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Adobe Character Animator 2021 Build 4.4

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Adobe Character Animator 2021 Build 4.4

Adobe Character Animator 2021 will help you to create a 2D character and make it come alive. The software copies your facial movements so your characters act – and react – realistically.

Adobe Character Animator 2021 allows you to create 2D animations for live broadcasts, student projects, and cartoons. Or just wow your friends on social media.

BUY NOW Adobe Character Animator

Build your character from scratch in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop – or start with one of the puppets already available in Character Animator. Getting your character to move doesn’t take a lot of work. Control gestures like waving with your keyboard or MIDI device.

Movements can be saved as buttons, sliders, or knobs so they’re easier to remember than key commands. And you can smooth transitions between facial poses for a hand-animated look.

This Adobe software tracks your facial expressions – from raised eyebrows to moving lips – in real time and records your motion and voice using your webcam and microphone. So when you look surprised, happy, or angry, your character does, too.

Send your character out into the world. Go live on Facebook or TV. Amuse your friends on social media. Or send it to Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects to include in bigger projects like a movie or cartoon.

Adobe Character Animator 2021 Features:

Improved trigger workflows

Create, edit and organize triggers with convenient layer management and drag and drop actions between panels.

More realistic Particle Physics

Now particles can build on top of each other and react – snowflakes can accumulate to cause an avalanche and bricks can stack up then collapse in a pile.

Easily align animations

Scene Snapshot is a new onion-skin display feature that gives you a frame-by-frame reference for comparing the movements of your animations.

Countdown to Record

A new three-second countdown ensures that your character and puppet are in the right pose before recording starts.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2021 4.4:

  • Native Apple silicon support. Character Animator now runs natively on Mac systems with Apple silicon, which offers improved performance and greater energy efficiency.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2021 4.2:

  • Automatic recovery of files. Damaged project files due to reasons such as power loss are now automatically recovered.
  • Drag files onto the Home screen. Files can now be imported into a project by dragging them onto the Home screen.
  • Work Area updates. You can now move or trim the work area during playback.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2021 4.0:

  • New example puppet. Hopscotch the Frog is a new example puppet in the Home screen with posable limbs.
  • New robust project file format. This release introduces an updated project file format that is more resilient to power loss and file-syncing conflicts.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2021 3.5:

  • Snap to Frames and Snap to Objects. The Timeline menu options, Snap to Frames and Snap to Objects, let you control snapping to frame boundaries and other objects in the timeline.
  • Pin Feet When Standing. This option in the Walk behavior now defaults

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.4:

  • Speech-Aware Animation. Animate a Photoshop or Illustrator puppet with just an audio file. Powered by Adobe Sensei, any puppet’s head and eyebrows comes alive with a simple voice track and Character Animator will automatically generate movements and expressions helping to create fast easy animations.
  • Limb IK. Animate character arms and legs with responsive natural movement when the rest of the body moves. Ground detection and the ability to pin limbs give you more control. Make your character jump, dance, bend, squat, and much more.
  • More accurate lip sync. Get a better lip sync with improved Adobe Sensei machine-learning technology. With a deeper understanding of spoken words,, see a significantly more accurate result.
  • Timeline improvements. This release brings to you additional search filter options, and the ability to hide and group takes to streamline your animation workflow. Use Sequence Takes to arrange takes on the timeline.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.3:

  • Provide feedback. Use the Provide Feedback button in the header bar to connect with the product team and fellow Character Animator users.
  • Markers via Dynamic Link. Markers in a Character Animator scene now appear in other applications (e.g. After Effects) using Dynamic Link.
  • Timeline search filter. Filter the Timeline panel based on a search term.
  • Audio track volume control. Control each audio track’s volume level independently in a scene’s timeline.

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.2:

Keyframe time stretching

  • You can now expand or compress a group of keyframes to retime an animation while retaining their relative times.

Replays related improvements

  • You can use the search filter in the Properties panel to search for replays.
  • Replays that are not assigned to a trigger now appear in orange.

Automatic addition of corresponding behavior for handles

  • If you use the Pin, Dragger, or Dangle tool to create a new handle and the puppet doesn’t have the required behavior (Handle Fixer, Dragger, Physics), it’ll be added for you automatically.

New keyboard shortcuts

  • Keyframe time stretching
  • Zoom the scene or puppet to fit within the viewable area of the Scene or Puppet panel
  • Zoom to fit shortcut for zooming the selection in the Timeline panel

What’s New in Adobe Character Animator 2020 3.1:

Trigger labels

  • Identify related triggers or swap sets in the Triggers panel by assigning label colors to them, similar to the label colors in After Effects and other Adobe applications. You can even filter the Triggers panel to show triggers and swap sets with matching colors.


  • Similar to keyframes in After Effects and Premiere Pro, keyframes in Character Animator are a simple way to animate behavior properties. Use them to set parameters for behaviors like the changing effect of wind strength and gravity direction on tree branches blowing in the wind.

Scene Cameras

  • Scene cameras give you more control over your scenes by allowing you to set up specific shots within your scene, like wide, close-up, and zoom, and switch between them using triggers. These shots can be easily triggered during live or recorded performances of your scene’s content.

Triggerable audio

  • You can assign audio to a trigger and play the audio back live or during a recording by invoking the trigger. For example, you can make a character yell when a yell facial expression is triggered. Your characters become more dynamic and your animation workflows become simpler with audio automatically synced to the triggerable animation.

Motion Lines behavior

  • This behavior draws lines along the motion path of an object to convey fast movement. Also known as speed lines, they can accentuate how parts of a puppet move over time. You can define any number of motion lines, with each optionally having a pair of secondary lines.

Rigging Issues pane

  • Use the Rigging Issues pane to identify rigging issues and get guidance to fix them. Rigging issues can hinder your animation process. Solve the issues for a smoother experience.

Search filters for behaviors (and their parameters), tags, and triggers

  • The search filters in the Puppet, Properties, and Triggers panel allows you to search for behaviors, tags and triggers.

Camera-Based muting

  • This feature helps you controls the threshold for lip sync of how open your mouth needs to be (when the Camera Input is enabled) to enable lip sync. This ensures the puppet mouth does not change when there is background noise.

Updated save options

  • History Bookmarks are now called project versions, and Auto bookmarks now called Auto-save versions. For all that you need to know about these changes and working with project versions, see Undo, redo, and history.

Start workspace is now Home screen

  • The Start workspace is now the Home screen. Open the Home screen by clicking the Home icon. The top bar also has a new Export option.

Automatic lighting compensation for camera input

  • Windows only: Automatic lighting compensation enhances the image quality and enables automatic camera adjustment based on real-time analysis of lighting conditions.

Other features and enhancements

  • The Layer Picker behavior has a new Camera Input parameter that, when armed, allows you to use head movements to pick the layer to use.
  • The Preferences dialog box now has a Lip Sync pane for controlling how the lip sync engine is used for detecting and generating visemes.
  • Use the position-based Mode parameter in the Walk behavior to capture the exact movement of a walk animation.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10 (Version 1809 or later),
  • Windows Server 2019 (Version 1809 or later), or Windows Server 2016 (Version 1607).
  • macOS Version 10.13 or higher
  • (Note: macOS 10.14.0 is not supported, though 10.14.1 and later are supported)

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