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Available for:

SlimJet (Chromium 114)

SlimJet (Chromium 114)

Slimjet is a flexible and powerful web browser powered by Blink engine. It is alternative to Google Chrome browser, built to protect your privacy. Rebuilt from the open-source Chromium project, Slimjet doesn’t send any usage data back to Google like Chrome.

This is a secure and stable web browser with automatic protection against phishing and malware. Has advanced privacy control options, robust multi-process architecture.

Slimjet has the faster browser startup and faster page loading. Hence, Slimjet does more for every user without relying on external plugins, because it loaded with convenient and powerful features.

The browser has flexible options and settings to customize personal preference and maximize productivity. Compatible with almost all plugins and extensions from the Chrome web store.

Slimjet Features:

  • QuickFill form filler. Let you open the page and sign in in one step.
  • Fully customizable toolbar. Add or remove additional toolbar buttons which give you quick access to various features
  • One-click Facebook integration. Share your online activities on facebook with a single click
  • Download online streaming videos. Easily download online streaming videos to local hard disk with option to extract the mp3 audio file.
  • Instant photo upload. Automatically shrink photo to decimate photo uploading time.
  • Photo salon. Frame and enhance photos right before they are uploaded.
  • Flexible web page translation. Translate a full page or selected text between any two specified languages.
  • Integrate with popular web services. Easily share the current page on various web services. Such as Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, WordPress, Gmail, Hotmail, StumbleUpon.
  • Proxy switcher. Define multiple proxies and switch between them easily. Added explicit support of socks5 proxy.
  • URL alias. Type short alias instead of long URL in omnibox to save time.
  • Upload clipboard image. Easily upload clipboard image with a single click. No need to save it to a file first and then upload the file.

Other Features:

  • Weather condition and forecast. Give current weather condition right on the toolbar. 7-day forecast information is one-click away.
  • Auto refresh web page. Auto refresh one or more web pages based on a preset period.
  • Enhanced autofill from predefined identity information. Support of login ID and preferred password to the autofill feature available in Chrome.
  • Quickly switch search engine. Drop down button at the right end of the omnibox which allows users to quickly switch between different search engines.
  • Save webpage screenshot. Can save screenshot of the entire page as an image file.
  • Flexible new tab behavior control. Automatically opens a new tab when entering a url. Also opens a new tab in foreground by default.
  • Stop all gif animations. Global option to stop all gif animations from playing.
  • Allow mixed-mode https/https content.
  • Option to disable desktop notification.

Changes in Version (Chromium 114):

  • Fix a crash case when typing in address box.

Changes in Version (Chromium 114):

  • Fix video download issue with
  • Fix address bar font size.

Changes in Version (Chromium 114):

  • Add hourly weather forecast information to the drop down menu of weather toolbar button.
  • Fix youtube video download issue

Changes in Version (Chromium 111):

  • Fix issue with dedicated search bar.

Changes in Version

  • Added “Ask AI about this” to in-page popup menu. You can select any phrase in a web page and ask AI to explain it.

Changes in Version

  • Revised design of AI Text Revision panel. Added option “revise with simple and plain language”. Removed “custom revise requirements” option to avoid abuse.
  • Fixed a bug about start up in incognito mode.

Changes in Version

  • Added a side panel: AI Text Revision. This feature helps you revise and improve text in any language with the help of AI.

Changes in Version :

  • Fix a bug: side panel can’t be closed in some cases.

Changes in Version :

  • Added “Ask AI” option to the side panel. You can open the side panel and select “Ask AI” option to access it. Or you can add the “Ask AI” button to the toolbar for quicker access. Ask AI is powered by ChatGPT.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 11.