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DVDFab Media Recover – 25% OFF

DVDFab Media Recover – 25% OFF
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DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray and DVD is a tool with easy-to-use interface allows to quickly find and repair damaged media files and folder sources. It will help users make sure that important video files and projects will not be lost.

Damaged file paths that lead to storage read errors are unavoidable during the course of normal hard disk or NAS use. These errors can affect playback of stored media files. DVDFab Media Recover checks for these errors in original or copied files, such as those created with DVDFab Copy, and can repair errors as they are detected.

BUY NOW DVDFab Media Recover for DVD

BUY NOW DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray

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The program will scan the ISO files and folders for damaged drives, damaged or corrupted media files, incomplete file structures, or unremoved protections, and quickly repair the files for smooth playback. With 3 repair modes and additional features such as automatic scans and file backup, restoring and protecting your media files has never been easier.

3 repair modes to prevent your content from damage

Choose from 3 scan modes – Quick, Deep, and Custom – according to which files you need to check and how much time you have. Repair modes all support the checking and repairing of DVD, BD and UHD ISO and folder sources.

Quick Scan

Scan the most essential parts of the target files and detect issues quickly. Quick Scan checks if the file directory structure is intact, and ensures that the most common issues are addressed. These include checking if the playlist/index files have been damaged, as well as whether the Java protection has been removed.

Deep Scan

A Deep Scan takes scanning a few steps further, conducting a deeper overall scan that takes longer to run. On top of the Quick Scan process, Deep Scan also runs an in-depth check on file viewability/playability, such as M2TS and VOB files, among others.

Custom Scan

Custom Scan mode allows you to conduct a one-off scan targeting the folders/file paths you want. Once you select the target folders, Custom Scan runs the same checks as a Quick Scan, checking the file directory structure, playlist and index files, and Java protection.

DVDFab Media Recover additional Features:

  • Regular Auto-scan. Schedule scans to automatically run in the background.
  • Skip Small Files. Make your scans more efficient by only focusing on larger files.
  • Backup Original Files. Make a copy of your original file before you repair it.
  • Tick the box of to-be-repaired sources which will automatically be fixed. Then, you can play them with DVDFab Media Player or open their directories.

Changes New in DVDFab Media Recover

Changes New in DVDFab Media Recover

  • Fix: A repair failure problem on certain Blu-ray sources.

What’s New in DVDFab Media Recover

New: Introducing Media Recover – a brand-new recovery and repair solution for missing, corrupted or damaged DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray ISO files and folders.

  • Quick Scan for index error in the index/clip/playlist/ifo files, structure error in some messed-up directories, or unremoved BDJ protections, etc.
  • Deep Scan for more details, such as the M2TS/VOB file playback problem, and it will also take more time.
  • Custom Scan for temporary scan anytime you want.
  • Automatically back up original files before recovery for security.

Homepage – https://www.dvdfab.cn

System Requirements:

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • Intel i3 or above
  • 20GB of free hard disk space or above
  • Live Internet connection required when recovering files

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