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AnyDesk 6.3.1 – Remote Desktop Software

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AnyDesk 6.3.1 – Remote Desktop Software

AnyDesk is the world’s most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service.

All your home or office PC’s programs, files and settings are always immediately available, without the need for annoying network configuration. And your files remain where they belong: on your own PC.

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop software on the market. It allows for new usage scenarios and applications that have not been possible with current remote desktop software.

The application was designed from the ground up to be ground breaking. At its core is DeskRT, a new video codec that is specifically designed for graphical user interfaces.

Remote computer control and maintenance using AnyDesk is as secure as online banking, thanks to TLS 1.2 encryption, 2048-bit RSA Key Exchange and Erlang technology. The both ends of the connection are cryptographically verified. That’s why AnyDesk is one leap ahead.

AnyDesk Features:


Forget about low reliability and tedious firewall configurations. Use your personal computer from anywhere and without any headaches. Whether for five minutes or five hours – you won’t even notice AnyDesk is there. Your personalized AnyDesk ID is the key to your desktop with all your applications, photos, documents and files. And your data stays where it belongs. On your hard drive, and nowhere else.


If remote desktop software is used over an internet connection, the highest possible bandwith efficiency is the deciding factor. This is especially true for mobile connections like UMTS. The bandwidth efficiency makes it possible to perform office tasks fluently from 100 kB/sec of available bandwidth. But also with lower bandwidths, AnyDesk still performs much better than the competition.


The program allows you to you work together with all of your favorite desktop applications. Features like a mouse cursor for every user will glue your team together, no matter what distance. Point your peers at what’s important – and communication problems will be a thing of the past.


The app transmits 60 frames per second over local networks and many internet connections. This is much more than any competing remote desktop application and makes on-screen movement as smooth as possible, as most PC displays also operate at 60 frames per second. AnyDesk makes jerk-free working possible.


The app can do so much more than just remote administration and remote support. But this doesn’t mean that it cannot shine here as well. Lag and low framerate can be such a nuisance. That’s why we chose to get rid of them. With AnyDesk, setting up a workmate’s new printer or installing that new CRM tool for the sales department is a walk in the park.


Latency at the lowest possible level is critical for working on a remote desktop. The lower the latency, the quicker the remote PC responds to your input. Since internet connections always impose a certain latency when transmitting data from one PC to the other, it is very important that AnyDesk adds as little as possible to the bill. In local networks, AnyDesk’s latency lies below 16 milliseconds and is no longer perceptible.

Free Edition: for the occasional private use.

Lite Edition: Offers all necessary features for small businesses.

Professional Edition: Ideal for mid-sized companies, it provides extended features for integration and administration.

Enterprise Edition: It has been tailored for the requirements of large corporations.

Changes in AnyDesk 6.3.1:

  • Added the option to revert remote resolution after automatically adapting it to fit the local viewport. Support by both sides is required for this feature to be available.
  • Fixed a common crash when requesting elevation
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to address book pagination
  • Fixed a crash in the recorded sessions player
  • Fixed bug that reported deletion of local files to remote user in file transfer panel
  • Increase security by requiring stronger passwords when setting it via command line

Changes in AnyDesk 6.3.0:

  • Improved network stability and speed.
  • Fixed column sort behavior of file fransfer view
  • Fixed scrolling issue in chat view on Windows 10
  • Improved localization for German, Czech, Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil)

Changes in AnyDesk 6.2.3:

  • Added global security setting to lock the remote account. If active the corresponding session setting will be ignored
  • Fixed network detection
  • Fixed image glitches occurring during sessions
  • Could block remote input without input permissions granted
  • Could lock the remote account without input permissions granted
  • Updated translations for German, English and Italian
  • Added Lithuanian translation.

Changes in AnyDesk 6.2.2:

  • Fixed crash when opening installer
  • Fixed crash when opening settings in in-only Custom Clients

Changes in AnyDesk 6.2.1:

  • Added pagination to address book
  • Added UI setting to permanently remove tiles from the main view of custom clients related to
    • password for unattended access
    • ‘Whats new?’
    • Discovery
  • Removed everything related to invitations and the option to recommend AnyDesk via mail, when disabled in custom clients
  • Fixed crash when closing a session

Changes in AnyDesk 6.1.5:

  • Fixed bug that caused elevation requests to fail

Changes in AnyDesk 6.1.4:

  • Added option –remove-password to remove password for unattended access via command line
  • Fixed crash related to muting audio during privacy mode
  • Fixed alias registration in incoming connection only clients
  • Fixed window size problems in some cases in incoming connection only client
  • Fixed cursor rendering when using DirectDraw
  • Fixed scaling of custom logos
  • Fixed bug that caused address book tags to not show on individual addresses
  • Fixed crashes related to displays with large resolutions
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect keyboard handling on windows login screen
  • Improved memory usage when using preserve details option

Changes in AnyDesk 6.0.8:

  • Fixed connectivity information bar not showing up in some cases
  • Fixed deadlock in installer
  • Fixed bug that could cause extra key up events to be triggered
  • Fixed incorrect tab selection on startup when connecting via desktop schortcut
  • Fixed scroll behavior of chat window when receiving messages
  • Support for improved connections to iOS devices

Changes in AnyDesk 6.0.7:

  • Fixed some potential deadlocks
  • Fixed bug that could cause AnyDesk to close immediately after starting

Changes in AnyDesk 6.0.6:

  • Fixed connection status visibility issue
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when connecting via shortcut or command line
  • Fixed crash in address book
  • Fixed renaming of address book entries
  • Fixed dpi scaling issue in dialog to manage address books
  • Fixed timeout behavior when trying to connect to offline client
  • Fixed some blurry icons

Changes in AnyDesk 6.0.5:

  • Made the Address Book open on startup again.
  • Fixed some DPI scaling issues.
  • Fixed minor layout issues
  • Fixed bug that caused the client to sometimes close immediately after starting.
  • Fixed a stack overflow in the settings.
  • Fixed a crash during download.
  • Fixed a crash in Wake-On-LAN.
  • Updated translations

Changes in AnyDesk 6.0.0:

New Features

  • Updated the user interface.
  • AnyDesk now supports Perfect Forward Secrecy.
  • Added Two-Factor Authentication. When enabled, an additional dialog will be shown after authentication by password or token, asking for a time-based one-time password provided by a third device. This requires that device to run an app supporting TOTP.
  • Added Wake-On-LAN. When enabled, devices running AnyDesk that are currently in sleep mode can be woken up by other AnyDesk devices in the same local network.
  • Added support for Windows Group Policies. AnyDesk now checks the Windows Registry for settings provided via Group Policies. This can only be disabled in Custom Clients.
  • Unattended Access now allows the setup of multiple secondary passwords. Each of the passwords can be bound to different permissions. This feature requires the use of Windows Group Policies.
  • Session Recordings can now be started and stopped at any time.
  • The Printer now also supports printing local files on the remote side.
  • Monitors can now be switched using hotkeys.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + left/right to iterate monitors.
  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + numpad numbers to switch to a specific monitor.
  • The search now also takes Address Books into account.
  • The session monitor tabs now show where the keyboard focus is.
  • Allowed to drop address item selection by pressing ‘Esc’.
  • Added a second default setting for Interactive Access. Immediately installing AnyDesk now allows to connect to that Desk directly from the beginning. It is no longer required to open a window or to explicitly change the corresponding setting.
  • Turned the link to set up a password into a tile to improve its visibility.
  • Added a tile allowing to go back to the Welcome Page.
  • Allowed to hide the sidebar on the left.
  • Allowed to hide the box ‘Remote Desk’.

Fixed Bugs

  • Made the Printer work again on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a crash during accept with elevation.
  • Fixed a crash when closing a session via the main window’s session tab.
  • Fixed a crash on Address Book entry creation in case no Address Book has been created.
  • Fixed key release on the remote side in case the controlling side lost focus.
  • Ctrl + mouse click sometimes did not work.
  • Ctrl + Pause was not transmitted.
  • Using the File Manager stopped keyboard input transmission.
  • The minimized D3D fullscreen mode did not stop keyboard input transmission.
  • The File Manager did not initially sort files and folders.
  • Added missing error message in File Manager for the case an upload is not possible due to missing access rights.
  • The main window of a Custom Client allowing only incoming sessions looked different when moving it to a monitor with different DPI settings.
  • The Whiteboard button in the toolbar was enabled even though Whiteboard permission was not given.
  • Adding an item to an Address Book worked only once.
  • The account was not locked after session end in case the accept window stayed open.
  • The button to Switch Sides was displayed on session start.
  • Discovery showed clients that actually did not exist.
  • A busy indicator was shown in the settings.
  • Settings requiring administrative rights were not locked directly after installation of AnyDesk.
  • The rename function for addresses allowed ,;
  • Address items in different sections in the main view could have been selected at the same time.
  • The EULA link was not clickable everywhere.

Other Changes

  • Reduced the number of UAC dialogs shown during installation of different components of AnyDesk.
  • Updated translations.

Changes in AnyDesk 5.5.3:

  • Fixed a timer duration exceeding integer boundaries.

Changes in AnyDesk 5.5.2:

  • Fixed a crash when marking AnyDesk addresses as favorites.
  • Fixed a bug that caused keyboard input to stop working.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause AnyDesk to consume unreasonably high amounts of CPU time.
  • Fixed Privacy Mode for Custom Clients.
  • Improved error handling.

Changes in AnyDesk 5.5.0:

New Features

  • The backend user can now accept an incoming session request and immediately request elevation.
  • Significantly improved Discovery security.
  • The remote activity indicators can now be de-/activated by clicking on them.
  • Added an option to set up an Alias on the UI settings page.
  • The toolbar can now be hidden during a session via the session tab menu.
  • Reintroduced the invitation link in the main view. This requires a properly set up default mail client to work.
  • The link ‘Send Support Information…’ on the page ‘About AnyDesk’ in the settings now tries to create a mail containing required files instead of copying them to a folder on the desktop. This requires a properly set up default mail client to work.

Fixed Bugs

  • Custom Clients may have cut ID and Alias in a list view.
  • Connecting using the command line led to missing session infos on the backend side.
  • An additional monitor appeared on opening the File Manager.
  • The Whiteboard didn’t delete shapes on session end.
  • Recordings of incoming sessions have not been saved to the default path.
  • The File Manager enabled file upload even though it was disallowed.
  • Custom Clients allowing only incoming sessions did not support Remote Restart.
  • Could not create Address Book tags containing whitespace.
  • Clients using a Power license did not allow to set session comments.
  • Fixed a crash while playing back a session recording.
  • A tab’s icon stating the session is being recorded may have overlapped with the tab’s close button.
  • The permission for Privacy Mode has not been shown in the session info popup.
  • The chat log could not been opened during a session at the frontend side.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when opening the session info popup.
  • Focusing AnyDesk address items may have been selected erroneously.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
  • Fixed a deadlock in the service making it unresponsive to session requests.
  • Fixed a crash in the service when connecting to multiple IDs at once.
  • Fixed a crash during Discovery shutdown.
  • Fixed a crash during main window shutdown.
  • Fixed a crash related to the remote system info popup.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Other Changes

  • In fullscreen mode borders around the remote image are black now.
  • Updated translations.

Changes in AnyDesk 5.4.5:

New Features

  • User settings for managing keyboard shortcuts behaviour
  • “Host key” option which allows you to use Right Command key to control the local macOS
  • Added support for “Home” and “Back” buttons when connected to remotely to Android device

Fixed Bugs

  • Connection to macOS login window fixed
  • Fixed crash on incoming connection which occurred in certain network configurations
  • Reduced number of user password requests in AnyDesk installer
  • Fixed issue when user is not able to reconnect after updating AnyDesk remotely
  • Fixed crash on macOS 10.10 Yosemite related to custom AnyDesk configurations
  • UI improvements

Changes in AnyDesk 5.4.2:

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Changes in AnyDesk 5.3.3:

Fixed Bugs

  • Discovered clients showed state offline on remote user image change.
  • System settings were accessible after installation without the need of entering credentials.
  • Fixed crash during update of Discovery tooltips.
  • Edit fields no longer make error sounds on pressing Enter, Escape and Tab.
  • Fixed display of focused state for listview items in list mode.
  • Quitting from the system tray was not possible.
  • Fixed crash related to scrolling in file transfer panel

Changes in AnyDesk 5.3.2:

  • Fixed the URL handler. Session requests from inside MyAnyDesk should work again.
  • The URL handler now accepts any number of leading slashes directly before the ID (they will be ignored).

Homepage –

AnyDesk works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD.

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