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Tag: desktop environment

  • Debian 10.2.0 ‘Buster’/ Debian 9.11.0 ‘Stretch’

    Debian 10.2.0 ‘Buster’/ Debian 9.11.0 ‘Stretch’

    Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian uses the Linux kernel (the core of an operating system), but most of the basic OS tools come from the GNU project; hence the name GNU/Linux. Linux is...

  • NoxPlayer – Android Emulator

    NoxPlayer – Android Emulator

    NoxPlayer is the best free Android emulator leading in technology and performance. It brings the best experience for users to play Android games and apps on Windows and Mac OS. NoxPlayer is stable, efficient and powerful. It ensures the fast response – bigger screen, easier operation. This app has some useful settings, including options to...

  • MEmu 7.0.2 – FREE Android Emulator

    MEmu 7.0.2 – FREE Android Emulator

    MEmu is a FREE Android Emulator that brings fun of the Android experience to Microsoft Windows devices. It runs on nearly all Windows devices (PC, notebook, 2-in-1 devices, tablets). Comparing to other Android emulators, MEmu provides the highest performance and greatest compatibility. MEmu Android Emulator aims to provide you the best experience to play Android...

  • Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” – Final

    Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” – Final

    Linux Mint is an operating system designed to work on most modern systems, including typical x86 and x64 PCs. It performs the same role as Microsoft’s Windows, Mac OS, and the free BSD OS. Linux Mint is also designed to work in conjunction with other operating systems. It can automatically set up a “dual boot”...

  • Zorin OS 15 x64 R1/ Zorin OS 15 Education x64

    Zorin OS 15 x64 R1/ Zorin OS 15 Education x64

    Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for newcomers to Linux. It’s based on Ubuntu, so you can rely on it for rock-solid performance, dependability and support. This operating system is super fast. It is faster than Windows and macOS because it is more lightweight. Some Windows programs run even faster in Zorin...

  • Andy – Android Emulator

    Andy – Android Emulator

    Andy is the Android emulator that allows you to run all your Android apps directly from your PC or Mac. It breaks down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, while keeping a user up to date with the latest Android OS feature upgrades. Moreover, Andy also provides users with unlimited storage capacity, PC and...

  • Start Menu Reviver by ReviverSoft

    Start Menu Reviver by ReviverSoft

    Start Menu Reviver is designed for you, whether you just want a Start Menu back in Windows 8.1, or want to have more control in Windows 7. This application is the only choice that brings back the familiarity you’re accustomed to and embraces the enhancements in the future of Windows. Start Menu Reviver lets launch...