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Adobe Fresco – Drawing and Painting

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Adobe Fresco – Drawing and Painting

Adobe Fresco is new drawing and painting app built for touch and stylus devices to help creatives unleash their creativity wherever inspiration strikes. For artists, illustrators, animators, sketchers, and anyone who wants to discover — the joy of drawing and painting.

Adobe Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new live brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience.

Download this Adobe software and start drawing and painting with an amazing collection of built-in brushes. The live brushes are unique; use them to get a natural watercolor or oil look in your paintings.

Adobe Fresco is for both new artists and seasoned artists. Its interface is simple and intuitive. All of the essential tools illustrators need for their workflow are right there. You can easily customize the program interface and place the toolbar on either the left or right side of your workspace.

The built-in brush collection is incredible. You get thousands of sophisticated pixel, live, and vector brushes for your varied needs: illustrations, sketches, animes, watercolor and oil paintings, photo collages, and more. You can even add to the collection by bringing in your favorite Photoshop brushes and the brushes of the celebrated brushmaker Kyle T. Webster.

Adobe Fresco documents are synced to your Creative Cloud account. You can seamlessly work with Photoshop. You can also transfer your documents to Illustrator as PDFs that will preserve the layers in your artwork. If you are an Adobe Sketch or Adobe Draw user, you will able automatically migrate your work to Adobe Fresco the first time you sign in to the app.


  • 50+ Photoshop brushes, vector brushes, and exclusive new Live Brushes
  • Access to your custom brushes from Adobe Capture and other libraries
  • Powerful tools for creation, including selections, masking, layers, and layer groups
  • Automatic migration of Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw projects
  • Time-lapse video that you can export to replay your creation
  • Easy export of your files as PNG or JPEG
  • Step-by-step learning content


  • Access to Adobe Photoshop on the iPad
  • An expanded library of 1,000+ brushes
  • Roundtripping with Photoshop on desktop (requires Creative Cloud plan with Photoshop)
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • New quarterly brushes by Illustration evangelist Kyle T. Webster
  • Ability to import brushes (ABR files)

Whats New in Adobe Fresco July 2021 release (version 2.7):

  • Color adjustment layers (iPad and Windows). Make a color change without making a permanent color commitment by applying non-destructive tonal and color edits to your Fresco art.
  • Graph grids (iPad and Windows). Align your art, whether perfectly uniform or deliberately asymmetrical, all feels right when you use Fresco’s grids to position the facets of your art.
  • Alignment guides (iPad and Windows). Transform. Snap. It’s that easy, in Transform mode, to snap a layer to the center of the canvas.
  • Expanded mask support (All platforms). Mask all types of layers and make changes easily reversible on every layer in Fresco.
  • Improved tool persistence (All platforms). Have a personalized arrangement for your tool options. Fresco will remember which tool you were using when you last closed a document.
  • Discover brushes (New to Windows, available on iPad and iPhone).. Paint lush vegetation, soft grassy fields, shifting hues, and more. Check out Kyle T. Webster’s Summer 2021 collection of brushes.
  • Discover shapes (New to Windows, available on iPad.). Discover new shapes in a fast, fluid, and form-filled way to explore shape collections.

Whats New in Adobe Fresco June 2021 release (version 2.6):

  • Add text to your artwork (iPhone). Use thousands of fonts from Adobe Fonts when adding text to your artwork on the iPhone, or add your own fonts.
  • Eyedropper gesture setting. Change the duration of the long-press gesture on canvas required to bring up the Eyedropper tool, or disable it.
  • Kyle T. Webster’s Summer 2021 brushes. Check out Kyle T. Webster’s Summer 2021 collection of brushes.
  • In-app tutorial for drawing aids (iPad and Windows). New in-app tutorial helps you quickly come to speed with using drawing aids.

Whats New in Adobe Fresco March 2021 release (version 2.5):

  • Basic shapes as stencils (iPad and Windows). Now, you can create outlines with basic shapes like circles, squares, and polygons.
  • Shapes panel redesign (iPad and Windows). Get a cleaner experience with the Shapes panel — use it to access just Adobe Capture shapes, including new collections.
  • Simplified vector strokes. Your vector brush strokes now have fewer anchor points.
  • Touch shortcut in-app tutorial (iPad and Windows). Touch shortcut helps you to easily switch tools — check out the new in-app tutorial to learn all about it.

Whats New in Adobe Fresco March 2021 release (version 2.3):

  • Scroll to zoom. Tap the zoom percentage box and scroll sideways to adjust the magnification.
  • Smaller Photoshop brushes. Adjust the size of your Photoshop brushes all the way down to one pixel.
  • Copy text formatting. Retain the formatting when copying text between layers and drawings.
  • Send artwork to Illustrator directly on Windows. Send your artwork directly from Fresco to Illustrator on desktop for further editing.
  • Reduced brush stroke latency on Windows. Experience faster response with your brush strokes.

Whats New in Adobe Fresco February 2021 release (version 2.2):

  • Seamless collaboration to invite others to edit your Cloud documents
  • Transform layered artwork into repeating vector patterns
  • Check-out the latest addition to celebrated brushmaker Kyle T. Webster’s library

Whats New in Adobe Fresco October 2020 release (version 2.0):

New features and enhancements

  • Fresco reimagined for the iPhone
  • Add creativity to your texts with Adobe Fonts
  • Create natural blends with Smudge brush
  • Expanded workflows with Ribbon brushes
  • Better style control with adjustable pressure curve
  • Perform all tasks together with multiple layers
  • Real-time interaction with Livestreaming
  • Better compression with 4K timelapse videos
  • Enhanced collaboration with in-app commenting
  • Revert to previous versions in-app
  • Seamless document import from Illustrator

Whats New in Adobe Fresco August 2020 release (version 1.9):

  • Brush stamp preview
  • Brush Management
  • Touch shortcut map
  • Support for new devices

Whats New in Adobe Fresco July 2020 release (version 1.8):

  • Clipping mask. Create a mask by clipping one or more layers to another layer or layer group below.
  • Support for new devices. Use Fresco with additional Microsoft Surface and HP devices on Windows or install Fresco on any device with an Nvidia GPU with Fresco’s O.S. GPU, hard disk, and RAM requirements.

Whats New in Adobe Fresco June 2020 release (versions 1.7 and 1.6):

  • Snapline
  • Charcoal brushes
  • Shapes
  • Multicolor eye drop
  • Mixer brushes
  • Touch shortcut
  • Velocity taper
  • Ruler measurements
  • Vector trim
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Import images from Libraries (Windows)
  • Support for new HP devices

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 version 1903 or later.
  • iOS version 13.0 or later.

Enable hybrid graphics mode on HP ZBook x2 G4

To successfully install Fresco on the HP ZBook x2 G4, hybrid graphics mode must be enabled. Hybrid graphics mode is not enabled by default on this device. After enabling hybrid graphics mode, reboot your device and run the Fresco installer again.

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