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IObit Uninstaller – up to 70% OFF

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IObit Uninstaller – up to 70% OFF

IObit Uninstaller is a FREE tool that helps you to remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. It allows you to remove installed applications from your computer, along with their leftovers.

IObit Uninstaller can detect and categorize all of the installed programs. A list of installed programs is automatically displayed upon initialization, in which you can view the name, size and install date of each software. Moreover, it allows bulk uninstallation with just ONE click!

BUY NOW IObit Uninstaller 11 – 70% OFF

With “Powerful Scan” and “Forced Uninstall” features, you’ll never be bothered by leftovers or stubborn toolbars anymore.

Key Benefits:

  • Remove Unwanted Programs and Folders Super Fast
  • 1-Click Removal of Annoying Stubborn Toolbars
  • No More Leftovers with “Powerful Scan” and “Forced Uninstall”
  • Portable, Easy, and FREE to Use

IObit Uninstaller works in three steps.

Firstly, it creates a system restore point, just in case something wrong happens to Windows system afterward.

Secondly, the program runs the application’s default uninstaller. After which it scans for leftover files and newly created registry keys (you can select which pieces you want to delete).

Finally, you can use “Forced Uninstall” mode to thoroughly remove programs and leftover items. Switch to batch mode, use a search function, export the list of programs, view log files and restore points, change the interface language and get rid of toolbars. Also you can view recently installed, large and rarely used applications, along with Windows updates.

Changes in IObit Uninstaller RC:

  • Optimized the uninstall algorithm for stubborn programs to accelerate the uninstall by 30%
  • Enhanced Install Monitor to monitor more programs installation
  • Improved leftover scanning algorithm for more accurate result, especially when uninstalling a program with multiple versions installed
  • Better interaction experience for Install Monitor and Uninstall History
  • Added White skin
  • Supported 38 languages
  • Fixed known bugs

Changes in IObit Uninstaller 10.6.0:

  • Improved scanning algorithms to detect and clean more leftovers
  • Optimized update algorithms to get updates for your installed programs more promptly
  • Improved multiple languages for better localization
  • Fixed all known bugs

Changes in IObit Uninstaller 10.4.0:

  • Enhanced leftover scanning algorithm to find and clean more leftovers
  • Enlarged database to remove 350 more stubborn programs
  • Improved Stubborn Program Remover to detect programs with uninstalling issues more accurately
  • Some UI improvements
  • Fixed all known bugs

Changes in IObit Uninstaller 10.3.0:

  • Enhanced leftover scanning to clean more files and registry entries
  • Enhanced uninstall engine to remove super large programs more thoroughly
  • Enlarged database to remove 210 more stubborn programs
  • Added support to maximize the details window of Uninstall History and Installation Log
  • Fixed the reconfiguration issue with apps in Win 10
  • Fixed all known bugs

Changes in IObit Uninstaller 10.2.0:

  • Enhanced Stubborn Program Remover to detect more uninstall issues of Microsoft installer programs
  • Enlarged database to remove 240 more stubborn programs
  • Improved leftover scanning algorithms to scan for more leftovers after the program uninstallation
  • Optimized Install Monitor for more complete installation log when monitoring software updates
  • Better Software Updater interface for a more user-friendly experience
  • Fixed all known bugs

Changes in IObit Uninstaller 10.1.0:

  • New Stubborn Program Remover to remove stubborn programs much easier
  • Enlarged database to remove 200 more stubborn programs
  • Customize whether to display the Powerful Uninstall option in Windows context menu
  • Customize whether to display system run-time components in program list
  • Fixed the occasional issue of inaccurate program size detection and unstable installation monitoring of oversized programs
  • Fixed all known bugs

What’s New in IObit Uninstaller 10.0:

  • Increased uninstall speed by 50%
  • Improved scan algorithm to scan 30% more uninstallation leftovers
  • Enhanced Software Health to newly support blocking site notification prompts from interrupting you
  • Enhanced Install Monitor to newly support monitoring system services, scheduled tasks, and DLL registration
  • Optimized program detection algorithm for more accurate detection of Infrequently Used Program and Bundleware
  • Fixed the occasional incorrect leftover prompts after updating some programs
  • Added support for uninstalling 40+ stubborn programs like MPC-HC, SpyHunter5, Avast Antivirus, Rockstar Games, IntelliJ IDEA, and more
  • Newly support updating multi-language versions of some popular programs, like Firefox, WinRAR, and Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Newly support removing plugins of new Microsoft Edge
  • Better UI for a more user-friendly experience

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.


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3 Comments on IObit Uninstaller – up to 70% OFF

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    I have not tested "IObit", because I'm satisfied with "Your Uninstaller!" But I do not know what's happening ... Your Uninstaller! is no longer being updated. The latest version is 2014.3.18

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    This is the best uninstaller for me and no confusing UI

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    i only prefer Total uninstall & Revo! :)