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BurnPro 7.8.5

BurnPro 7.8.5
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BurnPro is an excellent disc burner tool. It includes a Data CD/DVD burner to backup your important data like business document and family photos.

Also it has a video DVD burner to burn the movies you collected to DVD (even Blue-Ray and HD ones) and a audio CD burner to create music CD from the recordings and audio files you got.

This all-in-one disc suite includes many disc tools for CD, DVD, ISO, etc. BurnPro gives easy access to all functionality with a simple menu system so that you won’t get lost.

Audio CD Ripper of BurnPro is useful when you’ve got a large collection of CDs or the media player you use doesn’t come with a built-in CD ripper.

Now you can copy all the music CDs you have into your computer. The ripped tracks can be saved as uncompressed WAV and WMA of different qualities, including lossless WMA.

BurnPro Features:

  • Backup Important Data. BurnPro provides a data CD/DVD/HD DVD/Bly-ray burner to help backup files, photos, documents, business record and so on with ease.
  • Burn Audio CD. Audio CD Burner is to help create custom music CDs that can be played in any standard CD player. Through this way you can save computer’s hard drive space or even enjoy your favorite music on car stereo.
  • Copy Music CD. Bother of taking bulky collection of CDs on a trip? Why not rip them into portable audio formats like MP3 and WMA and transfer them to portable audio player to enjoy anywhere? BurnPro builds in an audio CD ripper that enables you to extract soundtracks from CDs with lossless output quality..
  • Create Movie DVD. It’s convenient to create a movie DVD from your movie collection, funny video clips, or birthday party/wedding videotape in just a few minutes with the movie DVD burner built in BurnPro.
  • Create/Burn/Rip ISO Image. BurnPro provides several ISO tools to help create ISO image files from files or folders containing documents, images, audio files, movies, software, etc. or burn ISO image files to CD/DVD, even rip audio CD, video DVD or data disc to an ISO image file for later use.
  • Erase Disc. To avoid waste and data security issue, BurnPro comes with a disc eraser, designed to quick and environmental friendly wipe CDs/DVDs. After erasing, you can reuse them.
  • Display Drive Info. It’s easy to know the properties of the drive connected to your computer and the disc within with the device info tool, which shows useful information like vendor, disc type, revision, read/write speed, used/free space, sessions, tracks and so on.

Size: 2.64 MB

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