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Sandboxie 5.46.2 Hotfix / 5.33.6 – FREE by Sophos

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Sandboxie 5.46.2 Hotfix / 5.33.6 – FREE by Sophos

Sandboxie is a proprietary sandbox based isolation program for Windows operating systems. It creates a sandbox-like isolated operating environment.

There you can run or install all applications without permanently modifying the local or mapped drive. An isolated virtual environment allows to control testing of untrusted programs and web surfing.

Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space. It prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

When you run a program on your computer, data flows from the hard disk to the program via read operations. The data is then processed and displayed, and finally flows back from the progam to the hard disk via write operations.

Sandboxie changes the rules such that write operations do not make it back to your hard disk.

  • Intercept changes to both your files and registry settings, making it virtually impossible for any software to reach outside the sandbox.
  • Traps cached browser items into the sandbox as a by-product of normal operation. So when you throw away the sandbox, all the history records and other side-effects of your browsing disappear as well.

Benefits of the Isolated Sandbox:

  • Secure Web Browsing. If you run Web browser under the protection of Sandboxie, all malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox and can be discarded trivially.
  • Enhanced Privacy. Browsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay in the sandbox and don’t leak into Windows.
  • Secure E-mail. Viruses and other malicious software that might be hiding in your email can’t break out of the sandbox and can’t infect your real system.
  • Windows Stays Lean. Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows by installing software into an isolated sandbox.

Changes in Sandboxie 5.46.2 – Hotfix:


  • added “CallTrace=*” to log all system calls to the access log


  • improved ipc logging code
  • improved MSG_2101 logging


  • fixed more issues with ipc tracing
  • fixed SBIE2101 issue with crome and derivatives

Changes in Sandboxie 5.46.1 – Hotfix:


  • added “RunServiceAsSystem=…” allows specific named services to be ran as system


  • refactored some code around SCM access


  • fixed a crash issue in SbieSvc.exe introduced with the last build
  • fixed issue with sandman ui update check


  • removed “ProtectRpcSs=y” due to incompatybility with new isolation defaults

Changes in Sandboxie 5.46.0:


  • Sandboxie now strips particularly problematic privileges from sandboxed system tokens
    — with those a process could atempt to bypass the sandbox isolation (thanks Diversenok)
    — old legacy behavior can be enabled with “StripSystemPrivileges=n” (absolutely NOT Recommended)
  • added new isolation options “ClosePrintSpooler=y” and “OpenSmartCard=n”
    — those resources are open by default but for a hardened box its desired to close them
  • added print spooler filter to prevent printers from being set up outside the sandbox
    — the filter can be disabled with “OpenPrintSpooler=y”
  • added overwrite prompt when recovering an already existing file
  • added “StartProgram=”, “StartService=” and “AutoExec=” options to the SandMan UI
  • added more compatybility templates (thanks isaak654)


  • Changed Emulated SCM behavior, boxed services are no longer by default started as boxed system
    — use “RunServicesAsSystem=y” to enable the old legacy behavior
    — Note: sandboxed services with a system token are still sandboxed and restricted
    — However not granting them a system token in the first place removes possible exploit vectors
    — Note: this option is not compatible with “ProtectRpcSs=y” and takes precedence!
  • Reworked dynamic IPC port handling
  • Improved Resource Monitor status strings


  • fixed a critical issue that allowed to create processes outside the sandbox (thanks Diversenok)
  • fixed issues with dynamic IPC port handling that allowed to bypass IPC isolation
  • fixed issue with ipc tracing
  • fixed CVE-2019-13502 “\RPC Control\LSARPC_ENDPOINT” is now filtered by the driver (thanks Diversenok)
    — this allowed some system options to be changed, to disable filtering use “OpenLsaEndpoint=y”
  • fixed hooking issues SBIE2303 with chrome, edge and possibly others
  • fixed failed check for running processes when performing snapshot operations
  • fixed some box option checkboxes were not properly initialized
  • fixed unavailable options are not properly disabled when sandman is not connected to the driver
  • fixed MSI instalelr issue, not being able to create “C:\Config.Msi” folder on windows 20H2
  • added missing localization to generic list commands
  • fixed issue with “iconcache_*” when runngin sandboxed explorer
  • fixed more issues with groups

Changes in Sandboxie 5.45.2:


  • added prompt to choose if links in the sandman ui should be open in a sandboxed or unsandboxed browser
  • added more recovery options, “recovery & …” and more recver to options
  • added “ClosedClsid=” to block com objects from being used when thay cause compatybility issues
  • added “ClsidTrace=*” option to trace COM usage
  • added “ClosedRT=” option to block access to problematic Windows RT interfaces
  • added option to make a link for any selected process to sandman ui
  • added option to reset all hidden messages
  • added more process presets “Force program” and “allow internet access”
  • added “SpecialImage=chrome,some_electron_app.exe” option to sandboxie.ini, valid image types “chrome”, “firefox”
    — with this option you can enable special hardcoded workarounds to new obscure forks of those browsers
  • added german translation (thanks bastik-1001) to the sandman UI
  • added russian translation (thanks lufog) to the sandman UI
  • added portuguese translation (thanks JNylson ) to the sandman UI


  • changed docs and update urls to the new domain
  • greately improved the innos etup script (thanks mpheath)
  • “OpenClsid=” and “ClosedClsid=” now support specifyed a program or group name
  • by default when started in portable mode the sandbox folder will be located to the parent directory of the sandboxie instance


  • grouping menu not fully working in the new sandman ui
  • fixed can’t set quick recovery in sandman ui
  • fixed resource leak when loading process icons in sandman ui
  • fixed issue with OpenToken debug options
  • fixed chrome crashing on websites that cause the invocation of “FindAppUriHandlersAsync”
  • fixed issue connecting to the driver when starting in portable mode
  • fixed missing template setup when creating new boxes


  • removed obsolete “OpenDefaultClsid=n” use “ClosedClsid=” with the aproproate values instead
  • removed suspend/resume menu entry, pooling that state wasts substantial cpu cycles, use task explorer for that functionality

Changes in Sandboxie 5.45.1:


  • added advanced new box creation dialog to sandman ui
  • added show/hide tray context menu entry
  • added refresh button to file recovery dialog
  • added mechanism to load icons from {install-dir}/Icons/{icon}.png for UI customization
  • added tray indicator to show disabled forced program status in the sandman ui
  • added program name suggestions to box options in sandman ui
  • added saving of column sizes in the options window


  • reorganized the advanced box options a bit
  • changed icons (thanks Valinwolf for picking the new once)
  • updated Template.ini (thanks isaak654)
  • increates max value for disable forced process time in sandman ui


  • fixed BSOD introduced in 5.45.0 when using windows 10 “Core isolation”
  • fixed minor issue with lingering/leader processes
  • fixed menu issue in sandman ui
  • fixed issue with stop behavioure page in sandman ui
  • fixed issue with Plus installer not displaying kmdutil window
  • fixed sandman UI saving ui settings on windows shutdown
  • fixed issue with Plus installer autorun
  • fixed issue with legacy installer not removing all files
  • fixed a driver compatybility issue with windows 20H1 and later
    — this solves “stop pending”, line messager hanging and other issues…
  • fixed quick recovery issue in SbieCtrl.exe introduced in 5.45.0
  • fixed issue advanced hide process settings, not saving
  • fixed some typos in the UI (thanks isaak654)
  • fixed issue with GetRawInputDeviceInfo failing when boxed processes are put in a job object
    — this fix resolves isses with CP2077 andother PC Games not getting keyboard input (thanks Rostok)
  • fixed failing ClipCursor wont longer span the message log
  • fixed issue with adding recovery folders in sandman ui
  • fixed issue with office 2019 template when using a non default sbie install location
  • fixed issue settign last access atribute on sandboxed folders
  • fixed issue with process start signal

Changes in Sandboxie 5.45:


  • added new notification window
  • added user interactive control mechanism when using the new SandMan UI
    — when a file exeeds the copy limit instead of failing, the user is prompted if the file should be copied or not
    — when internet access is blocked it now can be exempted in real time by the user
  • added missing file recovery and auto/quick recovery functionality
  • added silent MSG_1399 boxed process start notification to keep track of short lived boxed processes
  • added ability to prvent system wide process starts, sandboxie can now instead of just alerting also block processed on the alert list
    — set “StartRunAlertDenied=y” to enable prcess blocking
  • the process start alert/block mechanism can now also handle folders use “AlertFolder=…”
  • added ability to merge snapshots
  • added icons to the sandbox context menu in the new UI
  • added more advanced options to the sandbox options window
  • added file migration progress indicator
  • added more run commands and custom run commands per sandbox
    — the the box settings users can now speficy programs to be available from the box run menu
    — also processes can be pinned to that list from the presets menu
  • added more windows 10 specific template presets
  • added ability to create desktop shortcuts to sandboxed items
  • added icons to box option tabs
  • added box grouping
  • added new debug option “DebugTrace=y” to log debug output to the trace log
  • added check for updates to the new SandMan UI
  • added check for updates to the legacy SbieCtrl UI


  • File migration limit can now be disabled by specifying “CopyLimitKb=-1”
  • improved and refactored mesage logging mechanism, reducing memory usage by factor of 2
  • terminated boxed processes are now kept listed for a coupel of seconds
  • reworked sandbox dletion mechaism ofthe new UI
  • restructured sandbox options window
  • SbieDLL.dll can now be compiled with an up to date nitll.lib
  • improved automated driver self repair


  • fixed issues migrating files > 4GB
  • fixed a issue that would allow a maliciosue application to bypass the internet blockade
  • fixed issue when logging messages from a non sandboxed process, added process_id parameter to API_LOG_MESSAGE_ARGS
  • fixed issues with localization
  • fixed issue using file recovery in legacy ui SbieCtrl.exe when “SeparateUserFolders=n” is set
  • when a program is blocked from starting due to restrictions no redundant messages are issues anymore
  • fixed UI not properly displaying async errors
  • fixed issues when a snapshot operation failed
  • fixed some special cases of IpcPath and WinClass in the new UI
  • fixed driver issues with WHQL passing compatybility testing
  • fixed issues with classical installer

Changes in Sandboxie 5.44.1:


  • added “Terminate all processes” and “disable forced programs” commands to tray menu in SandMan ui
  • program start restrictions settings now can be switsched between a white list and a black list
    — programs can be terminated and blacklisted from the context menu
  • added additional process context menu options, lingering and leader process can be now set from menu
  • added option to view template presets for any given box
  • added text filter to template view
  • added new compatybility templates:
    — Windows 10 core UI component: OpenIpcPath=\BaseNamedObjects[CoreUI]-* solving issues with Chinese Input and Emojis
    — FireFox Quantum, access to windows FontCachePort for compatybility with windows 7
  • added experimental debug option “OriginalToken=y” which lets sandboxed processes retain their original unrestricted token
    — This option is comparable with “OpenToken=y” and is intended only for testing and debugging, it BREAKS most SECURITY guarantees (!)
  • added debug option “NoSandboxieDesktop=y” it disables the desktop proxy mechanism
    — Note: without an unrestricted token with this option applications wont be able to start
  • added debug option “NoSysCallHooks=y” it disables the sys call processing by the driver
    — Note: without an unrestricted token with this option applications wont be able to start
  • added ability to record verbost access tracess to the resource monitor
    — use ini options “FileTrace=“, “PipeTrace=“, “KeyTrace=“, “IpcTrace=“, “GuiTrace=” to record all events
    — replace “
    ” to log only: “A” – allowed, “D” – denided, or “I” – ignore events
  • added ability to record debug output strings to the resource monitor,
    — use ini option DebugTrace=y to enable


  • AppUserModelID sting no longer contains sandboxie version string
  • now by default sbie’s application manifest hack is disabled, as it causes problems with version checking on windows 10
    — to enable old behavioure add “PreferExternalManifest=y” to the global or the box specific ini section
  • the resource log mechanism can now handle multiple strings to reduce on string copy operations


  • fixed issue with disabling some restriction settings failed
  • fixed disabling of internet block from the presets menu sometimes failed
  • the software compatybility list in the sandman UI now shows the proper template names
  • fixed use of freed memory in the driver
  • replaced swprintf with snwprintf to prevent potential buffer overflow in SbieDll.dll
  • fixed bad list performance with resource log and api log in SandMan UI

Changes in Sandboxie 5.43.7:

  • added disable forced programs menu command to he sandman ui
  • fixed file rename bug introduced with an earlier driver verifier fix
  • fixed issue saving access lists
  • fixed issue with program groups parsing in the SandMan UI
  • fixed issue with intrnet access restriction options
  • fixed issue deleting sandbox when located on a drive directly

Changes in Sandboxie 5.43.6:

  • added explore box content menu option
  • fixed thread handle leak in SbieSvc and other components
  • msedge.exe is now categorized as a chromium derivate
  • fixed chrome 86+ compatybility bug with chroms own sandbox

Changes in Sandboxie 5.43.5:

  • added core version compatybility check to sandman UI
  • added shell integration options to SbiePlus
  • SbieCtrl does not longer auto show the tutorian on first start
  • when hooking, the to the trampoline migrated section of the original function is not longer noped out — it caused issues with unity games, will be investigated and re enabled later
  • fixed color issue with vertical tabs in dark mode
  • fixed wrong path separators when adding new forced folders
  • fixed directroy listing bug intriduced in 5.43
  • fixed issues with settings window when not being connected to driver
  • fixed issue when starting sandman ui as admin
  • fixed auto content delete not working with sandman ui

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP – Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Translations: English, Albanian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian and Turkish.

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7 Comments on Sandboxie 5.46.2 Hotfix / 5.33.6 – FREE by Sophos

  • Gravatar


    wow, redundant software, most browsers run in a "sandbox" of sorts, besides, why is this needed anyway???

  • Gravatar


    It's a nice idea, but this program always had some issues whenever I used it. Avast meanwhile has its Auto Sandbox, for those who want it. And you could argue that an Anti Virus program should (try to) make a sandbox superfluous. Maybe a sandbox could be a replacement for Windows User Account Control? I like it best, not to be bothered by such 'solutions'. AV, Windows Defender, Firewall, and some registry cleaner (wise) can do the job.

  • Gravatar


    This program creates a copy of your current reg settings and any files required to be accessed by the file being tested and redirects all the changes to the copies instead of the originals. This saves the original system from being infected. So using 168MB is just below normal for that...

  • Gravatar


    168MB of occupied space when so many now have 100's or thousands of gigs from huge hard drive capacities,this is not an issue. Considering the security this program provides, you should not compromise.

  • Gravatar


    Today i uninstaled this prog.
    and see the total size occupied for it!
    Incredible 168 Mb! No more.

  • Gravatar


    How about firewall do I still need it it's great that antivirus not necessary because it eats lots of resources... Can I trust this soft if I understand good it isolates from the system files viruses but how about soft/games I dont see here written that sandbox isolates these files? 

  • Gravatar


    its been a year since i found sandboxie. Yes, this is a useful software. back way before im using it with vista and kaspersky. sandboxie lets you run applications in virtual. there was this virus which hides itsel to a malwarebytes installation ive downloaded not from the official site, and kaspersky said it is clean. thankfully i run it using sandboxie and then i noticed that it planted files in system32 folder and also added registry files unrelated to malwarebytes and also 3 files were opened before installation. my hunch is that it has embedded trojan. after a day, i updated kaspersky and scanned again the mlwarebytes installer and voila! the installler has been tampered with trojans. vudo ones!

    tested today in win7 rtm so far so good. i hope final version comes out early.

    ps. 64bit os is the next future but in real enterprise world, 64 it still lagging in compatability and there are more 32bit users than 64.. so if you have 4gb or less better use 32bit, 99% no worries. just use 64bit os if you have more than 5gb and you are in video editing or CAD etc.. just my view in os.