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FL Studio 20.8.4 Build 2576

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FL Studio 20.8.4 Build 2576

FL Studio 20 is a fully featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC. It features a graphical user interface which is based on a music sequencer.

This digital audio workstation has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

FL Studio 20 is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers. No extra software is required to produce any style of music, because a complete kit of instruments and studio tools is included in the cost of the package.

With the included plugins, sounds and tools the user can create complete songs, backing tracks, loops or sizzling beats. The software offers VST (Virtual Studio Technology) which makes it compatible with other workstations.

One can use… it as a remote control and to transfer data across digital audio programs. FL Studio 20 comes with a wide array of slick generators. Such as drum machines and samplers. It also comes with several plug-ins. Most of which function independently as standalone programs.

FL Studio 20 will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth), VSTi and DXi) or midi instrument you feed it. You will be creating wav, mp3 or midi songs or loops only minutes after launching it.

What can FL Studio 20 do:

  • Audio editing and manipulation. Includes pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, time-stretching, beat-detection and slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation (cut/paste etc).
  • Automate most interface and all plugin parameters by recording, drawing, spline-based automation curves, automation generators with formula based control of links.
  • Live music performance including video effect visualization.
  • Mix and remix audio including apply realtime audio effects including delay, reverb and filtering.
  • Multi-track audio recording.
  • Record and play MIDI input recording from keyboards, drum pads and controllers.
  • Sequencing and arranging.
  • Synthesizer and effect plugin hosting (VST 32-bit and 64-bit, DX and FL Native format)

You can use FL Studio 20 as a scratchpad for your ideas or to produce completely mastered tracks ready for publication. The distinguishing aspect of this program is its pattern-based workflow. The lower part of the sequencing window contains block patterns of notes while the upper part contains clips that hold notes, data and events. For this reason, you can use it in electronic genres to create various effects.

Another distinguishing feature is the score logger which maintains a 3-minute buffer between all incoming MIDI notes. A filter enables the user to selectively record note, automation and audio data.

It is available in three different versions. The developer offers lifetime free updates. It means that customers may download future releases.

What’s New in FL Studio 20.8.4:

  • Apple Silicon Support – Native ARM code support for Apple Silicon (M1 and related CPUs). Please also note a limitation of all DAWs supporting Apple Silicon VST Plugins must also have native silicon support.
  • Frequency Shifter – Special effect to create metallic, dissonant, ring modulation and phasing effects. Included free with Producer Edition and up.
  • Visualizer (ZGE) – New video scrubbing/jumping capability for VJ style effects.
  • 3x Osc – New, optional, high quality anti-aliasing to oscillators to improve the fidelity of sounds with high frequency content.

What’s New in FL Studio 20.8.3:

  • Added buttons to copy gradient colors in the color selector.
  • Use new open and save dialogs everywhere in the program itself.
  • ZGE Visualizer -added warning when exporting uncompressed video files.
  • ZGE Visualizer – use new open and save dialogs.


  • 10998 Automation of the mix level knob for effect slots is compensated by the wrong latency value
  • 11031 Envelope editors don’t show hints when the mouse cursor is moved over them
  • 10974 Linked controls are updated in increments of 2 instead of 1 for the Fire controller
  • 10913 Env Editor: hints do not follow FL hints rules
  • 10654 Crash with audio loop recording in FL 20.8.1
  • 10263 Gradient editor in colour selector gets wrong colour for defaults
  • 11011 It’s not possible to select an empty filter group in the Channel Rack
  • 9032 Note color in the piano roll is different when the color dialog is opened and accepted
  • 10246 ‘Render all playlist tracks’ (and track groups) doesn’t render from the song start
  • 11038 Render to DWP file holds a lock on the resulting file so it can’t be deleted
  • 11004 Some colors can’t be selected in the color dialog if the ‘safe colors’ option is enabled
  • 10970 The audio clip list in the Picker Panel is not updated after rendering the pattern
  • 11006 The same size is shown in the render window when trying to render a 24 bit or 32 bit wave file
  • 11016 The selected Channel Rack filter group is not remembered

  • 10984 DirectWave: the about screen doesn’t display a waveform at 200% scaling
  • 11040 Distructor: incorrect value shown in the control popup menu when used in Patcher
  • 10941 DrumSynth Live: incorrect hint for the OSC 2 envelope shape
  • 11008 DX10: the sound is different in version 20.8.2 compared to earlier versions
  • 590 Edison: plugin window doesn’t snap to edges when resizing
  • 11047 Edison: metadata is not saved to wave file
  • 10937 FPC: the pad popup menu affects the selected pad instead of the one that was clicked on
  • 10935 FPC: no hint shown for pads
  • 11033 GMS: the preset list doesn’t have a scroll bar
  • 10983 Maximus: inconsistent selector types for the Time smoothing option in the Options menu
  • 10994 Maxx plugins: visual glitches when using 300% legacy scaling
  • 11018 Slicex: trigger notes are not saved
  • 11001 Stereo Shaper: some visuals are misaligned
  • 11057 Wrapper: the sidechain menu treats entries that start with ‘-‘ as a caption
  • 10925 Delay 3: crash when tweaking controls


  • 10940 The Detached option is enabled for plugins that can’t be attached but have to remain detached.
  • 10258 Various visual bugs related to using multiple screens

What’s New in FL Studio 20.8.2:

  • Apple Silicon – FL Studio runs on Apple Silicon (M1) CPUs with improved performance under Rosetta 2.
  • Parametric EQ 2 – Added note snap values to the Frequency knob popups (matches Band Tokens).
  • ZGE Visualizer – New ‘Use final (post master) audio‘ option so the Master Audio can be used with a video exported from a ZGE Visualizer loaded on any Mixer Track and FX slot.
  • FPC – Pads can now be cloned by (Click-and-drag) from one Pad to another.
  • 3x OSC – Added context aware type-in value support.
  • Control Surface / Patcher – Added ‘Scrollbar color’ property for the Keyboard Control.
  • FL Keys – Added context aware type-in value support.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Updated to Version 3.5 including improved Sampler a new Gate plugin and more.
  • Instrument TunerResponse time has been changed from a switch to a continuous knob with more precision to better detect the tune of short samples, like 808-stye bass kicks.
  • Channel SettingsTime stretching panel now shows what stretch mode is used (below the Mode menu) when Auto is in use.
  • PlaylistPicker Panel > (Right-Click) Clip/s > Ungroup selected. Ungroups selected Patterns from the current Group filter in the Picker Panel.
  • Channel Preview Keyboards – Added Note OFF velocity support based on vertical position when the mouse is released.
  • General Settings > Language – FL Studio will show a warning message on exit if the user changed the language.
  • File size warning – Improved the project size warning dialog to be clearer about file types and their sizes.
  • MIDI scripting – Added: Next and Previous preset selection functions in plugin module. device.getLinkedValueString function. device.getLinkedParamName function, device.getLinkedValueString function. Some plugins can now show values for their parameters as text feedback to MIDI cntrollers with displays. Plugins include the Keyboard Controller, DX10, DrumSynth Live, Fruit Kick and Plucked!.
  • Piano roll – Looped Ghost Notes are on shown over notes that cross the Loop Marker point.
  • Transport Controls – (Right-Click) the Pat/Song Switches to open the Channel Rack or the Playlist respectively.

What’s New in FL Studio 20.8.1:

  • Piano roll menu – Moved piano roll Helper options to View menu as it is more logical for new and forgetful users
  • Parametric EQ 2 – Added context aware type-in value support for Frequency and Gain controls. For example you can type 2000 for 2000 Hz or -6 for -6 dB.
  • Granulizer – Added context aware type-in value support. For example type in 50 instead of 0.5 to set a control to 50%.
  • Maximus – Added Monitor Input selector option in the Settings Menu for band visualization.
  • PanOMatic – Internal modulation (LFO) now previews on the XY control display.
  • Keyboard Controller – Preview keyboard Keys light up when notes are active.
  • ZGE Visualizer – Added an option to pre-load audio, to allow videos with audio playback.
  • Performance monitor – New filter option to focus on a specific plugin. Also can now be opened by double-clicking the CPU Panel.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Keys – Changed ‘Paste value’ in some menus from ‘p’ to ‘v’. Check the menu hints.
  • Mixer – Increased the maximum width of the Mixer so all tracks can be shown without having to scroll. Assuming your monitor/s are wide enough.
  • Touch keyboard – The maximum width of the Touch Keyboard now depends on the key size.
  • Diagnostic – Includes information about the number and resolution of computer screens in use.
  • MIDI scripting – Allow selection of next and previous plugin presets. channels.selectOneChannel now scrolls to the selected Channel. New functions: Screen functions: removeTextLine and addMetergetLastPeakVol returns last peak value. Channels function getActivityLevel to show Channel activity. Patterns function burnLoop. Optional parameter to channels.showCSForm to allow closing a window.

What’s New in FL Studio 20.8:

  • New tool plugin Frequency Splitter
  • New tool plugin Instrument Tuner
  • Tons of new options in Fruity Parametric EQ 2
  • New Frequency Histogram in Maximus
  • Easy Cut-Paste option in Sampler / Audio Clip Channels
  • New Browser and features in FLEX
  • Added V3 TB303 cutoff range in Transistor Bass
  • Improved workflow in ZGE Visualizer
  • Easy Duplicate option in Patcher
  • New Merge Automation Clips option
  • Reduced CPU usage during video playback
  • Chinese Language Support
  • Glitch free plugin loading
  • Initialized Controls
  • Increased precision for Automation Clips
  • File size warning system
  • Added 16 ‘MIDI Channel Aftertouch’ parameters
  • Improved Troubleshooting
  • Improved Edison Desnoise for macOS
  • Toolbar (Right-Click)
  • Automatic restart option
  • Improved Diagnostic report

What’s New in FL Studio 20.7.3:

  • Playlist– Includes several workflow enhancements:
    • Make unique Clips – The Edit > Make unique option now applies to all Clip types and all selected Clips.
    • Consolidating Playlist tracks – The Tools > Export all Playlist track groups option groups audio for Parent and all Sub-Tracks into a single WAV file, reducing the number of (potentially) unnecessary rendered tracks.
    • Audio Clip source changes – The Start Point and Trim Edits are now preserved by holding (Shift) when using the ‘Clip Menu > Select source channel‘ function.
  • Menus – All check-type (selectable) menu items now support Right-Click to check or uncheck them without closing the menu so you can preview the result.
  • Channel Rack – Indicator shows when a drag-and-drop Plugin is to be inserted between Channels.
  • Revised unlock system – Changes have been made to make it clearer how to unlock FL Studio from Trial. A new Unlock Panel shows all possible options.
  • Projects – FL Studio now shows a file-size warning when saving a project with large Edison instances.
  • Performance monitor – Moved CPU percentage column closer to the plugin name.
  • Toolbar peak meter – Now indicates potential clipping (over 0 dB)even when the audio driver doesn’t require it.
  • MIDI Scripting – Added a functions to Select a Channel exclusively, Work with Pitch Bend range & Get Channel and Mixer plugin information.
  • Command line export – Added batch export to .zip file to the command line options. Allow single file instead of a folder for MIDI export.
  • AKAI FIRE (pad colors) – Improved coloring of scales when using different root notes.

What’s New in FL Studio 20.7:

  • Create music videos – The Visualizer allows users to select from a large menu of amazing YouTube, Instagram and Facebook ready video templates, click-and-drag to move text & other layers directly while in video preview. Integrated image and video content. Supports 16:9 (2, 4, 8K), 9:16 (vertical), 1:1 (square) and custom video aspect ratios. Further, VJs can trigger live video clips and control DMX devices including lights, lasers, smoke machines, strobes and more.
  • More MIDI Controllers – MIDI scripts allow you and hardware manufacturers to take deep control over FL Studio from any MIDI controller, or to remap any existing controller to suit your needs.
  • Note envelopes – VFX Envelope allows you to continuously modify note properties of native plugins inc. Velocity, Pitch and Pan, plus Mod X and Mod Y per note when plugins are hosted in Patcher.
  • Improved color management – Customizable Piano roll note colors including an improved Color Selector throughout FL Studio.
  • General MIDI  files – You can now choose the FLEX General MIDI Library to open and play General MIDI files (GM).
  • Audio time-warping – The Newtime audio editor has new Edit Menu options, Transient and Tempo to select the beat detection method for faster time warping of audio.
  • Distortion – Distructor has new Mono and Wide modes added to the Chorus module.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Updated to include Cloud Backup for easier file sharing with your mobile devices.
  • Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) – Now applies to Automation.
  • FLEX – Previous and next preset selection is possible via supported MIDI controllers that can switch between presets.
  • Advanced Fill Tool – Channels will automatically loop to fill the remaining space when the selected sequence length is shorter than the current pattern.
  • Default template – Changed to ‘Basic 808 with limiter’.
  • Reduced start time – The fastest opening DAW just got a little faster, because we care!

What’s New in FL Studio 20.6:

New Features

  • Distortion & Amp simulation – Distructor aggregates the most popular Distortion and Filter effects into a single multi-FX guitar-pedal inspired plugin.
  • Time warping – NewTime time-warping editor with audio quantization and groove shuffling is included with Producer Edition and up.
  • Control Voltage support – Fruity Voltage Controller interfaces with external Control Voltage (CV) hardware using a DC coupled Audio Interface. Included with Fruity Edition and up.
  • Convert Playlist tracks to audio – The Export all playlist tracks sequentially renders each playlist track to an audio file. Selecting ‘Enable master effects’ will include the Master Mixer track effects on all the audio files. See the ‘FILE > Export > All playlist tracks’ and ‘Playlist Menu > Tools > Export all playlist tracks’.
  • SoundCloud export – Audio Export now includes ‘Upload to cloud’ option to render song to your SoundCloud account. Check SoundCloud’s ‘For Creators’ page to connect with fellow creators or reach future fans wherever they’re listening.
  • Stepsequencer Euclidean rhythms – Advanced Fill Tool to explore Euclidean rhythms and new ways to get creative and break habitual beat making.
  • Internal MIDI capture – Burn MIDI to (Channel Button Right-click Menu) option records notes from the Channel’s Arpeggiator, note effects or plugins that generate MIDI.

Improved Features

  • Audio Clips – The Audio Clip (menu) > ‘Make unique as sample‘ popup now has ‘Don’t show this again‘ option.
  • Automation Clips – Access to Articulator Settings from the Automation Clip’s menu.
  • Granular synthesis – Fruity Granulizer now has a sample display, play-head and sample-start visualizations to improve plugin intuitiveness.
  • DirectWave – Now supports FLAC for the Monolithic save format.
  • Edison (audio editor) – Added an option to change the sample filename in the Sampler Properties dialog.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Now has multi-output capability. From the FL Studio Mobile Rack choose the FL Studio Mixer destinations.
  • FLEX – Added modulation speed for the reverb-time. Added indication of available updates for installed packs (orange notice in info-bar). Now shows a message when a preset can’t be opened.
  • Vocodex – Added option to use draft mode when rendering.
  • MIDI Out transport filter – New ‘Transport flush options‘ menu to manage the data/commands FL Studio sends when transport buttons are clicked (Play or Stop). The menu is located lower right on the plugin.
  • Manage startup project – General Settings option to start with an empty projectDefault template or Last used project. The ‘Theme’ selector from General settings has been replaced with a ‘Silent startup‘ check box. When opening a project any missing packs are shown in the missing data window in FL Studio.
  • CPU management – The Wrapper processing includes an ‘Allow smart disable’ option to bypass ‘Smart disable’ for specific plugins that is remembered for future instances of the plugin.
  • Default colors – Color Selectors now include ‘Default color’ setting for the Playlist, Piano roll, Event Editor and all other components. See the lowest cell on the left column marked ‘D’.
  • Convolver & Slicex – Removed KB input buttons from window. Function now accessed from the Typing Keyboard Priority control on the Wrapper title bar.
  • Performance Monitor – The FL Studio performance monitor now has a ‘Reset on transport‘ check box.
  • Manage dialog popups – General Settings ‘Manage warning messages‘ option for popup dialogs that display the ‘don’t show this in the future’ option.
  • Help Menu – You can now open the What’s New text file from the .
  • Auto-update license – If your license is about to expire FL Studio will show a message including a button to update it that opens the ‘HELP > About’ window to enter your account login details to unlock FL Studio.

Changes in FL Studio 20.5.1:

  • Plugin Manager – Now shows a prompt when the user wants to close the window during a plugin scan.
  • User data – When changing the user data location, FL Studio will offer to copy data from the old to the new location
  • FLEX – Clicking the Pack name will focus the selected preset in the right-list. The ‘Online packs’ section split into ‘For Download’ (for free and purchased packs) and ‘Store’ (for unpurchased packs). Improved errors when downloads fail. Various bugfixes (solving Access Violations/Crashes).
  • Sytrus presets – 64 free presets by Synthwave FLEX library developer Saif Sameer.
  • Wrapper – Added option to allow dropping files on VST and VST3 plugins.
  • ZGE Visualizer – New button to reload images.
  • New demo project – Musata ‘Real Bass (Original Mix)’ (see video above).
  • General settings – ‘Associate project files’ was removed from FL Studio for macOS as it only applies to the Windows version.
  • Menu shortcuts – FL Studio for macOS now shows (Opt) instead of (Alt) for keyboard shortcuts.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8.1, 10 or later
  • macOS: 10.13.6 or later

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