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FreeCAD 0.19.2 Build 24291 Stable

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FreeCAD 0.19.2 Build 24291 Stable

FreeCAD is a parametric 3D CAD modeler and drawing tool. It is targeted squarely at the mechanical engineering and product design fields. FreeCAD is a general purpose feature-based for CAD, MCAD, CAx, CAE and PLM. It aimes directly at mechanical engineering and product design but also fits a wider range of uses in engineering. Such as architecture or other engineering specialties.

It is 100% Open Source and extremely modular, allowing for very advanced extension and customization. The software can already import DXF, OCA/ GCAD, SVG, STP, STEP, IGS, IGES and other formats. You can also create a new document from scratch.

FreeCAD supports 2D objects like lines, rectangles, arcs or circle. A as well as various 3D primitives (box, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus), each of which can then be manipulated in various ways (translation, rotation, mirroring, scaling, offset and more).

There are also plenty of mesh tools. A drawing module which exports projected views of your geometry to a 2D SVG document. And a raytracing module which exports your work for rendering in POV-Ray.

Python code underlies all of this. Everything you do within the interface will issue some Python command, which you can examine. Freely enter Python commands yourself if you need a little more flexibility. Or even create macros by recording any particularly useful Python for replay later.

FreeCAD is based on OpenCasCade. That is a powerful geometry kernel, features an Open Inventor-compliant 3D scene representation model. It provided by the Coin 3D library, and a broad Python API. The interface is built with Qt. FreeCAD runs exactly the same way on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms.

Key Features:

  • A complete Open CASCADE Technology-based geometry kernel allowing complex 3D operations on complex shape types. With native support for concepts like brep, nurbs curves and surfaces. A wide range of geometric entities, boolean operations and fillets, and built-in support of STEP and IGES formats
  • A full parametric model. All FreeCAD objects are natively parametric. That means their shape can be based on properties or even depend on other objects. All changes being recalculated on demand, and recorded by the undo/redo stack.
  • A modular architecture that allow plugins (modules) to add functionality to the core application.
  • Import and export to standard formats. Such as STEP, IGES, OBJ, STL, DXF, SVG, STL, DAE, IFC or OFF, NASTRAN, VRML. In addition to FreeCAD’s native Fcstd file format.
  • A Sketcher with constraint-solver, allowing to sketch geometry-constrained 2D shapes. The sketcher currently allows you to build several types of constrained geomerty. Also you can use them as a base to build other objects throughout FreeCAD.
  • A Robot simulation module that allows to study robot movements. The robot module already has an extended graphical interface allowing GUI-only workflow.
  • A Drawing sheets module that permit to put 2D views of your 3D models on a sheet. This modules then produces ready-to-export SVG or PDF sheets. The module is still sparse but already features a powerful Python functionality.
  • A Rendering module that can export 3D objects for rendering with external renderers. Currently only supports povray and LuxRender, but it will be extended to other renderers in the future.
  • An Architecture module that allows BIM-like workflow, with IFC compatibility.

Changes in FreeCAD 0.20

What’s New in FreeCAD 0.19.2:

  • Gui: ProDark Stylesheet QT Icon Fix
  • [Stylesheet] ProDark: major bugfix for add-ons
  • Gui: Update usability enhancements to ProDark theme
  • [FEM] fix specific heat of air
  • [Draft] Eliminate required GUI for importDXF
  • [Start] Correct TestStart installation location
  • [GUI] Stylesheet fix for icons in Qt file dialog
  • Py: fix memory leak
  • [GUI] Remove explicit triangle styling from tabs
  • Gui: Enable compression of tablet motion events
  • [installer] improve uninstalling
  • TD: fixes #4598: Segfault when deleting template without page
  • PartDesign Helix: update NbTurns in Pitch-Height-Angle mode
  • [GUI] Enable dragging in dependency graph view
  • Import: [skip ci] avoid conflicting class names in global namespace

What’s New in FreeCAD 0.19

Changes in FreeCAD 0.18.4:

  • pre-select name filter in import/export file dialog
  • [TD]Fix slow GC of QGIPrimPath
  • Merge pull request #2489 from Jantek/patch-1
  • [Spreadsheet] Excel File Import fix Py3 bug
  • Merge pull request #2541 from Syres916/patch-4
  • Fix xrange bug in
  • Fix xrange bug in
  • fix print preview function for >= Qt 5.9
  • Follow-up: Fixed thumbnail for problematic FEM example file
  • Merge pull request #2490 from Jantek/patch-2
  • Backport: startwb files restored in 0.18.3 to display thumbs correctly
  • Fixed problems with ‘pythonopen’
  • Correction of drill speed calculation
  • Material: py2 fix in depreciated mat file parser (back port from 0.19)
  • [TD]Fix #4017 Crash on bad hatch scale

FreeCAD 0.18 Release Notes:

FreeCAD 0.17 Release Notes:

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bits)
  • macOS 10.11 El Capitan and later
  • Debian-based Linux systems

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