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Hybrid 2021.07.18.1 – Video Converter

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Hybrid 2021.07.18.1 – Video Converter

Hybrid is a multi platform (Linux, macOS, Windows) converter, based frontend for a bunch of other tools. It can convert nearly every input to x264, x265, Xvid, VP9 …. Also ac3, ogg, mp3, aac, flac inside an mp4, m2ts, mkv,  webm, mov, avi container, a Blu-ray or an AVCHD structure.

Hybrid bundles multiple video processing utilities into a single package. It enables you to convert multiple file types into various multimedia formats. Moreover, it can perform tagging and muxing operations and automate common tasks.

One of the main advantages of Hybrid is related to the range of supported formats. It can handle VC-1 and AVC raw input, along with all the other file types that mplayer and ffmpeg can decode. Also supports x264, Xvid, VP8, x265 and ProRes as output.

The integrated video encoder can handle multiple encoding modes. Each with specific parameters, such as bitrate, constant rate factors and so on. Moreover it provides compatiblity with various containers, including Blu-ray discs or a AVCHD. In addition, you can use audio extraction function for generate MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC, AC3, DTS and other similar formats.

Hybrid comes with lots of configuration options for more advanced users. You can modify the encoding mode, adjust the bitrate, set the tune and the entropy coding mode. Furthermore you can resize loaded images, change its aspect ratio, crop images manually. Or allow the application to perform this operation for you with ‘auto crop’ function.

In addition to this, it features filtering capabilities, helping you enhance the quality of your multimedia files prior to encoding. Among the available options you can find deinterlacing, telecine, color adjusting, sharpening, denoising, horizontal and vertical deblocking, temporal noise reducing and many more.

Hybrid’s general feature list:

  • Extensive ability to configure x264s setting (with dependency checks)
  • Ability to configure x265s setting.
  • Tagging support for mkv, mp4, mov.
  • Chapter support for mkv, mp4, Blu-ray.
  • Subtitle suppot for mkv, mp4, Blu-ray.
  • Separated audio-, video-, filter profiles, audio and video combi profiles.
  • Integrated bitrate calculator.
  • Accepts vc-1 and avc raw input.
  • Manual and automatic creation and pass-through of chapters.
  • Ability to encode single title/chapters.
  • Job-control.
  • aac, mp3, ac3, ogg, flac, dts, pcm audio encoding with dcaenc, mencoder, ffmpeg, aften and different aac encoders.
  • Supported AAC encoders: qaac, fdk, faac, fhg, neroaacenc, vo-aacenc.
  • Filtering through mencoder (+ some resize automation) or avisynth.
  • Acceptable Input: avs and everything that mplayer, ffmpeg can decode
  • Supported video output formats: MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264, qsvencc). VP8/VP9 (vpxenc), ProRes (ffmpeg). MPEG-4 HEVC (x265, kvazaar, DivX265), FFV1 (ffmpeg). UT video (ffmpeg), FFvHuff (ffmpeg).
  • Supported audio output formats: dts, ac3, ogg vorbis, mp3, aac, flac, pcm, opus, pass-through
  • Supported containers: mov, mp4, mkv, m2ts, webm, avi. Blu-ray or a AVCHD structure
  • Audio/video pass-through -> can be used for muxing, tagging, chapter editing
  • A lot of option to automate stuff

The application can process subtitles and perform tagging operations for video, audio and subtitle streams,. The integrated chapter editor can be of assistance in adjusting the chapter names and edit the video structure. For your convenience, Hybrid includes a job scheduling section that helps you automate various tasks.

Changes in Hybrid 2021.07.18.1:


  • Vapoursynth: missing libraries and old scripts in MacOS package


  • Vapoursynth: changed sangnom.SangNomMod to sangnom.SangNom calls

Changes in Hybrid 2021.07.17.1:


  • Decode: ffmpeg rgb -> yuv conversion with pc scale
  • Subtitle: do not convert subtitles to ttxt when muxing srt to mp4 with ffmpeg
  • Vapoursynth: embed sup subtitle
  • Avisynth: AutoAdjust only using general parameters when autoBalance was a enabled
  • Vapoursynth: ResampleHQ call
  • Vapoursynth: crash when fmtconv was used multiple times with ‘spline16’
  • Avisynth: 64bit ImageSequence handling
  • Decode: add swapuv when using eq2 on 422 sources in FFmpeg
  • Xvid: encoding progress when using xvid_encraw
  • Vapoursynth: meta overwrite evaluation
  • Vapoursynth: Santiag h/v
  • Vapoursynth: Stab ‘mirror’-parameter
  • Frontend: fixed font size in some tool-tips
  • Analyser: crash on some calculation decimal to fraction combinations
  • Vapoursynth: TIVTC + gpu
  • Audio: eac3 passthrough to mp4
  • Muxing: ffmpeg chapter generation
  • Muxing: ffmpeg + avc + parallel subjobs
  • Avisynth: don’t use lsb with Avisynth+
  • Vapoursynth: GLSFilter calls when used with FilterQueue
  • Vapoursynth: Filter Queue handling
  • x265: adjust –uhd-bd do not remove options
  • x265: ultrafast profile
  • Audio: fixed ‘auto (add all)’ accidentally adding an audio track 2 times
  • Vapoursynth: Histogram depending on type restrict color space
  • Vapoursynth: filter preview crash for SRMD resizer
  • Vapoursynth: crash when ToneMap was used on rgb content
  • Avisynth: inserting custom code before QTGMC failed.
  • Audio: ‘-ignore_editlist’ accidentally used even when handling pipeinput from sox
  • Crop: crop value not always properly reset on source change
  • Jobs: don’t use mkvmerge with flac audio since mkvmerge doesn’t support cutting flac fixed ass style overwrite
  • Vapoursynth: AddLogo (reenabled EdgeFixer)
  • Vapoursynth: set Fades didn’t enable (on Linux)
  • Decode: ffmpeg -> x264 (use rawvideo)
  • Decode: x264 use raw video instead of y4m pipe when not using a script
  • Synth: SelectRangeEvery frame count/rate calculation of output
  • Filtering: fix rotation flag
  • Avisynth: tv/pc luma mapping on import
  • Autocrop: fix QSVCEnc detect fix


  • Vapoursynth: changed sangnom.SangNom to sangnom.SangNomMod calls in scripts
  • Files: sort file names explicitly when collecting them from the OS
  • Frontend: AVStats: do not adjust based on selection/cut
  • Muxing: adjust chapter&qp file to cut
  • Vapoursynth: use ‘accurate=1’ when using VsFilterMod and high bit depth content. (slower but more accurate)
  • Vapoursynth: stepped resize support
  • Vapoursynth: FrameRateConverter
  • Synth: Hybrid now only auto-refreshes the Vapoursynth/Avisynth preview if “Filtering->Misc->Auto-refresh” is enabled, otherwise refresh needs to be triggered manually
  • Synth: F5 refreshes the Avisynth/Vapoursynth preview when ‘auto-refresh’ is disabled
  • Vapoursynth: allow multiple ‘Framerate Interpolation’-methods when using ‘Filter Queue’
  • Tools: remove 32bit qaac support
  • Internal: fraction handling
  • Synth: by default remove FFmpeg/Mencoder deinterlacers when using AviSynth
  • Vapoursynth: adjusted to Waifu2x cnn to r4
  • Vapoursynth: dgdecnv use default activated
  • Vapoursynth: added option to force a specific chroma location when converting from and to YUV420
  • Avisynth: changed script names
  • Avisynth: lifing some 8bit restrictions
  • adjusting SVT AV1 to removed options
  • Video: NVEncC: check that “NVEncC->Only encoder” is used only on supported formats
  • Video: x265: hme-range support
  • Video: svt-av1 ui glitch when switching encoding typ
  • DGDecNV: remove license.txt check of DGDecNV support, since it’s free now
  • Video: x265 removed signal end of bitstream/videostream
  • Analysis: if scantype is interlaced but unknown after interlaced checked, assume tff if inpuHeight > 576
  • x264/x265: extend some options from single to double didget fl


  • Vapoursynth: debanding through vs-placebo
  • Vapoursynth: FrameRateConverter support
  • Vapoursynth: Detail-Preserving Image Downscaler ( WolframRhodium/VapourSynth-dpid/)
  • Vapoursynth: added support for RIFE ( HomeOfVapourSynthEvolution/VapourSynth-RIFE-ncnn-Vulkan) (Windows only atm.)
  • Vapoursynth: support for VSGAN through an ‘addon’ (Windows only), download only by request since it’s huge
  • Vapoursynth: SpotLess from G41Fun
  • Vapoursynth: support for SmoothLevels from havsfunc
  • Vapoursynth: TIVTC from
  • Vapoursynth: added ‘Flip vertical’ to Santiag

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux

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