Cyberfox 52.8.0 – powered by Firefox

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Cyberfox is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser, powered by the popular Mozilla Firefox open source code.

This is designed by 8pecxstudios, taking over where Mozilla left off, working to make a fast, stable and reliable web browser accessible to all.

Cyberfox comes with many customizable options allowing you to personalize and secure your web browsing experience.

This browser ships with 2 main versions of Cyberfox one optimized for Intel based CPU’s and one optimized for AMD based CPU’s in an array of formats.

The optimized version lets you view web pages way faster, using tabbed browsing, the ability to block pop-up windows and less of your computer’s memory.

Choose your user interface, choose between Australis or Classic style, with many customizable features to change how you see the web!

Cyberfox also allows you to synchronize your browsing across multiple devices. Access your bookmarks, history, passwords and more from any device to make this browser your own wherever you use it.

Current Features:

  • Optimized for Intel CPU or AMD CPU based architectures
  • Uses own profile system
  • Compatible with Firefox extensions
  • Removed features (Telemetry, Health-report, Sponsored tiles and other components that collected information)
  • Many new features built in.
  • Choice between Australis or Classic style.
  • Powered by Mozilla Firefox source code

Cyberfox also comes in portable format, so you can take it anywhere you go with all your favourite addons and settings.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

What’s New in Cyberfox 52:

  • Updated: language patches
  • Updated: Update Pl (Polish) localization
  • Updated: Updated: Ru (Russian) localization
  • Updated: Updated: pt-BR (Portuguese (Brazil)) localization
  • Added: Option to toggle browser statup after browser update
  • Fixed: updateHardwareAcceleration logic in preferences
  • New: Show notification on plugins page when all plugins disabled
  • Fixed: Set all plugins out of the box to disabled by default
  • Fixed: Toggle SilverLight plugin default enabled state to false
  • Removed: Windows Vista support from cyberfox

Latest Changes in Firefox ESR:

Changes in Cyberfox 52.8.0:

  • Fixed: Bug 1459249 – Make esr52’s code work on try by explicitly setting pypi servers and dealing with pip index
  • Updated: HSTS preload list update from host
  • Updated: Blocklist update from host
  • Fixed: Bug 1459285 – Update tzdata in ICU data files to 2018e
  • Fixed: Bug 1437842: Change inlining of intrinsics
  • Fixed: Bug 1458270: Clean up in the shutdown observer
  • Fixed: Bug 1452576 – Improve StructuredCloneHolder for fuzzy tests
  • Fixed: Bug 1459206 – Use FileSystemSecurity in ContentParent::RecvGetFilesRequest
  • Fixed: Bug 1459162 – Update dimensions early in ClearTarget
  • Fixed: Bug 1459206 – followup: fix build bustage
  • Fixed: Bug 1451297
  • Fixed: Bug 1462682 – Skia path bounds rounding fix
  • Fixed: Bug 1450688
  • Fixed: Bug 1456975 – Check fields in nsMozIconURI deserialization
  • Fixed: Bug 1442722, bug 1455071, bug 1433642, bug 1456604, bug 1458320 – Refactor structured clone JSAPI and prevent mismatched scopes
  • Fixed: Bug 1449350 – reland 06407f04400950678a1a262d34de63dba568e2c5 since we’re hitting this bug gain
  • Fixed: Bug 1459391 – Fix intermittent OSX vcversioner install error
  • Fixed: Bug 1465108 – Fix count of compacting update tasks started
  • Fixed: Bug 1465108 – Use function pointers rather than virtual run method for GC parallel tasks
  • Fixed: Backed out changeset ca4943b7887f (bug 1465108) for static analysis bustage
  • Fixed: Bug 1459693 – Ensure the right anonymous element is focused when calling input.focus()
  • Fixed: Bug 1464829 – Ensure the recover instruction vector has the expected size
  • Fixed: Bug 1452375 – ssse3-scaler: handle init failure
  • Fixed: Bug 1452375 – ssse3-scaler: make sure iter->x/y is representable
  • Fixed: Bug 1458264 – Reset UNPACK_SKIP vars when uploading zeros
  • Fixed: Bug 1464784 – Hold a strong ref to the document in callers of ConvertNodesOrStringsIntoNode
  • Fixed: Bug 1462682 – Skia path bounds rounding fix
  • Fixed: Bug 1459391 – Fix intermittent OSX vcversioner install error
  • Fixed: Bug 1392739 – Use CheckedInt in nsStandardURL::Deserialize()
  • Fixed: Bug 1453127 – Harden TrackID handling
  • Fixed: Bug 1313960 – synchronous addon DB loader should handle in-progress async load
  • Fixed: Bug 1314091 – Expose ‘compact’ themes instead of the Dev Edition theme
  • Updated: language patches
  • Removed: Plugin check url, plugin page no longer active by mozilla
  • Adjusted: Disable the video stats to prevent fingerprinting
  • Fixed: Bug 546387 – Gtk-CRITICAL gtk_clipboard_set_with_data: assertion `targets != NULL’ failed with xul:label -moz-user-select: text
  • Fixed: User-agent issue with, user-agent override
  • Removed: Unused telemetry code from PDF.js
  • Adjusted: Various code readability adjustments

Homepage –

Size: 78.3 MB

Download Intel Version x86 Installer

Download Intel Version x86 Portable

Download Intel Version x64 Installer

Download Intel Version x64 Portable

Download AMD Version x86 Installer

Download AMD Version x86 Portable

Download AMD Version x64 Installer

Download AMD Version x64 Portable

Download for Linux x86 x64

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