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Available for:

Windows 10 Build 19045.1826 Insider/ 21H2 Build 19044.1288

Windows 10 Build 19045.1826 Insider/ 21H2 Build 19044.1288
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Microsoft Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows operating system. It will run across an incredibly broad set of devices – from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide.

Windows 10 delivers one universal app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach. With the convergence of Microsoft platforms, that unified experience scales across devices. From the small, thin and light – up to the largest and most powerful laptops, desktops and all-in-one PCs.

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Windows 10 even scales to industry and ruggedized devices, purpose-built industry solutions, small foot print devices (Internet of Things) and all the way up to 85” touch-screen conference room displays.

Get to done faster by better managing your desktop. Snap up to four things on one screen at the same time and create virtual desktops whenever you need more space or want to group things by project, like Office apps for work and games for play.

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use, with lots of similarities to Windows 7 including the Start menu. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and is designed to work with software and hardware you already have.

Microsoft Edge lets you move quickly from browsing to doing. Write or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others. Read online articles free of distraction, and save your favorite reads for convenient access later.

Introducing the new Windows Store, a unified shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. Browse the store on your PC, tablet, or phone and easily download great free and paid digital content including apps, games, music, movies, and TV shows.

Windows 10 comes with great built-in apps like Maps, Photos, Mail and Calendar, Music, Movies and TV. And these apps use OneDrive to back up your information and sync seamlessly across your Windows 10 devices, so you’re never far from what you need.

Windows 10 enables your apps to look and work great in all modes, on all touch PCs and tablets. Connect to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to use your Windows 10 phone like a PC for getting things done or project to a larger-screen for big-time entertainment.

Windows 10 interacts with your device however you want:

  • Touch. Do things like write on a webpage, swipe through your photos, and snap apps into place.
  • Type. When you need to get more done, use your keyboard or the touch keyboard on devices with touch.
  • Write. Use a pen to draw naturally, or add notes to files, sign documents, or play around with art apps.
  • Speak. Just by talking, you can ask Cortana to set a reminder or write an email, and chat with friends and family on Skype.

Start menu. The familiar Start menu is back, but it brings with it a new customizable space for your favorite apps and Live Tiles.

Everything runs in a window. Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop apps do and can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing for maximize, minimize, and close with a click.

Snap enhancements. You can now have four apps snapped on the same screen with a new quadrant layout. Windows will also show other apps and programs running for additional snapping and even make smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other open apps.

New task view button. There’s a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create.

Multiple desktops. Create desktops for different purposes and projects and switch between these desktops easily and pick up where you left off on each desktop.

Find files faster. File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making for finding files you’ve worked on is easier.

Windows 10 Home

Designed for use in PCs, tablets, and 2-in-1s. It includes all consumer-directed features and is the equivalent to basic Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7 Home Basic, and Home Premium. In Windows 10 Home, it is not possible to make changes to how the Windows Update works. It is automatic, and one cannot choose which updates will be downloaded and installed. It is possible to postpone the restart of the system, but after some time, the system will restart on its own.

In comparison, in Windows Pro and Enterprise, there is an option to postpone updates completely. You will able to customize it further. System will ask the user which updates they wish to download. However, in Windows 10 Home, you will not be able to do that.

Windows 10 Pro

It is comparable with Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate, and Windows Vista Business and Ultimate. It builds on the Home edition and adds features essential for businesses, and functionally equivalent to Windows 8.1 Pro.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Provides all the features of Windows 10 Pro, with additional features to assist with IT-based organizations. And is functionally equivalent to Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch)

It is like Windows 10 Enterprise but will not receive any feature updates. It gives companies more control over the update process and is the most stripped down edition of Windows 10 available.

Homepage –

System requirements:

Basically, if your PC can run Windows 8.1, you’re good to go. If you’re not sure, don’t worry – Windows will check your system to make sure it can install the preview.

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor or SoC
  • RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
  • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800×600
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9 Comments on Windows 10 Build 19045.1826 Insider/ 21H2 Build 19044.1288

  • Gravatar


    Been testing "Windows 10 1709 Build 16299.19" and Microsoft Office Standard 2010 doesn't like it.. It freezes up.

  • Gravatar


    I installed this and Flashgot no longer works in firefox and Program Files and Program Files (x86) are not writeable and no way to fix so I backed out I need my Flashgot for Jdownloader to work. Nice try Microsoft. please don't ask us to debug your software.

  • Gravatar


    The title is misleading or it's fake copies. However, the original is Windows 10 1709 Build 16299.15 Fall Creators Update Only after installing first updates will it be Build 16299.19

  • Gravatar


    win 10 over windows 7 was much of the same without the full start menu. performance about the same as win 7 but this 2nd coming of windows 10 is using less memory and cpu,almost instant responsive compared to first windows 10. I will now try it on my laptop and feel it should be worth keeping. original win 10 was poor on my basic laptop. Now after speedy loading of the OS and check hdd activity its nearly non existant (thats good). large graphic programs opens in a flash instead of 15 seconds. its drastic the difference! Still I like "classic menu" as he best standard start menu and loaded that. I really cannot believe the difference between win 10 original and this version. I did an inplace upgrade and ALL programs and software was 100% running except malware bytes. didnt touch my kmspico or other stuff. I am very impressed with this product as an OS thats here to stay.

  • Gravatar


    Windows 10 and 8/8.1 has secure boot lock out. My Linux friends tell me all about it.

  • Gravatar


    windows 10 gas been noted to be free for Win7, Win 8 & 8.1 users as for v9, microsoft jumped to v10 to avoid any system compatibility detection issues with anything marked as 9x (win 95/ 98/ 98SE etc)... or that v10 = 10 OS':- Windows 1 / Windows 2 / Windows 3/3.1 / Windows 95 / Windows 98/98SE/ XP / Vista/ Win7/ Win8 / and finally Win10 makes 10!! (Millennium Edition omitted as few people bought/ installed it) or it will be another bad version that we can live without - odd version numbers are noted to be the better re-developed projects, even ones are newly-developed ones that MS thinks we need and want (look @ Win8, no start button until Win8.1)

  • Gravatar


    '+1 for Windows 7

  • Gravatar


    win 10 ! .. where the fuk 9 gone ?? @soundping,same here. win 7 is nice

  • Gravatar


    Looks like I'll be using Windows 7 longer. I see no reason to upgrade.