TurboCAD 2017 24.0 Build 30.1

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TurboCAD 2017 delivers affordable, professional CAD software for design, drafting, and detailing. An optional AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface with command line and dynamic input cursor helps professionals already familiar with AutoCAD easily get up to speed.

Advanced technology – a powerful drafting palette, D-Cube constraints, and ACIS engine – enhance productivity. Advanced architectural and mechanical design tools add even greater flexibility and control, while superior rendering controls produce powerful presentations.

Plus TurboCAD Pro Platinum is programmable and supports over 40 file formats including .DWG, .DXF, .SKP, 3D .PDF, and .STL for 3D printing.

Multi-threading, a GPU-accelerated drawing engine, and hundreds of time-saving tools are just some of the ways TurboCAD speeds design, without sacrificing ease of use.

The new AutoCAD 2D workalike mode give you the flexibility to work in an environment similar to AutoCAD LT with dynamic input and command line.

TurboCAD 2017 Pro Platinum Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Learn and Use with set up wizards, context-sensitive help, snaps, alignment aids, and handle-based editing.
  • AutoCAD-like 2D drafting interface option with command line and dynamic input cursor.
  • Complete 2D/3D Design Tools for drafting, modeling, modifying, dimensioning and annotation.
  • Surface Modeling Tools like 2D/3D Booleans, extrude, revolve, sweeps, and more.
  • ACIS 3D Solid Modeling and Advanced Mechanical Design tools to create complex 3D objects.
  • Professional Part Tree that can act like a selective Undo/Redo for all your 2D/3D operations.
  • Powerful Drafting Palette that creates associative sections and cut planes.
  • Advanced Architectural Tools including a greater range of parametric architectural objects, style manager, and IFC support.
  • Superior Photorealistic Rendering, materials, and lighting to create powerful presentations.
  • Dozens of Productivity Tools such as PDF underlay and ePack with New Intelligent File Send.
  • 2D Geometric and Dimension Constraints.
  • Database Connectivity with Customizable Reporting.
  • Point Cloud Support.
  • Programmable with Ruby Scripting or Software Development Kit to create routines, features, and more.
  • Over 40 industry standard CAD and graphic file formats supported to share your work.
  • New Import of TurboApp files from mobile devices.
  • Over 50 new and improved features!

TurboCAD employs a large selection of 2-dimensional drafting tools, and 3-dimensional modeling tools, so no matter the situation, you’ve got the right tool for the job. Use in conjunction with snaps, modification tools, and drawing aids to quickly layout your ideas.

  • Drafting Palette
  • History Tree with Editor
  • Advanced Layer Controls
  • PDF Underlay

TurboCAD includes a robust collection of architectural drafting and design tools. An extensive collection of ADA compatible architectural objects are supported by dynamic dimensions, terrain tools, and automated tools for laying out your building and creating schedules. Whether you’re an architect, builder, civil engineer, or novice home designer, this software has practical tools for all your architectural design needs.

  • House Wizard
  • 2D/3D Parametric Objects
  • Self-Aligning Blocks
  • Elevation/Sections
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Styles and Style Manager

TurboCAD gives the power to set up 2D parametric constraints for greater control and productivity as you evaluate designer alternatives. 3D surface modeling and ACIS solid modeling tools makes the creation of realistic, complex 3D objects simple. And a parametric parts manager lets you create and consume parts that remain parametrically controlled even after insertion into your drawing. These and many more tools and technologies are ideal for both single part and assembly mechanical designs.

  • D-Cubed Parametric Constraints
  • Surface Modeling Tools
  • ACIS Solid Modeling Tools
  • Assembly Tools
  • Parametric Parts Manager

What’s New in TurboCAD 2017:


  • New Image Management Palette. Simple drag-and-drop insertion, control of image parameters, and embedding.
  • New Table Editing / Attachable Data. Build tables by making (non-OLE) connections to .CSV and Excel files. Simply edit table layout, format, and content, now similar to Microsoft Word.
  • New Timestamp. For security and collaboration, file metadata now includes Date of Creation, Date of Last Modification, Total File Editing Time, and Total Time of Last Session.
  • New Options for Blocks. Display the name of a block whenever ‘show multiple entities options’ is turned on. Show selected block in the Blocks Palette any time an inserted block is selected.


  • Improved Intelligent Scaling. Create hatches, text, and dimensions that automatically scale to the current zoom level of the view.
  • New Center Line and Center Mark. Create associative center lines and center marks.
  • New Relative Angle Field. Draw consecutive segments by specifying the angle relative to the preceding segment.
  • Improved Multi-Text Editor. New text editor interface with new formatting features and new options including numbered lists, bulleted lists, and multi-column support.
  • New Scale by Two Points. Scale a set of objects to a specific size by using two reference points.


  • New Copying of Architectural Objects. Use the copy and array tools to insert a set of windows or doors into a wall for greater productivity.
  • Improved House Builder Wizard. Create rooms on multiple workplanes for quick design of multi-story houses.


  • New Redsdk 4.2 Engine Migration. Improved photorealistic rendering with new shaders, more realistic materials, new expanded parameters to control anti-ailiasing, caustics for sun lighting, physical sky lighting, geo-located sun positioning, and volumetric effects.


  • Improved AutoCAD (DXF, DWG, and DWF) File Compatibility. Implementation of the latest Teigha engine.
  • Improved SketchUp (SKP) File Support. Import geometry, views, materials, and components from SketchUp files created in SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Mark versions 3.0 to 2017.
  • New Google Earth (KML and KMZ) File Support. Import KML and KMZ files into TurboCAD to view your designs in Google Earth independent of the web.

Homepage – https://www.turbocad.com

Size: 532 MB

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