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Cosmo Bots 1.05 – 3D action game

Cosmo Bots 1.05 – 3D action game

Cosmo Bots is an addictive 3D game based on the arcade classics of Jezzball and Qix, but with a host of additional features. This action game offers a range of different shapes, levels, enemies and power-ups.

Cosmo Bots will have you racing around a game grid scrambling for an opening to enclose alien space ships and destroy them.

Every time you cross the grid, you leave a wall behind you. When you close off a section, it fills up solid and destroys any enemies within. Fill up most of the board and you will warp to the next level.

Cosmo Bots is all about constant action and careful timing. Race across the grid to make walls before the alien ships detect and destroy you.

The numerous enemy ships in the game each have a different attack style, making your job all the more challenging. How many of the 500 levels can you complete?

Cosmo Bots Full Version Includes:

  • All 500 levels available to play!
  • Build your hand eye coordination in this quick reaction game
  • Learn to think and act quickly to trap the different types of aliens
  • Experience new enemies and their unique attack styles

Homepage – http://www.retro64.com

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