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Available for:

WPS Office Pro, Business

WPS Office Pro, Business
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WPS Office 2023 (formerly Kingsoft Office) is the powefull office suite, which can open almost any file type fully compatible with Microsoft Office and save your documents as a PDF.

WPS Office includes three state-of-the-art office programs. Word text processor, Presentation creator and Spreadsheet program for data processing and data analysis.

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WPS Office 2023 allows you to create documents, tables and presentations. The paragraph adjustment and table operation tools, to name a few, can help edit documents in a shorter space of time thanks to the features’ short-cut operations.

It can open almost any document including PDF, TXT and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This means when you open a document from email or your favorite cloud service, you can be confident it will look exactly the way it was meant to look.

WPS Office 2019 comes loaded with features similar to what you’d find on a PC office solution. This includes advanced text and paragraph formatting options as well as the ability to add images, shapes, tables and charts directly into your documents.

The suite supports advanced editing features including, track changes, comments and spell check. This means you can catch a typo or make a last minute change while on the road or sitting on your couch catching up on your favorite TV show.

With WPS Office 2019 you can share your files through email, Evernote and more. You can also share presentations with others over WI-FI or directly to other DLNA compatible devices.

Also you can access and edit documents from your favorite cloud drive. When you are done editing, WPS Office 2019 will automatically save them back online.

Highlights for Windows:

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Supports DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT and more
  • Easily switch between open documents using our Priority Tabs feature
  • Quickly share documents with built in emailing function
  • Keep your work safe with auto-save
  • Keep your work protected with document encryption
  • One small file includes Presentation, Writer and Spreadsheet
  • Optional spell check language packs available

Additional Features for Android:

  • Designed for both Android smartphones and tablets
  • Easily access and edit documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and with WebDAV
  • Share documents with other devices using WI-FI or through email and text message
  • Works with both USB and Bluetooth keyboards
  • Wireless printing
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts such as copy and paste and much more
  • User interface now supports 44 different languages


  • Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Beautifully designed user interface
  • Advanced text, paragraph and shape formatting features
  • Add photos, videos, sound and more to presentations
  • Insert and edit graphs, charts and tables
  • Includes dozens of templates
  • View notes in presenter mode
  • And much more


  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Word
  • Rich text, paragraph and shape formatting features
  • Make quick changes to margins and spacing using our Paragraph tool
  • Advanced collaboration features including track changes, spell check and comments
  • Numerous page layout tools
  • And more


  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Excel
  • Over 160 formula and function shortcuts
  • Supports pivot tables, freeze frames, sorting, table styles and more
  • Create multiple worksheets
  • Insert charts including bar, pie, line and column
  • Edit cell categories (number, text, percentage, etc.)
  • Supports over 1M rows and 10K columns
  • Advanced text and table formatting features
  • Optional support for VBA Macros

Changes in WPS Office (2023-11-30):

  • PDF to pure image PDF. Provides the ability to convert PDF to pure image PDF. Pure image PDF has the advantage of avoiding document font loss and lossless printing.
  • Spell check interaction optimization. More concise and clear visual layout and interactive experience, saving user exploration costs and further improving creative efficiency.

Changes in WPS Office (2023-10-11):

Font Update

  • We are excited to introduce new fonts to enhance your PDF signing experience! These fonts are sourced from Google Fonts and strictly follow the Open Font License (OFL) principles.

PDF Signing Experience Boosted:

  • Introduced additional date formats. Effortlessly add your signature via the Ribbon area.
  • Legal & Acknowledgements. The fonts we’ve integrated from Google Fonts adhere to the Open Font License. For more details on the Open Font License

Changes in WPS Office (2023-09-15):

  • Now you can experience a completely new document-sharing experience with a new Share button design.
    More comprehensive user guide
  • Now you can easily access our user guides for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and PDF components in the Recent list, helping you quickly learn and get started with WPS Office.
  • Now you can view the corresponding subscription status in the user center panel when your subscription is in trial, the trial has expired, or the subscription has been expired for more than 30 days.

Changes in WPS Office (2023-08-29):

  • Now you can easily access your cloud files stored in WPS Cloud or other third-party cloud services with integrated document access.
  • We’ve added portals of our five components to the sidebar: Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDF, and AirPage for quick navigation and access.
  • Supported quick access to tool collections include over dozens of handy desktop tools.

Changes in WPS Office (2023-08-07):

Enhanced User Experience for New Home Page:

  • Now you can easily access your cloud files stored in WPS Cloud or other third-party cloud services with integrated document access.
  • Added portals of our five components to the sidebar: Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDF, and AirPage for quick navigation and access.
  • Supported quick access to tool collections include over dozens of handy desktop tools.

Improved Page Creation Experience:

  • Now you can enjoy varieties of high-quality and premium templates for free.
  • Added a new template collections page to help you quickly find the templates based on the topic.
  • Now you can easily select desired template theme: personalized recommendations of popular templates tailored to each component.
  • Now we provide users with a smoother and faster experience for the template downloading process.
  • Improved the template search experience, now supporting more advanced filtering options for increased search efficiency.
  • Now you can easily view and access the browsing history in My Templates.

Brand-new User Interface (UI):

  • Fully upgraded visual experience, ensuring the consistency of WPS product UI style, and delivering a more comfortable and natural user experience.

New Features:

  • PDF: Added support for [Certificate Signature], [Manage Certificates], [Verify Signature], [Image Layer], [Timestamp], [Insert Video/Audio], and more features.
  • Sheets: Now supports direct image and file pasting into tables.
  • Slides: Added new transition effects: Peel Off, Page Curl, and Doors.
  • Various other improvements and features have been added to improve your productivity.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • In Sheets component, we’ve optimized the [Hide/Unhide] feature, making it easier for you to identify hidden rows and columns.
  • Now, when you open the file manager, it will remember the last location you accessed, helping you find your documents quickly.
  • Optimized the layout of the popup window for saving documents, creating a more user-friendly experience.
  • Programme stability improvements and bug fixes.

Homepage –

Contains four major feature modules: Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF.
Easily compatible with 47 file types, including doc, xls, ppt and other text types.
Fully applicable to Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.