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Available for:

Pale Moon 32.5.1

Pale Moon 32.5.1

Pale Moon is a custom-built and speed optimized Firefox browser. The project uses contributed Open Source code to create a full-featured, speed optimized browser based on Firefox browser.

Having seen the advantages on other systems (e.g. Linux) with regards to programs being compiled specifically for the capabilities of the machine it is installed on, it became obviously clear that Windows users were at a disadvantage.

Mozilla only releases windows executables with maximum compatibility in mind, meaning that Firefox is made to run on as many different systems as possible, sacrificing efficiency and speed in the process to be compatible with, by current standards, absolutely ancient hardware.

Mozilla does not provide optimized browser packages for Windows. That means you may be lose speed and efficiency when you use your browser.

That needs to change. Therefore Pale Moon project offers custom-built and optimized Firefox browsers for Windows Operating Systems. Make sure to get the most speed and efficiency out of your browser!

Pale Moon Main features:

  • Highly optimized for modern processors
  • 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
  • Support for Firefox extensions (add-ons), themes and personas
  • Able to use existing Firefox profiles, bookmarks and settings with this migration tool
  • Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
  • Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
  • Support for HTML5 and WebGL (v4)
  • Stability: experience fewer browser crashes.
  • Support for SVG and Canvas, and downloadable fonts including WOFF
  • Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)

Users will find a slightly more conservative approach to changes in the user interface in the Pale Moon browser. It, although very close to Firefox, is (now more obviously so than before) a different product. However, these differences in layout do not prevent anyone from configuring their browser interface to exactly the way they want it to look and work. Including like Mozilla Firefox’s default layout if they so wish.

Changes in Pale Moon 32.5.1 (2023-11-28):

  • Restricted protocol fallback for TLS. Pale Moon no longer (by default) allows TLS 1.3 to fall back to earlier protocol versions during the initial handshake.
  • Reverted the addition of browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu due to behavioral issues with menus.
    If you desire the intended behavior, please use an extension instead.
  • We no longer support the data: protocol inside SVG’s <use> statements.
  • Enabled more validation/error checking for WebGL on Windows to prevent potential crashes.
  • Improved secure context checking for iframes.
  • Fixed the handling of relative paths in URLs starting with multiple forward slashes.
  • Security issues addressed: CVE-2023-6204, CVE-2023-6210, CVE-2023-6209 and CVE-2023-6205 DiD
  • UXP Mozilla security patch summary: 3 fixed, 1 DiD, 14 not applicable.

Changes in Pale Moon 32.5.0 (2023-10-31):

  • Added an initial implementation of the ReadableStreams API, improving web compatibility with sites that apparently use this API in utilitarian fashion.
  • Added support for transparency in WebM videos for the edge case of using <video> elements for transparent animated images. Major caveat: this will massively impact performance of video playback if an alpha channel is present in the video.
  • Added support for crypto.randomUUID to allow website scripting to generate random UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) through the WebCrypto interface.
  • By user request, added a preference browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu (default true) to allow users to configure if they want to keep the bookmarks menu open if they open bookmarks from it in a new tab (by middle-clicking or Ctrl-clicking). The default behavior is to close the bookmarks menu like any other menu when an option in it is clicked.
  • Removed the user-agent override for Netflix, since they have stopped supporting the Silverlight browser plugin. Pale Moon no longer has a way to provide Netflix DRM-controlled playback with them dropping it, so there is no longer a reason to try and force compatibility.
  • Updated the user-agent override for Spotify. While it is possible to use the website with this, it suffers from the same DRM issue and not all media will be playable (only non-encumbered media can be played in Pale Moon like podcasts). Your mileage may vary.
  • Implemented timer nesting and clamping for workers, preventing timer hangs on bad website code.
  • Improved handling of drawing SVG images on canvases without explicit width or height attributes. We now follow the css-sizing-3 Intrinsic Sizes spec.
  • Improved performance of our memory allocator.
  • Updated libvpx to 1.6.1.
  • Cleaned up and updated some media playback code.
  • Removed the inclusion of GMP (Gecko Media Plugin) support from Pale Moon, as it was only in use for EME/DRM and WebRTC, neither of which we support.
  • Removed the last vestiges of EME/DRM code from UXP, since this will never be supported in any application building on it due to the media industry’s draconic policies around FOSS.
  • Removed simd.js, moving actually used SIMD handling to C++.
  • Removed the use of libav in our source, replacing its supply of FFT with the equivalent from FFMpeg.
  • Fixed potential type confusion in IonMonkey due to 3-byte opcodes.
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips persisting even if the browser window would have lost focus.
  • Fixed PerformanceObserver navigation and resource timing (default disabled for privacy); our implementation now fully passes conformance tests.
  • Fixed an issue where top-level SVG images would not be correctly clipped by positioned elements, giving the impression of wrong z-ordering as the SVG would overlap other elements.
  • Dev: Updated setInterval to fall back to 0 if no duration is supplied.
  • Dev: Updated ResizeObserver to a recent spec change, now returning an array of results for borderBoxSize and contentBoxSize instead of an object.
  • Dev: Updated Intl.NumberFormat and DefaultNumberOption() to follow spec updates. Most importantly for web compatibility, we now allow the “maximumFractionDigits” option in Intl.NumberFormat to be less than the default minimum fraction digits for the chosen locale, following the general consensus in TC39 around this issue.
  • Increased leniency (removed upper limit) of GLSL versions as they tend to be fully backwards compatible.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Added a safeguard to the sec-gpc header (Global Privacy Control) so it cannot be inadvertently overwritten.
  • Security fixes: addressed CVE-2023-5722, CVE-2023-5723, CVE-2023-5724, CVE-2023-5727 and several other issues without a CVE number assigned to them.
  • UXP Mozilla security patch summary: 6 fixed, 2 DiD, 19 not applicable.

Homepage –

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,11
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • A processor with SSE2 instruction support
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • At least 200 MB of free (uncompressed) disk space