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VEGAS Pro 21.0 Build 300 – up to 80% OFF

VEGAS Pro 21.0 Build 300 – up to 80% OFF
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VEGAS Pro 21 is the Creative Software from MAGIX Corporation for Professional Video, Audio, and Blue-ray Disc Creating! Only Vegas combines real-time SD, HD, 2K. 4K video and 8K video editing with unrivaled audio tools to provide the ultimate all-in-one environment for creative professionals. High-definition and high-fidelity.

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BUY NOW VEGAS Pro Post 21 – 25% OFF

The new VEGAS Pro comes with awesome new additions, including AI-powered masking, Text to Speech features, advanced cloud services, an all-new effects & transitions bundle and much more. Our developers really deserve a raise for this one.

BUY NOW VEGAS Pro Edit Creator Bundle – 80% OFF

BUY NOW VEGAS Pro Suite Creator Bundle – 71% OFF

VEGAS Pro 21 is your project companion from start to finish. Edit professional video and audio material in high resolution formats up to 8K. Discover workflow-optimized plug-ins for image stabilization, design dynamic titles and create custom DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Experience a new type of creative freedom.

This software guides your video editing projects with its intelligent workflows and industry-leading audio editing tools, putting professional standards within easy reach.

AI-powered compositing

Let Z-Depth do the heavy lifting, while you focus on making your videos pop. Add titles, objects and effects in-between the foreground and background layers of your video, no manual masking necessary. A real time-saver for compositing!

Automated masking

Creating masks is a breeze with AI. No need to spend hours with the Bézier tool, just sit back and let Smart Mask do the grunt work: Analysing frame-by-frame it precisely tracks moving objects, so you can have fun with them in the edit.

Perfect color, every time

Set the right mood for your video and tweak hue, saturation, and luminance parameters to perfection, avoiding any color drift or washed-out looks.

Rescue your footage

Don’t throw away those shots! With VEGAS Pro Edit you can remove video noise, stabilize shaky video, eliminate the flicker around neon lights, and fill any annoying black bars on the sides.

Beyond visual boundaries

Merge live-action footage with computer-generated elements, lifelike animations and 3D models, tailor seamless interactions between them, from casting shadows to dynamic lighting effects, and bring even more depth and realism into your projects.

(In)credible effects

No matter the complexity of your vision, our software is the perfect canvas to bring your ideas to life. With over 390 effects at your disposal including blurs, lens flares and mind-bending mesh warps, you will never run short of possibilities.

VEGAS Pro Suite 21:

  • VEGAS Pro
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio
  • ACID Music Studio
  • Mocha VEGAS
  • Boris FX Primatte Studio

Add some spark to your productions

With VEGAS Pro Suite, you will not only get the powerful video editing features of VEGAS Pro Edit but also the integrated SOUND FORGE Audio Studio,  and Mocha VEGAS to produce truly immersive audio-visual experiences for your audience.


SOUND FORGE will allow you to record on up to 32 channels at 64-bit/768 kHz, ensuring ultra-clear quality. Edit with precision, shaping each sound individually and elevate your recordings with professional mastering tools.

ACID Music Studio

Experience faster beatmaking using innovative sampling tools, experiment with loops and shape the perfect sound with world-leading effect plug-ins. Dive into a universe of sounds with ACID.


Experience the true potential of motion tracking using Mocha VEGAS and transform the way you edit in VEGAS Pro. Use planar tracking and stabilization to pin motion-tracked masks to specific positions – they will remain flawlessly fixed throughout your project.

Boris FX Primatte Studio

Accelerate your creative process with this all-inclusive toolkit and deliver top-quality work that exceeds expectations. Take full advantage of its 250 effects, 4000+ presets, image restoration technology and titling options and achieve remarkable results in less time.

Everything in VEGAS Pro Post:

  • VEGAS Pro
  • ACID Pro
  • Mocha VEGAS
  • Boris FX Primatte Studio
  • VEGAS Effects
  • VEGAS Image

Give your video the ultimate boost

Get VEGAS Pro Post and enjoy all the features included in Edit and Suite while also unlocking additional keyframe animation and image compositing features. Choose from over 800 visual effects and presets, advanced particle generators, 3D models and enjoy smooth performance with proxy media and timeline cache.

VEGAS Effects

Let your audience step into awe-inspiring worlds and keep them glued to the screen. Use realistic motion graphics and dynamic particle simulators or teleport your characters to any setting thanks to error-free chroma keying tools. The possibilities are endless.

  • Particle generator. Let it snow… or rain, or burn. Add any effect you need, from lightning to energy and turbulence.
  • 3D compositing. Build complex layered composites all within a 3D environment.
  • Cinematic titling. Stylize your titles. Add texture, depth, and animations for a cinematic look.


Ready to transcend reality from the comfort of your studio? Adjust unlimited, flexible layers, blend multiple landscapes into one breathtaking scene and enhance its atmosphere with just the right elements – be it an alien artifact or the electrical glow of a metropolis.

  • Green & blue screen. Easily remove green screen and add either photorealistic or fictional backgrounds and elements.
  • HDR merge. Add complementary color tones to shadows and highlights.
  • Focus stacking. Combine images with different focus points into one for full focal clarity.

Subscribe to the content machine

Enjoy all the extra features included in our subscription models. Upload your files to the cloud, get access to high-quality royalty-free footage and localize your content to share it with the world.

VEGAS Content

Video production is complex work – but it doesn’t have to be tedious. Assemble your productions, all in one place. Browse through the extensive library of HD and 4K stock footage in VEGAS Content and explore VEGAS Hub for tutorials, forums and more.

Text to Speech and back

Are you looking for bespoke voiceovers, but too shy to record yourself? Transform your text prompts into audio commentary with Text to Speech. Pick from a variety of AI-generated voices, then translate your results into more than 70 languages. It also works the other way around: create subtitles by simply letting the program go through your voiceovers.

What’s New in VEGAS Pro 21:

  • NEW! AI Z-Depth
  • NEW! AI Smart Mask for videos
  • NEW! Adjustment events
  • NEW! Offset and Wrap OFX
  • NEW! Import Mocha stabilization data
  • NEW! GL transitions

What’s New in VEGAS Pro 20:

  • File Drop for fast collaboration
  • Automatic project collections
  • Local project archives
  • Speech to Text functionality including automatic subtitle generation (official release – 365 subscribers only)
  • White Balance controls in the Color Grading Panel
  • Hue adjustment curves in the Color Grading Panel
  • VST3 Support for audio editing (beta)
  • VST 32-bit bridge (beta)
  • Optical Flow mode for Warp Flow and Smart Split
  • Real-time Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX
  • Normalize button for events
  • Fade In/Out included in Paste Event Attributes
  • Automatic region creation in Scene Detection
  • Honeycomb and Color Planes presets for GL transitions

Homepage – https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-pro/

System Requirements:

Recommended for HD

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, 11
CPU: 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better with 2.5 Ghz and 4 Cores

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX or GTX 9XX series or higher with 4GB
  • AMD/ATI Radeon with 4GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)

Hard drive: 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation

Recommended for 4K

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10, 11
CPU: 7th Generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better with 3.0 Ghz and 8 Cores

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX or GTX 9XX series or higher with 4GB (8GB RTX series recommended for 8K)
  • AMD/ATI Radeon with 4GB and VCE 3.0 or higher (Radeon Pro series with 8GB for HDR and 32 bit projects)

Hard drive: 1.5 GB space for program installation, solid-state disk (SSD) for media files.

VEGAS Pro 21 introduction

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