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LDPlayer 4.0.63 / LDPlayer 3.121 – Android emulator

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LDPlayer 4.0.63 / LDPlayer 3.121 – Android emulator

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC users playing Android games easily on Windows. Based on Android 5.1.1 and 7.1.2, it supports a wide range of compatibility in running high-performance, high-graphic mobile games on PC.

In addition to playing Android games on PC, you can also access Google Play Store for other apps and specify the location of the device. With its multi-functional design and user-friendly settings, LDPlayer literally performs better than a real phone.

Compared with other emulators, LDPlayer offers not only comparable performance, but also blazing speed for running Android games on PC. As it says, “The Best Android Emulator for Playing Mobile Games on PC”. Also, the company developed LD Store as play store for all players to download and install applications not only on the emulator but also on their Android phones.

It is a safe program developed by a group of elites who commit to providing high-quality Android emulator for running mobile applications on PC. The first priority for LDPlayer team is to develop a virus-free software that serves as the best connection between mobile phone and computer.

The emulator you download for your PC depends mostly on what features you need. But one common reason for using emulators is that mobile gamers can run Android games on their computers to create new gaming experience. They don’t have to worry about the battery life of their devices and can make use of the advantages of PC gaming.

LDPlayer can run faster and smoother on your PC after you enable VT (Virtualization Technology). Sometimes you can’t even launch player when it is disabled. So you need to enable the Virtualization Technology.

Why choose LDPlayer on PC:

  • Play Games on a Bigger Display
  • Smooth Running Performance on Windows
  • Excellent Compatibility for Android Games
  • Improved GamePlay with Better Graphics
  • More Familiar and Better Controls – Play with keyboard and mouse
  • Easy to Set Hotkeys and Macro
  • True Multitasking – Run multiple windows simultaneously
  • Faster Processing Power – No lags and crashes
  • No Battery Draining – Longer gameplay and non-overheating

Keyboard Macros and Custom Mapping for Games

One of the biggest advantages of running games on emulator is that you can set macros and create a custom mapping for the games you’re playing. This is pretty useful when you need different game controls to perform better in your gameplays.

Synchronizer for Better Control of Multi-Instances

LDPlayer contains a built-in operation synchronizer, which is creative and important for controlling multiple instances at the same time. This feature will shorten your time when repeating the same operations in several emulators. Some gamers might want to use synchronizer to play several game accounts and generate more resources.

Video Recorder

One useful feature supported in LDPlayer is screen recording. Though the recorded videos might not be high definition, it’s enough for showcasing a gameplay/app recording and sharing it on social media platforms. The default shortcut for video recorder is Ctrl+F1. You can reset the shortcut on the settings.

Gamepad Support

Besides keyboard and mouse, LDPlayer also supports gamepad controller, which will be great for those who love playing games using a controller. If you’ve connected your gamepad to your computer, you can enter the gamepad settings from the iron on the title bar of LDPlayer.

Customizable Settings

LDPlayer is a highly customizable emulator which allows the users to have control on all basic Android settings. Users can personalize their emulators by setting screen resolution, CPU, RAM, properties, shortcuts, game settings, etc. The custom version is more for app developers and specific gamer.

LD Store: Download Your Favorite Apps&Games on Any Device

One advantage LD Store can bring to you is that you don’t need to sign in the store to download applications. Compared with Google Play, LD Store really makes the download process simpler and easier. This could be very useful and efficient for some mobile users to install various apps&games as a default play store.

Changes in LDPlayer 4.0.63 / 3.121:

  • Optimized Play Together to improve frame rate and stability.
  • Optimized the memory usage.
  • Solved the problem that the screen display was abnormal on some machines with NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Solved the problem that exiting LDPlayer was slow in Windows 7 after updating NVIDIA graphics driver to the latest version.
  • Solved the problem of occasionally resetting the emulator’s Multi-LDPlayer settings.
  • Solved the problem that Windows operating system could not be upgraded due to the VirtualBox file.
  • You will not exit Maximize even when pressing the Esc key after you uncheck the check box ‘Exit fullscreen by Esc’ in Shortcut of Settings of LDPlayer.

Changes in LDPlayer 4.0.53 / 3.114:

  • Further optimized the sensitivity of rotating camera in Free Fire.
  • Added the feature of cancelling skills in Brawl Stars (Use the Default key mapping and press the Shift key) and resolved an issue where the skill direction control was inaccurate after the game was updated.
  • Supported the feature of walking slowly in Standoff 2, Call of Duty®: Mobile, PUBG MOBILE and other shooter games.
  • Solved the problem that the frame rate of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was low on machines with AMD graphics cards.
  • Solved the problem that the key mapping of War Robots could not be used normally.
  • Solved the problem that there was a small probability that the default key mappings could not be read when a game was opened for the first time.
  • Solved the problem that 이카루스 이터널 could not be downloaded from Google Play Store.
  • Solved the problem that LDPlayer would crash on a small number of computers when it was launched.
  • Solved the problem that Snapchat could not be logged in.
  • Solved the problem that 세븐나이츠 2 prompted you with a security error when it was logged in.

Changes in LDPlayer / 3.113.1:

  • Optimized Brawl Stars. The skill control direction is 100% accurate, and the operation is smoother.
  • Optimized the sensitivity of rotating camera in Free Fire.
  • Fixed an issue where 세븐나이츠2 (SEVEN KNIGHT ll) would crash.
  • Screen lock finally worked normally.
  • Newly added “Mini” mode, you could work while playing games.
  • Added multiple wallpapers.
  • Fixed an issue where the black screen would appear on machines with old graphics cards such as NVIDIA GEFORCE 9600 GT when launching LDPlayer.
  • Avoided unnecessary prompts for successful app installation (You need to clean install LDPlayer).
  • Fixed an issue where PUBG MOBILE LITE accounts would be banned.

Changes in LDPlayer 4.0.44:

  • Significantly optimized the sensitivity of rotating camera in Free Fire, resolved the issue where the camera sensitivity was inconsistent from turning left to turning right, solved the problem of rotation delay, and solved the problem that the fire button was occasionally stuck.
  • Supported ultra-widescreen mode, MOBA games such as League of Legends: Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have a wider viewing angle. (Currently in ultra-widescreen mode, only League of Legends: Wild Rift has been fitted out with default key mapping)
  • Deeply optimized the controller key mapping of League of Legends: Wild Rift, completely copied the keyboard operation of the PC version (Use the default key mapping).
  • Solved the problem of not being able to type in 세븐나이츠2 (SEVEN KNIGHT ll) in low resolution of LDPlayer.
  • Solved the problem that the “@” character could not be typed in some language input methods.
  • The Esc key can be set as key mapping, exiting full screen will not be triggered after it is set as key mapping (You can press the F11 key to exit full screen).

Changes in LDPlayer 4.0.42:

  • Resolved issues where League of Legends: Wild Rift would freeze when calculating rewards and where it crashed occasionally.
  • Optimized the operation experience of League of Legends: Wild Rift to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of ability casting.
  • Optimized the loading speed of League of Legends: Wild Rift, improved the overall smoothness, and hadn’t teamfight lagged.
  • Fixed issues where games such as 세븐나이츠2 (SEVEN KNIGHT ll) froze on machines with Intel integrated graphics cards.
  • Fixed the problem that the combination key could not coexist with the ability key.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities’ directions would be occasionally reversed when casting abilities through the controllers.
  • Improved the stability of the emulator on machines with the AMD graphics cards, and fixed the crash issue of games like Call of Duty Mobile.

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Recommended Specifications for LDPlayer

  • CPU: Intel i5 7500
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel or AMD CPU Processor x86 / x86_64·Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10
  • Windows DirectX 11 / Graphic driver with OpenGL 2.0
  • Minimum 2GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Minimum 36GB of free hard disk space
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V) enabled in BIOS

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