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MAGIX Video Pro X15 Ultimate – 90% OFF

MAGIX Video Pro X15 Ultimate – 90% OFF
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MAGIX Video Pro X is a highly sophisticated video editing solution geared towards the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users.

The multiple award-winning video workstation offers an unrivaled range of powerful editing tools and sophisticated virtual equipment for detailed audio dubbing. Optimized workflow layout and unique performance tools guarantee precise editing that will turn your vision into a reality.

BUY NOW MAGIX Video Pro X 15 – 46% OFF

BUY NOW MAGIX Video Pro X15 Ultimate – 90% OFF

State-of-the-art digital technology, innovative functions, and the accumulation of years of expert experience in the field of video and audio combine to guarantee professional results in perfect sound and vision.

This MAGIX Video editing software features a 3-point cut function that makes inserting video clips into the timeline even easier. Choose from a wide range of tools to perfect your footage, such as GPU-optimized video effects, precise measurement instruments and multicam editing.

A real-time audio mixer, keyframe control and sample-precise editor as well as a ton of broadcast-quality effects provide everything you need for optimizing sound.

Choose a position in the arrangement where you wish to insert a clip. Then simply add a start position to the file you want to import. The computer automatically calculates the cut points and precisely fills in the gaps in the timeline.

MAGIX Video Pro X 15 Top features:

  • INFUSION Engine 3 – hardware acceleration from import to export
  • Multi-GPU support – use multiple graphics cards simultaneously
  • Easily create animations + flexible rotation point
  • Panorama storyboard with extra-large thumbnails
  • FXhome Ignite Keying & Flares: Crop objects cleanly
  • HiDPI editing interface + modern icon design
  • More intuitive start dialog & automatic format recognition
  • 8K Ultra HD support + HDR color space handling
  • 1-click cutting tool with dynamic preview
  • New fonts and customizable title templates

INFUSION Engine 3 – Faster than realtime export

No waiting around. INFUSION Engine 3 now enables a seamless GPU workflow for the latest graphics cards by Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. In addition to ultra-smooth playback even for complex projects, INFUSION Engine 3 now also offers accelerated export for AVC and HEVC formats, meaning that videos can now be rendered faster than in realtime.

Real-time video stabilization

MAGIX Video Pro X includes the full version of proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite, which offers professional video stabilization and optimization in realtime without any need for analysis or rendering beforehand. Optimize brightness and contrast fully automatically or adjust manually for more custom settings.

8K Ultra HD support for AVC and HEVC videos

MAGIX Video Pro X offers full 8K support. AVC or HEVC videos can be played back in realtime using NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. This spares you the time-consuming task of converting recordings to proxy files. For images even higher in resolution.

HDR support

With HDR10, MAGIX Video Pro X supports the latest standards and color gamut BT.2020 and 10-bit color depth in HEVC codec. HDR maintains natural contrasts and accurately reproduces the original variations in brightness, even for very bright or dark footage. Impressive color extraction lets you make every detail shine and create a lasting impression.

360° editing

With the addition of two new features, our 360 editing package is now complete: take advantage of 360 image stabilization, plus a set of spectacular 360 transitions. And now Video Pro X even can process  stereoscopic videos.

HDR preview and color space handling

You can now select a specific color space that works with your project and source material. Video Pro X supports all standards such as BT.601 (SD), BT.709 and BT.2020 (HD/UHD) as well as the professional standard DCI P3. This allows for greater visual control and precision in your color correction workflow.

4K/Section animation

For high-quality editing of picture sections in 4K movies. For instance, you can switch between different zoom levels in a 4K recording to make the final result even more dynamic. This is also ideal for correcting picture sections which don’t turn out 100% due to quick movements. (e.g. sports videos or theatrical performances).

MAGIX Travel Maps

The MAGIX Travel Maps module offers a wide range of creative options for displaying your travel routes as a captivating animation. You can import your own maps and choose from the huge array of waypoints and vehicles included to show the different stages of your trip. Also you can create  little slideshows within the route animation by simply placing photos on the travel path.

What’s NEW in MAGIX Video Pro X15:

  • NEW:AV1 import/export – CPU (4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 > 8/10/12-bit)
  • NEW:AV1 export – GPU (Intel Arc, Nvidia 40xx)
  • NEW: Easy startup and switching & modernized start dialog
  • NEW:Redesigned program interface
  • NEW: MAGIX Hub (Storyblocks & online support)
  • NEW: Object selection in preview monitor
  • NEW:Boris FX – BCC Chroma Key Studio

What’s NEW in MAGIX Video Pro X14:

  • High-speed timeline. Even with large projects, the timeline responds immediately and lets users navigate through their film project faster than ever before. Up to 20x smoother than before!
  • MAGIX Content: Get a library that’s full with music, stock footage, and animations! The MAGIX Content library provides all subscribers with royalty-free content from the areas of stock video, animation, music and sound effects. Every month, users can gain access to 20 files that they can easily download for unlimited use.
  • Intel® Hyper Encode. Both graphics cards are simultaneously enabled on Intel desktop and laptop systems equipped with an onboard GPU and an additional Intel GPU, such as the new Intel® Arc. Hyper Encode accelerates rendering, so you can export your finished movie twice as fast as with just one GPU.
  • New creative options in MAGIX Travel Maps. The travel route animations with MAGIX Travel Maps have been enhanced with various features and design elements such as fly-in animations, import and export of GPX data, custom view angles/map skew and MP4 export. Additionally, you can now edit  MAGIX Travel Maps in fullscreen mode and using the optimized menu.
  • Improved access to video effects, templates and transitions
    • Even if users mistype or can’t remember the exact name of an effect, template or transition, the new search algorithm will provide the right suggestions.
    • The overview for effects, templates, transitions and in-app store content can be customized with a single click.
    • Save your favorites for easy access: The favorites filter means no more long searches for transitions and templates.

Homepage – https://www.magix.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 11 (64-bit).

MAGIX Video Pro X14 intro

Video Pro X –Introductory video Tutorial (2019)

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