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Available for:

Ventoy 1.0.84 – Bootable USB Creator

Ventoy 1.0.84 – Bootable USB Creator

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/ WIM/ IMG/ VHD(x)/ EFI files. Using this application, you don’t need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the ISO/ WIM/ IMG/ VHD(x)/ EFI files to the USB drive and boot them directly.

You can copy many files at a time and Ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them. The app supports x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI and MIPS64EL UEFI in the same way. Also it supports the most type of OS (Windows/ WinPE /Linux/ ChromeOS/ Unix/ VMware/Xen…)

Ventoy Features:

  • 100% open source
  • Very simple to use
  • Fast (limited only by the speed of copying iso file)
  • Can be installed in USB /Local Disk/ SSD/ NVMe /SD Card
  • Directly boot from ISO/ WIM/ IMG/ VHD(x)/ EFI files, no extraction needed
  • No need to be continuous in disk for ISO/ WIM/ IMG/ VHD(x)/ EFI files
  • Supports Both MBR and GPT partition style
  • x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI, MIPS64EL UEFI supported
  • Supports IA32/x86_64 UEFI Secure Boot
  • Persistence supported
  • Supports Windows auto installation
  • RHEL7/8/CentOS7/8/SUSE/Ubuntu Server … auto installation supported
  • FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/UDF/XFS/Ext2(3)(4) supported for main partition
  • Supports ISO files larger than 4GB
  • Native boot menu style for Legacy and UEFI
  • Most type of OS supported, 760+ iso files tested
  • Linux vDisk (vhd/vdi/raw…) boot solution
  • Not only boot but also complete installation process
  • Menu dynamically switchable between ListView and TreeView mode
  • “Ventoy Compatible” concept
  • Plugin Framework
  • Injection files to runtime enviroment
  • Boot configuration file dynamically replacement
  • Highly customizable theme and menu style
  • USB drive write-protected support
  • USB normal use unaffected
  • Data nondestructive during version upgrade
  • No need to update Ventoy when a new distro is released

Ventoy is composed by many open source projects and some code developed by myself. All the code developed by myself follows GPLv3+ License. For these open source projects, some I modify their source code, and some I directly use their libraries or binaries. All the modified code follow the same license as the project itself.

What’s New in Ventoy 1.0.84:

  • Multi-Language supported for Ventoy boot menu. Notes
  • Add L hotkey to choose language.
  • Change F1 hotkey from memdisk mode to help information.
  • Add Ctrl+d hotkey for memdisk mode.
  • Add VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option in Global Control Plugin for default menu language.
  • Remove VTOY_HELP_TXT_LANGUAGE option, use VTOY_MENU_LANGUAGE option uniformly.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add Cluster Size option for Ventoy install.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Support FAT32 for 32GB+ disk.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the format failure when install Ventoy in some WinPE/Lite Windows.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Change the lock icon for secure boot option to a yellow picture.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Show a tip message for cluster size when the mouse hover on the file system string.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add UDF file system for Ventoy install.
  • VentoyPlugson.exe: Fix the garbled characters when preview json which contains unicode characters.
  • Add VentoyPlugson_X64.exe for convenience when used in WinPE.
  • Update Shim/Mokmanager efi files.
  • languages.json update

What’s New in Ventoy 1.0.82:

  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Add exFAT/NTFS/FAT32 options in Option–>Partition Configuration for Ventoy installation.
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Display Ventoy partition file system in selected disk
  • Ventoy2Disk.exe: Fix the issue that string “Status x%” is missing for translations (#1667)
  • Update Shim/Mokmanager efi file from Fedora 37.
  • Add VTOY_SHOW_PASSWORD_ASTERISK option in global control plugon. (#1931)
  • VentoyPlugson: Fix the issue that secondary boot menu option mismatch between web page and json file.
  • Fix the issue that Linux WEB/GUI version does not restore MBR when updating. (#1935)
  • Change Ventoy LiveCD GUI default language to English (#1938)
  • Fix the issue that help line disappears when auto-going to a Fn submenu. (#1939)
  • Fix an issue that CGI backup tool can not open after boot WePE.
  • Optimization for Windows unattended install process.
  • Fix the disk display error when pCloud virtual disk is installed in Windows OS.
  • languages.json update

What’s New in Ventoy 1.0.81:

  • Show asterisks ('*') when typing password
  • Disable Fn hotkey during secondary boot menu.
  • Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 does not work with Batocera 35
  • Fix the issue that rockcluster, part of config missing during install.
  • Fix VentoyPlugson issue when ISO partition has a drive label with a space.
  • Add support for easyOS easy-4.4.2-amd64.img.
  • VentoyPlugson: Add json preview feature.
  • VentoyPlugson: Add reset button.
  • VentoyPlugson: Add configuration active identifier for each tab.
  • Add _VTNORMAL identifier.
  • languages.json update

Homepage –

Ventoy Screenshots:

Tested OS Series

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11,
  • Windows Server 2012,  2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022, WinPE
  • Linux
  • Unix

DragonFly FreeBSD pfSense GhostBSD FreeNAS TrueNAS XigmaNAS FuryBSD OPNsense HardenedBSD MidnightBSD ClonOS EmergencyBootKit

  • ChromeOS

FydeOS, CloudReady

  • Other

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