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Available for:

NTLite 2.3.7 Build 8850

NTLite 2.3.7 Build 8850
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NTLite is the cutting edge Windows configuration and ultimate customization tool. You can modify your existing Windows install or an image yet to be deployed.

NTLite allows you to remove Windows components that you do not wish or need to have installed.

Also you can configure and integrate, speed up the Windows deployment process and have it all set for the next time. Easily integrate application installers, scripts, registry tweaks or raw commands. Provide a silent switch and automatically run application installer post-setup.

All the important warnings, pending changes and operations are presented in a single page for quick review before applying those changes. NTLite can gather host machine hardware list and use it in all of its features.

Intuitive interface

Built with a particular attention on ease of use so that you can focus on more important things around customization choices. Dynamic menus, easy image mount overview, single-file settings, and many more details which help you be more productive.

Live install modifications

Featuring a live edit mode, a unique feature allowing you to modify already deployed Windows without re-installation. Simply run NTLite on it, modify like you would an image and reboot if necessary; instant results.

Component Removal

Reduce Windows footprint on your RAM and storage drive memory. Remove components of your choice, guarded by compatibility safety mechanisms, which speed up finding that sweet spot.

Hardware Targeting

Hardware target checklist is a particularly helpful feature. It allows you to see in advance for any missing drivers on the resulting deployment before applying changes. This enables you to target another machine when preparing an image, while trying to reach minimum deployment size.

Driver, Update and Language pack Integration

Easily integrate a single or multiple drivers, update or language packages. Package integration features smart sorting. It enables you to seamlessly add packages for integration and the tool will apply them in the appropriate order, keeping hotfix compatibility in check.


Easily change various Windows settings on your live installation or an image. Pre-configure Windows Features.

Unattended Setup

Windows Unattended feature support, providing many commonly used options on a single page for easy setup. Multiple-choice options are presented with valid entries, no typing necessary. There is an option to fill all the entries with the current Host machine data, allowing for fast setup.

Changes in NTLite 2.3.7 Build 8850:


  • Components: ‘Easy Transfer’ is needed for in-place upgrade migration, thus now protected with Manual Setup/Host refresh compatibility
  • Components: ‘Manual setup’ had leftovers on Win11 22H2 ISO files
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for Chinese Traditional (Matt), German (Cartman586), Italian (clarensio), Swedish (1FF)


  • Updates: KB5012170 integration sorting order fix
  • Updates: Custom Clean Updates could break Win10 1809 update install
  • Updates: DISM update cleanup error was reported as an empty Appx Optimization error by mistake
    (To avoid DISM’s limitation, clean while integrating updates into RTM.1 images, not with pre-added .NET updates or preconfigured features)
  • UI: NVDA screen reader compatibility, was crashing
  • Components: ‘Windows Update Medic Service’ removal error 5 on captured images
  • Components: Disk Usage and Disk Raid detections (were dependent on DiskPart existence)
  • Components: SpellChecking was removing Settings Typing, now keeps that page due to other options on it being useful
  • Settings: Storage and RAM setup bypass requirements just RAM bypass now, as Storage Bypass tweak did not work and is unnecessary

Changes in NTLite 2.3.7 Build 8826:


  • Source: Win11 22H2 (build 22622) support
  • Source: Win10 22h2 (build 19045) support
  • Updates: Optimize AppX option
  • Settings: WU option for ‘Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows’


  • Components: Powershell and ISE 32-bit split
  • Components: Partially reinstalled Defender detection
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for Chinese Simplified (Gskening), French (tistou77), Swedish (1FF)


  • Components: Windows Search removal Downloads folder browsing from 32-bit apps
  • Components: CEIP leftovers
  • Components: Win11 22H2 OSK Tablet removal causing blank screen
  • Components: Win11 22H2 image ‘Application Compatiblity’ removal could delay first login
  • Components: Win11 22h2 VBS removal breaking CU install
  • Components: Win8.1 ‘Stick Notes’ and ‘Webcam Experience’ leftovers
  • Updates: CU redownloaded by WU if integrating .NET 3.5 (recent regression)

Changes in NTLite 2.3.6 Build 8804:


  • Upgrade-Components: Win11 22H2 ‘Undocked Update Stack’ not required for ‘Windows Update Service’ to start
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for Chinese Simplified (Gskening), Swedish (1FF)


  • Registry: Integrating REG file could skip entries with app removals in the same session (recent regression)
  • Components: ‘Cortana’ removal could also remove VCLibs (recent regression)
  • Settings: Target Release option now includes ProductVersion of the targeted image
  • UI: Downloader parallel extraction progress could stuck with many threads at once

Changes in NTLite 2.3.6 Build 8792:


  • Components: Win11 22H2 Sounds removal leftovers
  • Components: Win11 22H2 Windows Update compatibility needs Delivery Optimization kept and service enabled


  • Updates: Server 2022 updates list auto-selection
  • Updates: Existing app package bundle detection in some cases (e.g. integrated DesktopAppInstaller)
  • Settings: ‘Fullscreen optimizations’ option was missing since the Xbox detection changes
  • UI: Bulgarian wasn’t listed in the language selection

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

Especially relevant, it does not require .NET Framework or any other addition to run under supported operating systems.

NTLite Screenshot