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VinylStudio 12.5.2 Converts LPs, tapes to CD, MP3

VinylStudio 12.5.2 Converts LPs, tapes to CD, MP3
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VinylStudio is software that helps you transfer your vinyl albums (or cassette tapes) to your computer. It is the best way to convert records and tapes to digital format. Taking your old LP albums and transferring them to your computer could not be easier. Now everyone can rip their vinyl records in a few easy steps.

VinylStudio makes the job a pleasure, rather than a chore, and the powerful sound cleaning filters can help rescue precious, damaged recordings. Download a copy and see why using Audacity for this task is doing it the hard way.

VinylStudio is not just another audio editor, and although it records to standard MP3 and WAV file formats, it doesn’t edit audio files directly. VinylStudio’s audio cleanup tools are extremely effective at removing clicks and scratches from your recordings.

VinylStudio does not expect you to keep track of your recordings manually. Instead, it stores them as a collection, organised by artist and album title.

VinylStudio Feature Highlights:

  • An all-in-one solution for digitizing your record or tape collection
  • Easy-to-use track-splitting functions
  • Automated click and scratch removal
  • Look up track listings and album art over the Internet
  • Save your tracks in a wide variety of file formats, fully tagged
  • Extensive ‘rollover’ help to guide new users
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Integrates with iTunes on the Mac
  • Burns both audio and MP3 CDs

The following features are offered in VinylStudio Pro only:

  • The ability to import and export CUE sheets.
  • The ability to import more than one audio file at a time.
  • Recording equalisation (as used for ‘flat’ phono preamps and when recording pre-RIAA discs).
  • The ability to search more than one database at a time in the ‘Lookup Track Listing’ window.
  • The ability to import collections from Discogs.
  • Spectral View, to locate those hard-to-find clicks and scratches.
  • The ability to set default filter settings and equalisation curves.
  • The ability to define custom equalisation curves / FFT filters.
  • The ‘Patch’ feature, to repair wide areas of damage.
  • The ability to load and save ‘noise sample’ files in the Filter Settings window.
  • The ability to define custom album status names to keep track of your work.
  • The ‘Perform Frequency Analysis’ feature.
  • The ability to enter album notes.
  • The ability to print your collection.
  • The ‘Copy to Player’ function.
  • The ability to create Windows Media Player playlists.
  • The ability to export track listings when burning CDs or DVDs.
  • Most of the functions provided in the ‘Batch’ window. Instead, users can save their tracks for the album they are working on in the ‘Split Tracks’ window.
  • DSD support.
  • The ability to search Discogs by catalog number when creating or recording a new album.

Changes in VinylStudio 12.5.2:

  • Added optional ‘smart normalisation’, which skips gaps between tracks, therefore (if you put the track breaks in the right place) ignoring things like the sound of the needle drop. Please note that this is only available in VinylStudio Pro.
  • Fixed importing multiple files when using the ‘combine’ option on the Mac. This was also slightly flawed on Windows.
  • By popular request, we have increased the brightness of the waveform display in the Split Tracks window in Dark Mode on the Mac.
  • Fixed a crash clicking on the Burn CDs tab with no collection open (or an empty collection open) on the Mac.
  • Fixed a sporadic crash typing in the Search box in the Help menu on Catalina (Mac only).
  • Fixed a rare crash repairing clicks manually (Mike Dunt, Mac only).
  • Fixed an issue trying to restart VinylStudio after changing the font (Windows only).
  • Fixed the popup ‘speech bubble’ help occasionally not appearing on Windows 11 (might be a Windows 11 bug).

Changes in VinylStudio 12.5.1:

  • Fixed VinylStudio reverting to trial mode on the Mac after installing V12.5.0. Sorry about that.
  • Fixed a crash when entering registration details on the Mac.
  • By popular demand, we have reverted to the old way of scrolling (pre-V12.5.0) when playing audio.
  • Some message boxes on the Mac were blank; this has been fixed.
  • Fixed VinylStudio erroneously displaying its Debug menu on the Mac.
  • The ‘On’ button in the Equaliser dialog was permanently disabled on M1 Macs; this has been fixed (Sam Hayes).
  • Fixed a couple of problems importing album art under certain circumstances.
  • The problem of VinylStudio sometimes stopping (as opposed to pausing) at the end of the album side when recording albums has been fixed.
  • Crash reporting was not working on the Mac; now it is.
  • Fixed the App Store version crashing on launch on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan) (Mac only).
  • Fixed VinylStudio sometimes getting confused about whether it is in full screen mode on the Mac.
  • Generate better error messages if Controlled Folder Access is blocking VinylStudio from creating or writing files (Windows only).

Changes in VinylStudio 12.5.0:

The cosmetic issue with the dropdowns in the Record window on Windows 11 is fixed (Microsoft’s bug…).

  • VinylStudio now stops your computer from going to sleep while a recording is in progress.
  • You can now set a ‘custom’ playback speed when playing audio. This is intended to help people determine the correct speed conversion settings to use when recording (for example) a tape that plays slightly too fast.
  • On the Mac, VinylStudio can now read a wider variety of AAC files (these come in several flavours). Under Windows, the choice is more limited.
  • VinylStudio no longer crashes when trying to open an invalid or unsupported AAC or Apple Lossless file (Windows).
  • Fixed a rare crash saving tracks which require sample rate conversion (including DSD to PCM) (Nicolas Becquet).
  • VinylStudio now supports VoiceOver on the Mac (Mac only).
  • Added support for the CA/FLAT equalisation curve incorporated into Graham Slee Accession phono preamps. This allows you to process recordings made with this setting selected on the front panel, should you wish.
  • Fixed an issue importing album art when using ‘Lookup from Discogs’ while creating a new album (Sebastian Paulisch). Please note that this feature is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • The Lookup from Discogs dialog now remembers the last radio button you used (Sebastian Paulisch).
  • VinylStudio now stores and displays the Discogs release number when a track listing has been looked up from Discogs.
  • Fixed ‘HTTP error 301’ when importing album art from Music Brainz. (something changed at their end which we needed to accomodate). This process is also a little faster.
  • There is now an ‘Automatically Set Selection when Playing 1 Second Either Side of the Cursor’ option in the Cursor Options menu (Steve Crook). This can be useful to help track down hard-to-find clicks.
  • VinylStudio now shows when the input focus is on the waveform display (e.g. when you click in it). This waveform display needs the input focus for certain shortcut keys to work.
  • Pressing the left and right arrow keys while holding down the Shift key now ‘nudges’ the cursor left and right in the waveform display. Use Ctrl + Shift for a bigger nudge.
  • Fixed drag and drop from (e.g.) Safari to VinylStudio’s Album Art window in the App Store version (Mac only).
  • Improved the behaviour of the presets dropdown when adding a new filter set. Now, the previous selected preset is duplicated. Before, it reverted to ‘Custom settings’.
  • Improved the behaviour of ‘Apply Recording Equalisation Curve’ in the Equalisation Curve window. Before, it wasn’t working quite right. You can now also ‘listen while you work’ in this window.
  • Improved the behaviour of ‘Add Filter’ in the Adjust Filter Settings and Equalisation Curve windows.
  • People who recorded DSD to FLAC or Apple Lossless can once again read those files (Nicolas Becquet, bug introduced in V12.0.0).
  • Fixed a couple of issues importing multiple MP3 files (Jan van Pijkeren). This works much better now.
  • When printing albums, any page range(s) you have selected are now respected.
  • Fixed an issue saving tracks in MP3 format when padding with silence (‘Add silence at start of tracks’).
  • Fixed an issue where VinylStudio was stripping certain punctuation characters (e.g. slashes) from custom tag values.
  • You can now elect to hide the nodes in the Equalisation Curves window. THis makes it easier to see the curve. Also, VinylStudio hides the cursor while dragging a node and applies a certain degree of smoothing to the curve.
  • VinylStudio now handles Japanese filenames on network shares better.Please note that this is not perfect. While the Windows version can (we believe) read any file produced on a Mac, the reverse is not always true. This seems to be a limitation of macOS.
  • Fixed crash reporting on Monterey (Mac only).
  • Moved on to Xcode 13 on the Mac (from Xcode 12.5) and Visual Studio 2022 on Windows (from Visual Studio 2017).
  • Please note that, because of the above, we no longer support Windows 2000 and VinylStudio will not run on it.
  • Fixed a crash in Spectral View (problem introduced in V12.0.1).
  • Normalisation has been improved. Specifically:
  • The preamp sliders now have greater range (+/- 30 dB instaead of 12 dB) and precision (0.1 dB instead of 1 dB).
  • ‘Ignore transients’ didn’t work very well and has been removed.
  • Improved the ‘Lookup from Discogs’ user interface when creating an album. Please note that this feature is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • When saving tracks with slashes in the album artist / album title / track title, these are now mapped to ‘+’, rather than spaces, in the generated filenames. If you have previously saved such tracks, you might like to save them again and then delete the ones saved previously (we think ‘+ is much nicer).
  • Fixed an issue where tracks weren’t being deleted from the iTunes / Music library when deleting an album, even when the relevant box is checked.
  • Importing and exporting Audacity curves is now compatible with Audacity 3.x (.txt), rather than 2.x (.xml). Please note that this feature is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • VinylStudio no longer rejects [File Type] as a keyword in the track naming template.
  • VinylStudio now displays a volume control slider on Vista and later (Windows only). Previously, you had to open the Windows Mixer to adjust this. (Please note: the sliders were missing from the Record and Check Level dialogs in V12.0.2 Beta 2.)
  • VinylStudio now automatically unmutes the audio (if necessary) when it starts playing or recording.
  • Fixed a problem importing multiple audio files of different types.
  • Fixed a bug when import cue sheets containing multiple album sides which was causing subsequent crashes when deleting the imported albums or recordings and a few other problems.
  • Fixed non-functional ‘estimated time remaining’ when burning CDs or DVDs using Starburn (problem introduced in V12.0.0, Windows only).
  • Fixed somewhat inaccurate ‘estimated time remaining’ when burning audio CDs using IMAPIv2.0 (Windows only).
  • VinylStudio can now read and write AAC files on processors with no SSE support (such as the Pentium II) (Windows only). Previously, it would crash if you tried.
  • Fixed an occasional (and harmless) ‘error 2’ message when editing album details on the Mac.
  • Fixed an issue importing the SONGWRITER field in CUE sheets; this was not working correctly, although CUE sheets generated by VinylStudio were actually correct so you can just reimport them. Please note that CUE sheet support is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • Fixed a confusing error message when trying to record DSD to FLAC or Apple Lossless (this is no longer supported). Please note that DSD support is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • Fixed an issue importing multiple files where VinylStudio mangled the track names and times imported from Discogs. Please note that importing multiple files is available in VinylStudio Pro only.
  • Fixed a problem saving tracks in MP3 format when using multiple threads on Big Sur.
  • Fixed a problem where VinylStudio was only applying equalisation / FFT curves to the first track saved for each album (Larry Gallant). Bug introduced in V11.7.
  • VinylStudio now includes album art (if any) in its assessment of whether a track has been ‘saved before’.
  • Implemented J (jump back 1 second) and Shift+J (jump back 10 seconds) in the Split Tracks and Cleanup Audio windows, as requested on the forum.
  • Fixed a rare (and harmless) error message when recording to MP3 format.
  • Fixed a typo in the help file (the ‘Save Tracks’ window was renamed ‘Batch’ a long time ago, sorry about that).

Homepage –

VinylStudio Help

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.