan size with some older Brother scanners
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 5590 Duplex Feeder
  • Fixed problem on Windows changing PDF files while Adobe Acrobat is open
  • Fixed problem with scanner profiling on Linux
  • Added support for Canon MF110/MF910 series

What’s new in VueScan 9.7.38:

  • Fixed problem with Canon 4400F
  • Fixed problem with Canon 8400F
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 4850
  • Fixed problem with HP ScanJet 4890
  • Fixed problem with ‘Crop Multi crop’ on flatbed scanners
  • Fixed problem with ‘Input Show texture’ on some Epson scanners
  • Added support for Dell 1760nw
  • Variety of small improvements and bug fixes
  • Small improvements for Czech translations
  • Small improvements for German translations
  • More detailed tips for solving problem with not finding scanners

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

VueScan supports more than 2400 different scanners on Windows, 2100 scanners on Mac OS X and 1900 scanners on Linux.

Please note that not all scanners work with all operating systems or SCSI/USB/Firewire interfaces, but most combinations are known to work. The best way to find out for sure if VueScan works with your scanner, operating system and interface is to download the trial version of VueScan from

On Mac OS X, VueScan works with most USB to SCSI converters, including the Adaptec USBXchange and USB2Xchange. VueScan also works with most Firewire to SCSI converters. You don’t need to install any vendor software to get this to work. Only one SCSI device per converter is supported, and you should use SCSI ID 0 with USB to SCSI converters.

VueScan screen

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9 Comments on VueScan 9.7.53 – Scanner Software

  • Gravatar


    I have the "Professional Edition" it's fully unlocked. You get a life time of updates/upgrades! I use my scanner almost every day for something.

  • Gravatar


    Download Link change to x86 : x64 :

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    Excellent scanning software for my Epson Perfection V600. Scan something then automatically it sends the image to Photoshop for editing..gotta love it.

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    Installato e registrato, m dopo il riavvio del programma dice che non è registrato Installed and registered, m after restarting the program says it is not registered

  • Gravatar

    DuRoi Claims: "VueScan works with the UMAX Astra 2100U on Windows. You need to install a UMAX WIA scanner driver to use this scanner on Windows." Note: This is not true for Wndows Vista / Windows Seven because there is no driver from UMAX. Umax drivers outhere are for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, those that VueScan needs to work with UMAX Astra 2100U (USB).

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    Wow, look at the rating.

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    This program should be in beta ,its fill of problems.

  • Gravatar


    It doesn´t work with my old UMAX Astra 2100U (USB), so i use Ubuntu Linux that recognize it. Nice piece of cheat ... i will never buy it.

  • Gravatar


    Yeah! I buy one license because of this.
    If any1 really need this prog. buy a license.
    No crack, patch, etc., work nice/fine here.
    Only show a registered version, but...