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Kaspersky Security and VPN

Kaspersky Security and VPN
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Kaspersky Security and VPN (Kaspersky Mobile Security): AppLock and Web Security protects your Android tablet and personal information stored on it. The app has advanced anti-theft features that can block, wipe and locate your lost or stolen tablet. And even can take a “mugshot” picture of the thief.

In addition, real-time Internet threat protection and virus-scanning of downloaded files and apps keep you safe online with minimal impact on tablet resources.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android delivers the most trusted antivirus protection available, ensuring you’re always safe when you bank, shop or surf the web on your tablet.

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Essential Antivirus Protection with a powerful database of malware signatures, real-time scanning of files and apps downloaded from the marketplace. Furthermore, the small, frequent updates.

All this is Kaspersky Security and VPN:: AppLock and Web Security for Android. It guarantees that you’ll always be safe from any kind of malicious or fraudulent software.

In addition, your tablet houses so much of your personal information – contacts, emails, texts, pictures and more. Hence, Kaspersky Security and VPN for Android protects you with the latest anti-theft technologies from one of the most respected security labs in the world.

Kaspersky Security and VPN Features:

  • Anti-malware Protection – including Kaspersky’s latest Android antivirus technologies
  • Web Protection – against Internet-based attacks and phishing websites
  • Anti-Theft Protection – with remote access to special security features on your missing device
  • Privacy Protection – to control what others can see or access when they pick up your smartphone
  • Call and Text Filter – so your smartphone only receives the calls and texts you want to receive

World-Class Anti-Malware Protection

  • Automatic virus-scanning of downloaded apps
  • Cloud-enabled protection for rapid reaction against new viruses, spyware, trojans, bots and more

Internet Threat Protection

  • Real-time protection against dangerous links and web-pages, including phishing websites

Anti-Theft Protection

  • Remotely blocks your missing tablet – to secure your personal information
  • Wipes your sensitive information from your tablet remotely
  • Remotely locates your lost or stolen tablet – using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi, and Google Maps
  • “Mugshot” feature to identify unauthorised users of your tablet – by secretly taking their photograph and sending it to you

Personal Web Account for Remote Management

  • Allows easy communication with your lost or stolen tablet: activate block, data wipe, find and mugshot commands, and review logs of recent activities

Maximum Performance

  • Small, frequent updates to minimise impact on tablet performance

Optimised Interface

  • Product interface has been optimised for Android tablets – to boost usability and performance

Changes in version

  • Kaspersky wins prestigious “Product of the Year” award
  • As you may have seen on our website, we were honored recently to claim the top annual award from renowned test lab, AV-Comparatives. In winning this title, we outscored 14 competitors across a series of rigorous tests, including malware detection and impact on system performance.

Changes in version

  • Overall performance improvements and bug fixes are waiting for you in this version.

Changes in version

  • Introducing Identity Theft Check! This brand new feature lets you check if any of your online accounts linked to your mobile phone number are leaking private data. Which means it’s now easier than ever to take control of your sensitive information, and stop identity fraudsters exploiting you should leaks occur.

Changes in version

  • Safe Browsing makes its debut in Yandex

Changes in version

  • Safe Browsing makes its debut in Firefox. Because we want you to enjoy our super-convenient privacy protection solution across multiple browsers, it’s now available in Firefox for the first time. Don’t forget, it’s already compatible with Google Chrome.

Changes in version

  • App Lock now works even better. With this release, we’ve fine-tuned our App Lock feature – which lets you protect apps with a PIN code to stop snoopers opening them – so it’s quicker to unlock and use any app you’ve protected.

Changes in version

  • Added Dark Mode to the app. This helps you view your screen more comfortably at night, or in low-light settings such as the cinema – as well as save battery life!

Changes in version

  • Anti-Phishing has been fortified with crypto fraud alerts. Fraudsters want to get into your crypto wallet, and will use various tricks to do so! Updated Anti-Phishing feature to notify you whenever a blocked phishing attack was aimed at stealing your crypto assets.

Homepage – http://www.kaspersky.com/android-security

Supported Platforms: Android 6.0 and above.

Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, French

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

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