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ACID Music Studio 11.0.7 Build 18 – 16% OFF

ACID Music Studio 11.0.7 Build 18 – 16% OFF
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ACID Music Studio 11 is the perfect tool for loop-based music creation, multitrack audio recording, MIDI production, effects processing, and studio-quality mixing. You don’t have to be an experienced musician or producer. The included 3,000 loops and free Sound Series loop library download will have you making great music in minutes.

With built-in tutorials to guide you, you’ll be composing, editing, and mixing like a pro in no time. It’s easy – drop a beat on the timeline and dig in.

BUY NOW MAGIX ACID Music Studio 11 – 16% OFF

Recording in ACID is very simple. Just hit record. And ACID Music Studio will do the rest. You will enjoy pro-quality, 24-bit, 192 kHz multitrack sound, all powered by Music Studio’s 64-bit engine.

Put this MAGIX software to work and take advantage of all the production tools you need to make the music you’ve always wanted to hear. Your computer’s audio input leads directly to ACID Music Studio. Simply plug in your microphone or instrument and click Record. Import songs and MP3s for remixing, and use the Beatmapper tool to create remixes and DJ sets.

ACID loops are no ordinary loops as they come with hidden extras beneath the surface. Every ACIDized loop has pitch, length and transient data so you can easily mix and match loops to create songs in an instant.

Virtual instruments

The best music production software comes with an array of plug-in instruments with which you can create your tunes. ACID Music Studio 11 covers all the bases here with a suite of eight top-quality Vita Solo instruments.

  • Urban Drums. This is the perfect instrument for your beat needs. It contains enough kicks and hits for many genres – from hip hop to dubstep – and it’s easy to program too. Just play the pads and hit record.
  • Drum Engine. It features a similar interface to the legendary Akai MPC sampler, so you can easily create incredible grooves. Choose from a wide variety of kits and sounds to make beats in a range of styles.
  • Rock Drums. Add the dynamic power of rock to your music! All the heavy drums you could ever need: from driving metal to powerful live beats that sound like they’re being played by the biggest bands in the world!
  • Concert Grand. We meticulously sampled the sounds of a concert grand being played in one of the best concert halls to bring you this incredible piano. All the power and detail of the real instrument shines through.
  • Pop Drums. This is a great drum instrument for many chart music genres. Play huge traps beats, thumping techno or furious metal, all from a single top-quality instrument, loaded with great sounds.
  • Electric Piano. All your vintage electric piano needs are catered for here. It’s great for smokey jazz, soulful blues or swinging funk, with on-board effects adding to the authenticity of the sound.
  • VITA 2. Play a variety of real instruments with this flexible sampler. With an on-board filter and effects you can also shape and add richness to any sound.
  • DN-e1. This is a very powerful analog synthesizer which can create great electronic sounds – from vintage analog to punchy EDM.

ACID Music Studio features the MIDI editing features:

  • Inline Editing. Use familiar piano-style editing for your notes and drum-grid editing for your beats. Adjust note positions, volumes, pitch-bend and other information, all within one window to improve your workflow.
  • Drum Grid Mode. Create great rhythms by adding, deleting and programming beats directly in ACID Music Studio’s timeline using the grid-style editor. You’ll be making great beats in no time!
  • MIDI Track Freeze. It’s easy to create audio tracks from the notes played by your software instruments. This means fewer instruments running, so frees up valuable CPU processing power.
  • MIDI Event Editing. You can easily select and edit multiple MIDI events or tracks in ACID Music Studio. This saves time when you quantize, change the volume or edit the length of multiple notes.
  • MIDI Track. Envelopes and Keyframes With ACID Music Studio 11’s envelope and keyframe automation features you can record smooth changes for anything – from the note’s volume and pitch, to the controls on a virtual instrument.
  • Drum and Patch. Map Editors In ACID Music Studio 11 you can create and edit drum and patch maps. These are used to label preset sounds and drum names for both hardware and software-based synths and drum machines.

Mixing in ACID Make your music sound great.

ACID defined real-time audio editing and now ACID Music Studio 11 is packed with some of the most powerful audio tools available in any DAW.

  • Powerful mixing. ACID Music Studio 11 features a powerful virtual mixer so you can route all of your MIDI and audio tracks together and adjust levels – just like in a recording studio!
  • Professional sound. The program has plenty of effects – including all new eFX Flanger, Phaser and Delay – to give your music a polished sound.
  • Stay in time and key. Thanks to its automatic time-stretching and the ACIDized loop format, your music productions will always stay in time and in key.

Remixing in ACID It’s that easy.

The software has unique tools like Beatmapper and Chopper which help you create remixes with chopped and sliced effects.

  • Beatmapper. It’s easy to remix music in ACID Music Studio 11. You simply create a Beatmap song which locks to the tempo and time-signature of any imported samples, allowing you to mix, remix and put different ideas to together in an instant.
  • Chopper. It is an incredibly creative tool that allows you to slice up an audio file, re-order its contents or completely change its groove. Create amazing rhythmic variations for remixes that always stay in time with your project.

Brand-new effects

  • am|track SE. Get some vintage warmth in your sound with this compressor and tape simulator that offer ultra-realistic modelling of classic analog gear.
  • Vandal SE. Enjoy the classic sound of guitar and bass amplifiers! You get the complete set-up – stomp box, amp, speaker and microphone – but can control it all from your software.

4 effects for professional audio editing:

  • eFX Chorus Flanger: This has everything from subtle chorus to dramatic flanging, with complete control over a sound that will add depth to your music.
  • eFX Phaser: Experience the classic phasing effect which guitarists love, and apply it to anything you like for more movement and attitude.
  • eFX Stereo Delay: Fully adjustable delays plus a tempo-sync feature mean that you can go wild with echoes and repeats, but they will always sound great.
  • eFX Limiter: Turn it up! Increase the volume of your audio signal and prevent it from clipping.

Changes in ACID Music Studio 11:

  • Music production based on an easy-to-use loop-based concept
  • New! 64-bit support for full creative freedom
  • New! 8 virtual instruments + 6 effect plug-ins included
  • New! 2,500+ fully-customizable ACIDized loops included
  • Unique remixing tools

Homepage – https://www.magix.com/us/music/acid/acid-music-studio/

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 11, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2 GHz or better recommended)
  • RAM: 1 GB (8 GB recommended)
  • Graphics card: onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
  • Sound card: onboard
  • Hard drive space: 400 MB for program installation, 5 GB for included instruments and loops
  • Program languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français
  • Internet connection: Required for registering and validating the program, as well as for some program features. Software requires one-time registration.

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