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Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 Build 645

Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 Build 645
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Acronis Migrate Easy 7 will help you to comprehensively install a new hard disk on your PC in a fast and easy way by transferring partitions and data from the old disk to new one in minutes while keeping all operating systems and applications fully functional.

Quickly and easily deploy a new hard disk on your PC or laptop copy a hard disk drive and migrate all data, operating systems, programs, and everything else automatically to a new hard drive!

Usually re-installing all applications on a new hard disk and moving all the documents, address books, mail, settings and preferences takes many hours or even days of hard work. With Acronis Migrate Easy it takes only minutes to select the hard disk installation parameters and commense transfer of your data.

With Acronis Migrate Easy 7 you can also resize or move the transferred partitions to match new hard drive size; create new partitions; make the new disk bootable or a data storage device; and keep or safely delete all data from the old hard disk (if you are concerned with security and privacy).

This Acronis software takes care of every bit and byte you have on an old or existing hard disk. Safe and secure, nothing will be lost. In either automatic or manual upgrade mode, Acronis Migrate Easy allow quick operation with just a few mouse clicks, or dig in with full control over the transfer process.

Acronis Migrate Easy 7 Features:

  • Copy an old hard disk drive to a new one;
  • Has automatic and manual hard disk upgrade modes;
  • Installs a new hard disk drive as a boot disk or as an additional storage device;
  • Allows you to re-deploy old hard disk;
  • Has an extremely easy to use Windows XP-like wizard-driven interface;
  • Supports large disks (over 180GB).

Partition Management:

  • Resizes transferred partitions to match new hard disk size;
  • Creates, copies, moves, and deletes partitions;
  • Includes special sector-by-sector support for other partitions and corrupted file systems.

Security and Safety:

  • Pending operations: a hard disk installation scenario is first created, and only then implemented;
  • An old disk could be securely wiped;
  • When partitions are copied an original HDD remains unchanged.

Homepage – https://www.acronis.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

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