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FTP Rush 3.5.8 – FREE FTP client

FTP Rush 3.5.8 – FREE FTP client

FTP Rush is the most powerful FTP client sofware for Windows. It is designed to fit any file transfer need and allows you to quickly upload or download files in all directions: from server to local, local to server or server to server.

This program supports secure transfer including FTPS, SFTP, SSH and it is really easy-to-use. Also this application takes into account all peculiarities of internet file transfer and management by presenting a great choice of features, creating comfortable working experience.

As the most up-to-date solution in FTP transfer, FTP Rush is not just a fast, reliable, powerful and easy-to-use FTP/FXP/SFTP/TFTP client software for Microsoft Windows. It is a full-featured FXP client with secure SSL/TLS encryption too.

FTP Rush allows you to fully customize the user interface on-the-fly. In addition, this FTP client allows you to create your own FTP scripts to do automatic jobs… With this program you will able to do a lot of things.

FTP Rush Key Features:

  • Supports FXP – Site-to-Site transfers
  • Tabbed interface and multiple connections
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, TFTP and SFTP (FTP over SSH).
  • GUI Customization and Integrated Docking
  • Drag-And-Drop files via Explorer-like interface
  • Automated transfer by writing FTP scripts
  • Built-in Task Manager including Synchronize
  • Supports HTTP Proxy, Socks 4&5
  • Fast SFV checking on client side
  • Supports Unicode/UTF8 charset
  • Supports UPnP Port-mapping
  • On-The-Fly Mode Z Compression
  • High performance Disk Buffer
  • Caching folders speeds your browsing
  • Keep alive your FTP connections
  • Smart Skip and Allow transfer
  • Row color and highlights
  • Super fast file search

Changes in Version 3.5.8 (2024-06-24):

  • Improvement – Added Russian language.
  • Fixed a bug – Cannot return to parent directory when the parent directory’s name contains “..”.
  • Fixed a bug – Cannot list some specific network shared directories.
  • Fixed a bug – Adjusted some shortcuts.

Changes in Version 3.5.7 (2024-02-02):

  • Improvement – Added an option “Automatically reconnect on startup”.
  • Improvement – Fixed an issue “Can not create directory after the directory was deleted on server side”.
  • Improvement – Added a feature “Search site by key pressing”.
  • Improvement – Added a feature “Remember the file list sort type”.

Changes in Version 3.5.6 (2023-22-02):

  • Improvement – Added “copy site” for site manager.
  • Improvement – Improved transfer engine.
  • Improvement – Updated the language files.

Changes in Version 3.5.5 (2023-03-21):

  • Improvement – Added FastUDP transfer for Wing Web Client (HTTPS) protocol.
  • Improvement – Added Actions after queue completion (Close, Suspend, Shutdown).
  • Improvement – Added “Insert” short key for creating directory.
  • Improvement – Updated the language files.

Changes in Version 3.5.4 (2022-10-06):

  • Improvement – Added Spanish language.
  • Improvement – Added Manual transfer.
  • Fixed a bug – Added Copy URL.
  • Improvement – [Windows] Drag&drop files to desktop issue

Homepage – https://www.wftpserver.com/ftprush.htm

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows OS: Windows 7/8/10/11,
  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022.
  • Linux OS: Ubuntu 12+, CentOS 7.0+, Red Hat RHEL 7.0+…
  • Mac OS: Mac OS 10.5+ (including Catalina)

FTP Rush Screenshot

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