Ashampoo Backup Pro 12.04 – 40% OFF

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Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 is an application to backup and restore files and disk partitions.

Backups are automatically kept up to date and can be created on all common storage devices or uploaded to various cloud services.

Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 takes the fear out of viruses, ransomware and Windows errors!

The software allows you to restore your backups easily with special emergency rescue application (on CD/ DVD/ BD). That helps you recover your system in the event of a total system failure.

Backups are updated automatically with maximum compression to save space even when a different or no user is logged on.

You can always pause or interrupt the backup process and continue it even after a system reboot.

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Feature highlights:

  • Professional backups that meet the highest requirements
  • Fully automated data backups
  • Powerful disk checking for 100% reliable backups
  • Backup and restore entire Windows systems
  • Backup Viewer: Instant access to backed up files
  • Support for OneDrive Business / Office, Owncloud and Nextcloud
  • Your lifesaver against ransomware
  • New and self-explanatory user interface
  • Well-structured and clear design
  • Handy rescue system with UEFI support
  • New system recovery tool

Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 screenshotAshampoo Backup Pro 12 gives you various options to backup individual files or entire disc partitions either on any storage media or in the cloud. User-friendly, intuitive, fast. Even in the event of a total system failure, the integrated emergency application can bring back your system!

Always up-to-date backups with maximum file encryption

The advanced backup mechanism ensures that only modified portions of your data are stored. This prevents duplicates and provides immense space savings. Modern high quality encryption will protect your files against unauthorized access.

Store it wherever you like – Works with any storage format

Ashampoo Backup Pro 12 stores your backups on any hard disk, SSD, flash drive or network location. Local backups profit from the newly developed “Infinite Reverse Incremental” technology that requires spectacularly little disk space. Benefit from space savings up to 50%!

Create backups fully automatically

Once enabled, you no longer have to take action! And backup processes are automatically paused to avoid slowdowns whenever you need the full power of your machine!

Store backups on the Storage Services

There’s no more limit to the number of supported cloud service providers! Another welcome addition is support for OneDrive Business / Office 365, Owncloud and Nextcloud. Now, you can work independently of your local storage devices! This not only applies to regular files but also includes entire drive backups! Dropbox, Deutsche Telekom, Google Drive, OneDrive, Strato, 1&1 and many others are also fully supported.

No reinstallations – the solution against malware

Ransomware takes your computer hostage and encrypts your personal files. Viruses destroy entire systems and take away your control over your PC. Ashampoo Backup Pro can reverse these devastating effects with ease! Simply restore a previous backup and all’s well again!

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Homepage –

Size: 90.0 MB


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