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Tag: os deployment

  • Windows 10 Build 18272 Insider/1809 October 2018 Update

    Windows 10 Build 18272 Insider/1809 October 2018 Update

    Microsoft Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows operating system. It will run across an incredibly broad set of devices – from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide. Windows 10 delivers one universal app platform, one security model, and one deployment and management approach. With...

  • Acronis Software Sale

    Acronis Software Sale

    Acronis is a leading provider of easy-to-use backup, recovery and security solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Its patented disk imaging technology enables corporations, SMBs and consumers to protect their digital assets. With disaster recovery, deployment and migration software, users protect their digital information, maintain business continuity and reduce downtime. Acronis Company, founded at...

  • Terabyte Image for Windows 3.24

    Terabyte Image for Windows 3.24

    Image for Windows is an affordable, reliable drive image backup and restore solution. It provides an easy and convenient way to completely backup all your hard drive’s data and operating systems. You can save your backups directly to external USB and FireWire drives, to internal or network drives, and even directly to CD or DVD....

  • VMware Thinapp 5.2.4 Build 9964600 Enterprise

    VMware Thinapp 5.2.4 Build 9964600 Enterprise

    VMware ThinApp 5 accelerates application deployment and simplifies application migration with agentless application virtualization. It is an agentless application virtualization solution that isolates applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline delivery and management. VMware ThinApp 5 encapsulates applications inside a Virtual OS that transparently merges a virtual system environment with...

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0 Build 1780 – Update 3

    Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0 Build 1780 – Update 3

    Acronis Snap Deploy 5 deploys an exact Disk Image of a master machine to multiple systems simultaneously via multi-cast, making it ideal for rapid bare-metal installations onto servers and PCs. It creates an exact disk image of a standard configuration you choose, including the Operating System, configuration files data and all applications. Then deploys that...

  • Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

    Deep Freeze Server Enterprise

    Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate computer damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a computer, any changes made to the computer – regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious – are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague computers today....

  • Acronis vmProtect 9.0 Build 10007

    Acronis vmProtect 9.0 Build 10007

    Acronis vmProtect 9 is the fastest, easiest and most complete solution to protect your VMware vsphere environment, to backup and recover VMware virtual machines. Agentless backup with VMware API for Data Protection (VADP), Changed Block Tracking (CBT), hot-plug and direct SAN access makes backup and recovery fast and efficient. New vmFlashBack technology provides near-instantaneous recovery,...

  • Symantec pcAnywhere

    Symantec pcAnywhere

    Symantec pcAnywhere is the world’s leading remote access software solution. It lets you manage computers efficiently, resolve helpdesk issues quickly, and connect to remote devices simply and securely. New features of this software include smart card authentication and native whiteboard support, while continuing to enable remote users to find, connect to, and control the hosts...

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1

    Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1

    Windows Vista introduces a breakthrough user experience and is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to view, find, and organize information and to control your computing experience. The visual sophistication of Microsoft Windows Vista helps streamline your computing experience by refining common window elements. So you can better focus on the content...

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 2.0 Build 2141

    Acronis Snap Deploy 2.0 Build 2141

    Acronis Snap Deploy is a comprehensive system deployment solution that enables organizations to deploy software to new PCs and servers quickly. Businesses today face increasing challenges when it comes to configuring and deploying new machines in a distributed, corporate environment. Having a deployment solution in place that enables businesses to use a standard configuration for...