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NoxPlayer – Android Emulator

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NoxPlayer – Android Emulator

NoxPlayer is the best free Android emulator leading in technology and performance. It brings the best experience for users to play Android games and apps on Windows and Mac OS.

NoxPlayer is stable, efficient and powerful. It ensures the fast response – bigger screen, easier operation. This app has some useful settings, including options to change your screen resolutions and other. You can root and access blocked features on your android using iRoot for PC.

This app player gives the access to many games that you can control easily using different assistive utilities. You can use the mouse, keyboard or gamepad to play, giving us better control of plays. Full use of the keyboard proved especially handy when playing action role play games.

In addition, NoxPlayer also has support for several input/output devices – apart from the standard mouse and keyboard support, it also has compatibility for gamepads and controllers. The camera and microphone integration are basic functions. Also you can also map the WASD key to control your character in the game, and you can set other keys to release skills or take shots.

The multiplayer mode is an innovative feature which makes it possible for users to run several NoxPlayer window at the same time. Each window could run a different app/game. So instead of pushing other apps to the background, user can switch between them with ease on the same computer screen. This is like having several phones for real-time multi-tasking.

Features of NoxPlayer:

  • Google Play store is already integrated, so no need to download or integrate it again
  • Just with a click, you can open unlimited multiplayer windows
  • No need to download APKs if you already have it in your PC. Just drag and drop them into Nox App Player and go for it
  • Customizing CPU, RAM and resolution are now possible with NoxPlayer. Bluestacks still doesn’t give this option.
  • You can easily backup the Nox data in your computer itself
  • Has a button to On/Off the root mode
  • Capture a picture in Nox and it will be automatically saved in your PC
  • Now record videos of whatever you want in this emulator
  • Operation tips also added to navigate users in a right way
  • Nox App Player allows you to customize the sidebar options as well

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • New features added in Android 9: High FPS Mode (120 FPS) and File Assistant.
  • Multi-Drive now supports importing 64-bit (both Android 7 and Android 9) data from earlier versions.
  • Fixed Android 9 occasional function failure on AMD devices.
  • Optimized onscreen virtual keyboard layout.
  • Adjusted descriptions of certain features.
  • Optimized UI.

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Add a new key to interrupt Move Control;
  • Add a new pop-up when you disable hyper-v
  • Optimize the UI of Multi-Instance, which is more convenient to use;
  • Support checking the list of installed applications of each emulator in Multi-Instance;
  • Support batch the emulator settings and more functions are available now;
  • Support “extreme multi-instance”, which can be configured quickly to increase the number of multi-instances; Click here to check the guide;
  • Support Left and right-column alignment in Multi-Instance Arrangement, which provides more forms of arrangement
  • Supports key-binding in Macro
  • Optimize the experience of the controller to display the controller keyset more freely;
  • Optimize customized wallpapers, which supports uploading your favored image as the desktop;
  • Fix the display problem of ?MARVEL Super War?on Android 7

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Add【Keyboard Shortcut】in Keyboard Control, which can utilize one key to execute multiple commands; Click here to check the guide.
  • Add Widescreen to support running 2K/4K games smoothly;
  • Optimize【Targeted skill-casting】, which can switch the skill conveniently in auto-cast/ manual cast mode(which needs a key-set to cancel casting);
  • Optimize【Move Control】, which can avoid moving uninterruptedly in long-press mode to reduce walking inertia;
  • Optimize the experience of Ctrl+the mouse scroll wheel, which can adjust the zoom scope more accurately; 4. Optimize some copywriting and error code;

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Added the function of the right mouse button as the Back button, which can be set in the settings, making the operation more convenient;
  • Added a configuration panel for 【League of Legends: Wild Rift】 to support to match suitable key-mapping for each hero;
  • Fix the problem of banning the emulator in 【Call of Duty: Mobile】(global version)!
  • Optimized the experience of the toolbar in full screen;
  • Fix some type of error within the emulator

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Add the switch of Keyboard mapping, which supports to turn on or off the keyset according to different games;
  • Add the function 【Rendering cache】, which improves the fluency of some games;
  • Boost the performance to smartly allocate the resource so as to reduce the occupation of memory and CPU effectively
  • Optimize the experience for developers, which is more convenient to connect and debug;
  • Optimize some interactive experiences;

Note: From the latest version, the emulator will not support creating a new multi-instance of Android 4, which still supports to create a multi-instance of Android 5 and Android 7. For old users, you can still find your original

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Added the command of【multipress/multiclick】 in Macro to support the multi-press operation.
  • Optimized the function of Controller, bringing a better experience in MOBA games such as 【Arena of Valor】 and 【Brawl Stars】
  • Fixed the issue that the lag of view control while pressing shift to run in【Free Fire】

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Add new 【Streaming Mode】: the most simple style, you can select the Streaming mode in the settings
  • Optimized the experience of the custom wallpaper
  • Optimized the experience of 【View conrtol】by the mouse, which supports multiple keysets take effect at the same time
  • Optimized the position of the window which will record the position of Macro/Recorder/Sync(Note: all operation will reset after closing the emulator)
  • Other experience optimization and fix a few bugs

Changes in NoxPlayer

  • Аdd mоrе раttеrnѕ оf thе mоuѕе, whісh саn ѕwіtсh tо thе dіffеrеnt tуре оf mоuѕе frееlу
  • Аdd thе funсtіоn оf tіmіng bасkuр rеmіndеr whісh саn рrоtесt thе dаtа ѕаfеtу
  • Аdd Саmеrаоn Аndrоіd 7
  • Ѕоlvе thе соnflісt wіth thе bасkgrоund соlоr whіlе еntеrіng сhаrасtеrѕ іn thе gаmе lіkе Аurа Кіngdоm 2
  • Орtіmіzе ѕоmе ехреrіеnсе іn thе еmulаtоr

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • macOS 10.12/10.11 and higher.

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