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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 12 is the perfect software choice for all your photo editing, illustration and graphic design work. It includes the innovative options for image editing, graphic design and creative compositions.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 12 (aka 365) allows you to optimize your photos and remove unwanted elements. Also you will able to create extraordinary vector graphics and exciting illustrations. And then combine everything in a spectacular collage or layout.

The program includes the pro graphics engine that also powers Xara Designer Pro X. So you’ll be able to create outstanding results in no time at all – even on older PCs.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer photo handling beats other graphics programs on many fronts. It’s much, much faster, produces smaller files and it’s non-destructive. It makes the perfect photo composition tool.

The app is also unique in the way it handles and stores photos. Which means that files containing photos can be anywhere from 3 to 100 times smaller than with other programs.

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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer offers completely non-destructive photo editing. Which means you can edit your photo as many times as you like without the loss of quality that is normal in other photo programs. It uses a fraction of the RAM required by other products. It can handle multiple very high resolution images with ease, even on a modest PC.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer also offers both manual and automatic real-time photo enhance (brightness and contrast, sharpen, blur, saturation and temperature). In addition, the real-time scaling and rotation even on 50 Megapixel images.

Other features include flexible cropping, red eye removal, advanced levels control, perspective correction, photo erase and masking tools and the innovative content aware scaling and zooming. Combine this with features such as vector masking, layer blending, feathering – all in the non-destructive, memory efficient way – and you have something that no other photo tool can provide.

In addition, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer includes a selection of over 60 creative ‘Live Effect’ plug-ins that can transform both photos and vector drawings. Effects include oil painting, pencil drawing, canvas, crayon, pastel, crumpled, fish-eye, television, newspaper print, waves, blinds, ‘liquid paint’ for creating caricatures and many, many more.

Most modern Adobe Photoshop plug-ins work as Live Effects, giving access to a huge range of plug-ins, both free and commercial, for creating a variety of effects that would take a lifetime to explore.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

What’s New in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 12:

  • New filters and effects. Use breathtaking effects to present your photos in totally new ways. Simply drag the filter you want to use onto your image or select a specific section of the image for targeted editing to give your image that special look.
  • Blend modes for color dodge and color burn. Enhance individual color areas in your images. With the tool for color dodge and color burn, you can darken or lighten precise sections.
  • Photo grids. Create amazing photo collages with the intelligent photo grid. Select the template you want and then drag & drop your pictures onto different positions. The photo grids can also be customized any way you want.
  • Straighten horizon. If the camera was not held straight when a photo was taken, images can appear crooked because the horizon seems slanted. In Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, you can simply use the “Straighten horizon” slider to adjust the position of the photo.
  • Magnetic lasso. Clip areas of your image quickly, cut figures out and add new backgrounds. Select an outline using the mouse and the intelligent selection tool will automatically create a path.
  • Links to license-free stock photo catalog. Choose from a selection of over 600,000 free stock images and illustrations.
  • New and improved smart shapes. Smart shapes are ideal for use as decorative elements in creative compositions. Easily add geometric shapes and embellishments and adjust them intuitively.

Homepage – http://www.magix.com/us/xara-photo-graphic-designer/

Size: 114 MB

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