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GoodSync / GoodSync

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GoodSync / GoodSync

GoodSync 11 is reliable and easy to use file synchronization and file backup software from Siber Systems, the makers of RoboForm. It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, family photos, music, contacts, financial documents, and other important files locally.

The program synchronizes files between desktops, laptops, servers, external drives, and Windows Mobile devices. Also you can synchronize files remotely through FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and more.

BUY NOW GoodSync 11 – Personal or Business

Automatically backup all your critical files to ensure you’ll never lose them. Easily synchronize your files between multiple computers and devices.

Use GoodSync to keep your work computers in sync with your home computer or to keep all company desktops and laptops in sync with company server. This software uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional synchronization.

This software connects multiple computers directly, completely bypassing the need for cloud based solutions. All new block level synchronization syncs the file changes, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of sync. Completely portable with GoodSync2Go for USB flash and portable hard drives.

GoodSync Key Features:

  • True Bi-Directional Synchronization. The program can automatically detect and synchronize creation, deletion, and all other changes, made by the user in folders, subfolders, and files.
  • One-Way Synchronization Provides an Easy Backup Solution. Easy to setup One-Way Synchronization provides an easy and reliable backup solution.
  • Deletions Are Propagated. The program can propagate your file deletions, even through a chain of Syncs.
  • Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices. Changes performed by GoodSync can be transferred to other computers and devices.
  • Lightning Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement. The program is much faster than other synchronization programs and it takes less memory. It can analyze a job with 1M files and folders on each side in less than 10 minutes on only 500 Mb of memory.
  • GoodSync can sync any two folder located on Windows Local Disk, Windows Network Server (SMB). Also on FTP, WebDAV, Secure FTP (SSH) and Amazon S3 servers.
  • Syncs with your Windows Mobile Phone and Pocket PC. Allows to sync files on Windows Mobile Phone or Pocket PC device (Windows CE) to desktop.
  • Selective File Synchronization. Exclude and Include Filters. Exclude files from synchronization based on name pattern, size, modification time.
  • Portable Paths for Removable Drives. You can specify folder path that starts with volume name. So that your volume is found no matter what disk letter it uses.

Latest Changes

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.6 (February 4, 2021):

  • Gs-Server: Fixed server can get stuck on certain errors and refuses to take new connections.
  • Gs-Server: Improved transactional integrity of GSTP, to allow for faster connection restore.
  • Google Team Drive: Speed up Analyze/Sync by reducing /change API calls to a minimum.
  • Google Photos: Make this FS available to personal non-enterprise version only.
  • S3, expat: Allow EF BF xx UTF-89 sequences in file names, so they can be listed.
  • Job List: Use separate column for job index, needed for user-mandated custom job order.
  • Job List: revive option to turn off ‘Sort Job Names By Alphabet’ and allow custom job order.
  • GoodSync Explorer: Added ‘Cut to Clipboard’ command.
  • Services: Added 30-sec timeout for waiting for service nodes to stop, so that servers do not get stuck.
  • New Ticket System: new and more secure ticket-based authentication system for folder sharing.
  • Mediator: improved performance, optimized TLS/SSL handling.
  • Browsing on Gs-Server: Alpha version of browsing files and folders directly from Gs-Server.

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.4 (Decemeber 31, 2020):

  • MEGA FS: Upload: Fixed ‘cannot get fingerprint’ error.
  • GsRunner Server + Sleep: Fixed Gs-Runner may be preventing computer from sleeping.
  • CC Runner: Fixed CC Runner was reporting zero Bytes Processed as they were reset too early.
  • Progress Reporting: Fixed SetProgress could reset progress to 0 when switching scale.
  • Job List View: Allow custom column order, reordering of columns by Drag-N-Drop.
  • Job List View: Fix miscellaneous bugs.
  • GoodSync Explorer: Fixed processing of connections to encrypted folders — offer to decrypt.

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.3 (Decemeber 25, 2020):

  • Direction Change by User: fixed crashes.
  • Get back to running GoodSync /min mode (was /miniwin) for ‘Start GoodSync when Windows starts’ option.
  • Job List View: new tables-based implementation.

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.2 (Decemeber 23, 2020):

  • Direction Change by User: fixed crashes.
  • Get back to running GoodSync /min mode (was /miniwin) for ‘Start GoodSync when Windows starts’ option.
  •  Job List View: new tables-based implementation.

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.1 (Decemeber 22, 2020):

  • Workers and Sleep: Job Worker thread now prevents computer from going to Sleep.
  • Direction Change in Sync Tree by User: improved transactional integrity of it, fixed bugs.
  • MacOS device identification for licensing: ignore device properties that are changes by MacOS updates.
  • Free Space Info in Job: consolidate its processing, fixed bugs.
  • Installer: Fixed System Account was not detected as such on some non-English Windows systems.
  • Shutdown after Sync: Made it work correctly, even if Analyze produced No Changes.
  • Job Tree View: fixed UI bugs, some RunState transitions were missed.
  • Browse Dialog: Fixed changing of Direct Path to Portable path was ignored.
  • Miscellaneous User Interface fixes.

Changes in GoodSync 11.5.0 (Decemeber 11, 2020):

  • User Interfaces: fixed some crashes and minor bugs.
  • WD Free Version: improved detection of WD NAS via GSTP.
  • Simplify computation of Free Space: do it once every 30 sec, not once per quant.
  • Installer: Fixed Cancel was showing wrong error.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.9 (Decemeber 04, 2020):

  • On File Change + GUI: Fixed likely observed crashes, simplify RunState change reporting.
  • Estimated Space: Make estimated space computations simpler, do nto account for Recycle Bin.
  • Sync Direction Change: Fixed crashes — start worker thread to recompute space requirements.
  • AutoClear: Fixed AutoClear of Sync Tree was not working in GUI mode.
  • GsRunner Socket: Fixed rare observed crashes related to GsRunner state reporting.
  • Updated BR-portugues localization.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.8 (November 27, 2020):

  • License Limitations for WD: Fixed Free version did not allow jobs with more than 100 files.
  • Licensing: improved reporting of License statusm esp for Analyze+Sync and Unattended jobs.
  • SyncTree: Show SyncTree even if we have No Changes, as there may be Excluded files.
  • Downloads: Fixed mac distribution link was sometimes showing ‘Not Found’.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.7 (November 24, 2020):

  • GoodSync Account Setup: lower-case ComputerId, always save it.
  • GsRunner + License Activation: notify GsRunner faster about changed License.
  • Account Sync TurnOn: Added Cancel command, same as Close.
  • Account Sync + Groups: Perform Account Sync when Jobs are added to Groups by DND.
  • GUI AutoStart: Use /miniwin mode in Windows Start, so that Mini-Progress windows is shown.
  • Gs-Server: optimize memory allocation, to reduce memory consumption.
  • Analyze + Sync: improved switch from Analyze to Sync, so it cannot stall on this.
  • Stopping Services: improved stopping of the Gs-Server and Gs-Runner service.
  • Browse Dialog: Fixed commit of manually edited URLs.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.6 (November 15, 2020):

  • Job AutoStart: Fixed crashes caused by deleting sync tree while Worker thread runs.
  • Stop All: Fixed Stop All did not work for jobs in Waiting To Run state.
  • Changes Limit Exceeded – Attention Required: make this work in Unattended mode too.
  • Account Sync: better command names, better presentation, better list of changes.
  • CC Runner and Server Accounts: Fixed passwords and refresh tokens were not uploaded.
  • Licenses: Added License Renewal Link, if user has licenses that are Active or Expired.
  • Explorer: Added Account Sync commands, update Server Accounts view when synced.
  • Server Account Edit: do not ask whether to save to New Account when saving, save to this.
  • Beta: new native SMB client that does not use Windows SMB client code.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.5 (November 4, 2020):

  • Account Sync: Reset Account Sync, so that users can use Server Override when they turn it On.
  • Account Sync: Added Show Changes for Account Sync — shows Job-Groups changes that will happen.
  • Account Sync: more improvements to Jobs-Groups and Server Accounts sync algorithm.
  • GUI: Turn On Mini-Window mode when user selects it, sometimes it was not shown.
  • Browse/Explorer Edit Account: Fixed checkbox clicks did not work.
  • Policies: Added file system policies for Gs RealDisk Storage, Google Photos.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.4 (October 31, 2020):

  • AutoUpdate Installer: Fixed it was removing Desktop Shortcuts and Start Menu items of GoodSync.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.3 (October 30, 2020):

  • Account Sync: Jobs-Groups and Server Account sync has been rewritten, quality of sync improved.
  • Account Sync: if you are using it, all your Jobs must be synced before you upgrade to this version.
  • Account Sync: Job-Group Sync operations and Sync stats are now logged.
  • Program Options: Remove option to encrypt when store locally, local encryption now is always done.
  • GsRunner + GUI: Fixed GUI was losing connection to GsRunner Service, when running UnAttended jobs.
  • GsRunner and Cc-Runner GUI: improved showing of Job Run status in mini status window.
  • Sync Tree Toolbar: Hide into [Views] button pull down tree view buttons that have zero item count.
  • Sync Tree Toolbar: Rename [Other] button to [Views].
  • Sync Tree Context Menu: Move direction change commands into sub-menu ‘Change Direction to’.
  • Control Center: Fixed Server Accounts did not upload with empty Account Encryption password.
  • Installer: Do not update Desktop Shortcuts and Start Menu items when we are doing auto-install.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.1 (October 16, 2020):

  • Google Photo FS: Added new file system, it only allows 2 levels of folders, no GsData.
  • On Folder Connect / On File Change: Fixed it was not starting job on Reconnect.
  • GsRunner + GUI: When GUI cannot connect/talk to GsRunner, show error message about it in GUI.
  • GsRunner Server + Sleep: Do proper processing of Sleep and Wakeup.
  • CC Runner: Fixed CC Runner was checking for Local license, not CC license.
  • GUI: Do not allow Changing direction of Sync while the job is Under Runner.
  • Side Logs + Analyze: Fixed if only Analyze was done then Side logs are not uploaded.
  • Side Logs + Spec Ops: Upload side logs when doing Spec Ops too.
  • Certificate Roots: update list of Certificate Authorities who GoodSync trusts.

Changes in GoodSync 11.4.0 (October 14, 2020):

  • Under Runner Jobs + Context Menu: fixed content menu enabled status.
  • GsRunner + GUI: Fixed terminal errors on job run were not fully reported in GUI.
  • Logging in GUI mode: Fixed it was not complete, many details were missing.
  • Sleep + GsRunner: Fixed Windows did not go into sleep, if GsRunner was running.
  • Sleep + Wakeup: Reduce Wait after Wakeup from 60 sec to 30 sec, log wait for it in GUI.
  • Space Estimate: Fixed Space Estimate was not always shown at the end of Analyze.
  • MEGA: Increased max HTTP body size to 512 Mb, as MEGA can send long list of changes.
  • Forwarders: fixed rare crashes.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.8 (October 08, 2020):

  • Fixed Auto Analyze and Sync may freeze, if Conflicts are present.
  • UnAttended Jobs: Fixed side logs were not written, so email could not be sent.
  • Side Info: Add critical section for better locking.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.7 (October 07, 2020):

  • Sleep and Wakeup: Fixed Unattended Jobs do not restart after Wakeup.
  • Unattended GsRunner: Fixed error in logs: GsRunner Client: cannot find job.
  • Server Account Sync: Fixed deletion of Server Accounts not always propagated.
  • Job Runner for GUI: improved progress monitoring and reporting for GUI jobs.
  • Explorer: Fixed Account Edit dialog in Windows 10 Dark scheme.
  • UI: Removed Exit menu item from Job Group context menu.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.6 (October 01, 2020):

  • Local and CC Runner: redo thread management, make it run more smoothly.
  • Unattended Auto Jobs: Fixed artefacts of flipping Unattended + Auto mode Off/On.
  • Fixed ‘Create New Folder’ text in Job Options.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.5 (September 21, 2020):

  • MS Graph, OneDrive: Fixed unable to get local issuer certificate ‘’.
  • TLS + S3: Fixed reading HTTP transaction body when ‘Connection; Close’ is used.
  • License: Fixed SibIsEqualGuid() ,it may affect some old version activations.
  • SyncTree Dlg Counters: Fixed Counters could become corrupted if Jobs are switched during Analyze.
  • MEGA FS: Fix API session management which could lead to GS client hitting server-side limits.
  • MEGA FS: Allow parallel Sync threads when syncing with MEGA FS.
  • Elevation + UserStop: Do NOT show error message when user stops Elevation.
  • About dialog: Show Local gs-server and web-server info: On/Off:LocalOnly:Port.
  • Do not perform SibSetDefaultDllDirectories(LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_SYSTEM32) at init.
  • Localization + Explorer: Fixed localization did not work in GS Explorer.
  • Localization: Fixed localization of comments in file systems when exploring.
  • Localization: Updated AR and UA localization.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.3 (September 3, 2020):

  • Browse Dialog: Added warnings about folders that cannot be sync/backup folders.
  • Browse Dialog: Added warnings about top folders of the disk that cannot be backup folder.
  • Browse Dialog: Added Mew Folder command tree node to Disks on backup destination side.
  • Browse / GsExplorer: Added Named Bookmarks into the tree, as first node.
  • Browse / GsExplorer: more fixes to Encrypted Folder mode.
  • GsExplorer: Implemented Paste files/folders to Windows Explorer, Desktop, etc.
  • SMB FS: several fixes to Connection Caching, to improve locking and timeliness of results.
  • On File Change and On Folder Connect: rewrote File Monitoring, to improve Sleep/Wakeup.
  • Gs-Server: improve initial startup sequence logging.
  • CC Runner: When deleting job that has Monitor running, stop Monitoring first.
  • CC Runner + AutoUpdate: Fixed AutoUpdate could turn CC Runner into regular GS.
  • gs-runner: Fixed Last Run Time was not updated when Auto Job is run Unattended.
  • License: Make C:\ProgramData\GoodSync writable to all GoodSync processes.
  • AppKey Install: made it work for enterprise (AllUsers) licenses.
  • Italian localization updated.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.2 (August 27, 2020):

  • SMB FS: Fixed GoodSync could lock up on Disconnect of SMB connections.
  • SMB FS: If password is empty, send NULL, it fixes Error 1219 on real password.
  • Sleep + File Monitoring: do not try to stop all Jobs and Monitoring when going to Sleep.
  • Sleep + File Monitoring: Instead finish stopping Jobs on Wakeup, then restart them.
  • CC Runner: Fixed If Mini Status Window is not shown then CC Runner would freeze.
  • CC Runner: Fixed Submitter thread could freeze on exit, due to rare race condition.
  • Account Setup: If canceled by user, do not show error message.
  • DLL path Windows: SetDefaultDllDirectories(LOAD_LIBRARY_SEARCH_SYSTEM32) in all EXEs.
  • Mediator: Fixed Mediator was rejecting /official-forwarders.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.1 (August 20, 2020):

  • Trial + License: Do not reset Trial when Activating license, as there may be no License.
  • Trial Expire Warning: fixed warning could come out on every GS start.
  • Trial Expire Warning: fixed trial status determinations and Days before/after Trial.
  • File Monitoring: improved stopping sequence for file monitoring.
  • Program Options -> SMTP: Fixed TEST did not pass SSL option.
  • New Job: Enable Parallel Mode of 3 threads, by default.
  • CC Runner: Log file monitoring file changes too.
  • Localization: More strings localized, especially in Browse dialog.

Changes in GoodSync 11.3.0 (August 14, 2020):

  • New Dialog for licensing events: trial expiration, license expiration: Trial Expired, Trial Will expire, License Expired, License Will expire, Paid-only Feature.
  • License: Do not allow Trial without GoodSync Account.
  • DeviceId: fully discontinue stored DeviceId, use only computed DeviceId.
  • Compare Files: Fixed it did not work for GSTP file system on local gs-server.
  • 2Go Setup: Fixed errors are shown that must be ignored on GS2Go install.
  • Installer and Runner: Fixed some NetAPI function did not work due to DLL path.
  • WebDAV: Send cookies, as apparently some sites require them for authentication.
  • WebDAV: Show UTF-8 vs ANSI encoding option again, as users need it.
  • MS Graph FS: Do not try to SetFileModTime() with null timestamps.
  • Dropbox FS: ListDir() Fixed: Pass Dropbox-API-Path-Root parameter.
  • CC Runner: Fixed GUI settings were ignored on start.
  • Ver 10: GsGetLocalPlatform: Fixed default Platform reported as GS V11.
  • Windows XP: make GoodSync Explorer work on Windows XP again.

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.8 (July 31, 2020):

  • Browse/Explorer: Ver 11: Hide old Windows Shares (SMB) file system, show only the new one.
  • Browse/Explorer: Edit Account dialog: several UI fixes.
  • Browse/Explorer: If job side is a general SMBD account, force creation of per-server account on job commit.
  • SMB FS: Ver 10: Ignore Connect errors, to preserve old behaviour.
  • SMB FS: Do not try to connect to //WSL$ server — this is Linux subsystem that is local.
  • XP + SMBD: Made GoodSync work on Windows XP again, replace calls to poll() with select().
  • ReadStatsFile of synclib: Skip .sib-mnt folders when reading state file, fallout from old Mac errors.
  • License: fixed time of install is not always preserved.
  • Account Sync and Normalization: fixed several issues.
  • Server authentication: sent correct x-sib-err-code for bad password and account not found.
  • Desktop Shortcuts: Do not write them, if they are already in place and are the same as needed.
  • CC Runner: Fixed jobs can get stuck upon termination.
  • CC Runner: Retry GsEntepriseRunnerOnStart() as it can fail due to absence of connection.
  • CC Runner Installer: fixed writing some local sittings did not work.
  • MTP settings: Revive Always SSL option, as users need it (have no STARTTLS).

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.7 (July 21, 2020):

  • SMBD: Added new Windows Shares file system that discovers all devices on local network.
  • SMBD: Discovers a lot more devices than native Windows or MacOS SMB implementations.
  • SMBD: It allows to have custom credentials for individual Servers and Shares.
  • SMBD: Credentials are memorized per SMB Server, Share is Home Folder.
  • SMBD: Technologies used for Discovery: UPNP, SSDP, MDNS (Bonjour), local DNS, NetBIOS.
  • Home Path: Added Home Path (Folder) to SMBD, FTP, SFTP file systems.
  • Home Path: Browse/Explorer navigates to it when opening Server.
  • Installer: Register and Activate GoodSync Device via command line for mass deployment.
  • Installer: Added options for Proxy to connect to CC when installing CC Runner.
  • Installer: New system of Affiliate management, integrated with GoodSync Account.
  • SMB + Elevation: Do not try elevated file operations, if we are working on SMB or AFP share.
  • SMB + ConnectFS: Always get out on Connect error, it used to be ignored in some cases.
  • Account Sync: improved syncing of Jobs and Server Accounts.

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.5 (June 27, 2020):

  • Browse Dialog + Credentials entry: fixed UserId and Pasword were swappped upon entry.
  • Browse Dialog / Explorer: Fixed chage of URL sometimes ignores if node ia already expanded.
  • 2Go licensing: Added new 2Go-V11 license.

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.4 (June 22, 2020):

  • 2Go licensing: get back to old per-drive scheme, discontinue consumer license.
  • Icon: Make all frames of rotating GoodSync tray logo be new style icon.
  • GoodSync Account Setup: fixed misc smaller issues.
  • Storage: make current storage be provisioned if user has more than one GS Account.
  • Activation dialog + Ver 10: Removed By OrderID option, allow only Via Account.
  • Job Options: Fixed change of Balloon option was not saved.
  • Password Reset + Account Sync: Fixed Pass Reset was not resetting Account Sync.

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.3 (June 17, 2020):

  • Explorer and Browse: Improve Credential Popup, make it always appear when needed.
  • Explorer and Browse: misc user interface fixes.
  • Explorer and Browse: log errors returned by navigation / listing tasks.
  • Azure Files FS: Fix paged directory listing, it was broken in parser and request parts.
  • Licenses: misc improvements of Account-based license system.
  • Licenses: get rid of license bits, now it is just License Platform and LicenseGood flag.
  • Per-Computer Licenses: make them work better and not be affected by Per-User activity.
  • Devices + Licenses: add more parameters to better disambiguate devices.
  • License Activation Via Browser: make it work better, fix bugs.
  • 2Go license: do 2Go licensing per Device on which it is installed, not per Drive.
  • Account Setup: improve automatic activation after Account Setup.
  • Server Licenses: Increase limits for MidServer, mostly eliminating them.
  • Installer: when extracting Platform from installer name, allow lower-casing.
  • Mediator: detach old Licenses from Device on activation of new License.
  • Mediator Web UI: Better Devices View, less technical details.
  • Mediator: Do not include OsCompName into ExtKey, as User may change it.

Changes in GoodSync 11.2.0 (May 26, 2020):

  • GSTP client: Fixed rare crashes caused by race condition on many threads.
  • Activation Wizard: improved button layout.
  • Gs-Server License Activations: fixed some conflicst with GS client activation.
  • Mediator: allow for longer DeviceIDs.
  • Mediator: fixed resolving of conflict: two Devices on one DeviceID.

Changes in GoodSync 11.1.9 (May 21, 2020):

  • Gs-Server: Stop enforcing Per User License on Gs-Server for Read and List, enforce it only for Write.
  • MEGA FS: Fix bad On File Change processing that could result in memory corruption.
  • Installer: Fixed installer type (such as WD) was not shown on Welcome screen.
  • Silent Installer: Fixed Local Account not setup.
  • Gs-Server + AutoUpdate: Fixed not reporting properly to update server.
  • Device ID: better reporting of DeviceID to Mediator, better disambiguation.
  • Gs-Server: better reporting of Connection / Discovery / Transaction stages.
  • Gs-Server on Linux/NAS Web UI: Added notification of new versions to install.
  • Mediator: when Mediator start, use SQL DB to lookup Servers, not just Memory DB.
  • Mediator + Client + License: Implement License Activation on the main Mediator.
  • Mediator Web UI: Fixed changing/resetting password for old users with basic auth.
  • New and updated pages on GoodSync Account and GoodSync Connect.

Changes in GoodSync (May 14, 2020):

  • Installer: Server Versions only: Show No Mediator option.
  • Activation Wizard: Fixed Via Browser activation UI.
  • GoodSync WD client: fixed discovering NASes via UPNP when non-responding devices are present.
  • Explorer: Added Pie menu with Program Options and About dialog.
  • CC Runner Installer on Windows Server: fixed AutoUpdate was installing wrong version.
  • Gs-Server License: Fixed GS-V11 platform could be reset to WD on WD NAS.
  • Mediator UI: User Licenses: Added Delete command to Unassigned and Inactive licenses.

Changes in GoodSync (May 11, 2020):

  • WD version: Allow all file systems for WD paid license.
  • WD Trial: Do not allow Gs Runner (Unattended Job) in Free WD version.
  • Gs-Server: improve storing and processing of Licensee Platform.
  • License Writing: properly write license when it voided by payment system.
  • Gs-Server Unique Clients: Count only active IP addresses (seen less than 3 min ago).
  • Browse/Explorer: New Account / Edit Account: Allow direct IP addresses/names.

Changes in GoodSync 11.1.7 (May 07, 2020):

  • OAuth Browsers: Added option to show OAuth2 in Private/Regular Default Browser (Regular by Default).
  • Job Progress: fixed rare crashes caused by interaction with On File Change.
  • GSTP Client and Server: improved GsCompId and OsCompName normalization.
  • Activation Dialog: use new Wizard, to make it directly portable to Mac.
  • Free vs Trial license: fixed computation of Trial to Free transition.
  • Explorer: improvements, misc bug fixes.

Changes in GoodSync 11.1.6 (April 20, 2020):

  • License Activation: Do Not show By OrderID option, activation is done only by GoodSync Account.
  • Explorer + GSTP: Show Email of Account (not UserId) if we have it.
  • GS Account Setup: Update GSTP Server Account credentials, as password may change.
  • Job Sync: Fixed automatically created Job1 is deleted on turning On of Jobs Sync.
  • Switching GS Account: Do Not offer to Merge old and new Jobs/ServerAccounts, always replace.
  • Explorer: Added Cut/Copy/Paste functionality.

Changes in GoodSync 10.11.6 (April 20, 2020):

  • GoodSync Account Setup: perform License Activation on Account Setup, to save a step.
  • Licenses: Fixed Mediator issue that could cause computers to lose licenses.
  • Licenses: activate all ver 10 and business licenses per Computer, not per User.
  • License Activation: Do not require elevation for it, run it from regular user process.
  • Local Credentials of gs-server: fixed a problem that could make local credentials inaccessible.

Changes in GoodSync 10.11.5 (April 10, 2020):

  • Account Trial Mode: improved handling of Trial mode, esp for ver 11.
  • GoodSync Account Setup: perform License activation too, based on Account UserID.
  • GoodSync Account Setup: show more detailed progress on last page of wizard.
  • Gs-Runner Setup: add final (2nd) page that shows progress of operations.
  • Gs-Runner WebUI: do forms-based login, instead of Digest/Basic auth login.
  • Gs-Runner Service: Remove Delay after Boot from it.
  • Gs-Server Service: Remove Delay from GsServer Service start. 1
  • Gs-Server Service: after reboot accelerate connect to Mediator, as Internet may be slow to come up.
  • GsFileSys: Fixed rare crashes on NULL progress pointer, possible when FS becomes disconnected.
  • Program Options -> SMTP: Do not show SSL option, as it is rarely used, use STARTTLS instead.

Changes in GoodSync 10.11.4 (March 25, 2020):

  • Browse Dialog + Multi-Select: Fixed Filters were lost when Destination side was committed.
  • Job Options: Fixed Job Side Folder Options were not saved in Job Options.
  • Sync Tree + Filters: Fixed Sync Tree was not updated when Filters were changed from Context Menu.
  • BackBlaze FS: Request new token if we get Error 401 during upload of file parts.
  • Google Drive: Got higher Quota for GDrive API Queries, so ‘Rate Limit’ errors should disappear.
  • GsRunner + Refresh Tokens: fixed new Refresh Token lost on transition of Job from GsRunner to GUI.
  • GsFileSys: Log retries upon error in GsCopyFileSimple and other generic file functions.
  • Progress: Fixed progress of Job going higher than 100% on renames and some errors.
  • Sync Progress: Smooth it further, get rid of negative values, show ‘Computing Speed’ initially.
  • Start Sync: Do not redraw Sync Tree, if we are already in Proposed Changes view.
  • RDC over GSTP: Made it work via Forwarder.

Changes in GoodSync 10.11.2 (March 18, 2020):

  • Analyze/Sync: Fixed final interaction between Worker and GUI thread was wrong, could cause crashes.
  • Job Options: Fixed On Logoff option was not saved, so it was lost after GoodSync restart.
  • sib-trace: Get rid of big output buffers on stack, it could cause stack overflow sometimes.
  • Google Drive: Requested higher Quota for GDrive API Queries Per 100 sec.

Changes in GoodSync 10.11.1 (March 12, 2020):

  • Fixed Users of ver 10 with no GS Account were not getting Trial.
  • sib-socket: Fixed 2nd host of resolved IP name is lost, if the 1st host returns error.
  • MS Graph: Fixed Group Perms and Region flag were not making it from Browse Dlg to Connect().
  • MS Graph: Use both ‘mail’ and ‘userPrincipalName’ fields to get e-mail.
  • Backblaze FS: Release Part Uploaded memory, if we got an error and are out of retries.
  • GsRunner + GS GUI: Update Server Accounts in GUI if GsRunner changes them.
  • Local FS via GSTP: Pass thru locked flag, so that we can get snaphots of locked files.
  • Unattended Jobs + Progress: Fixed deadlock between RunState lock and JobProgress lock.
  • Updated IT translation.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.26 (March 03, 2020):

  • Progress of Unattended Jobs in Runner: make it smoother, reduce processor load.
  • Progress of Analyze: Compute and show Analyze speed in Files+Folders (Items) per sec.
  • Progress of Sync: Compute Elapsed Time, Current and Average speed on every timer tick.
  • Progress of Sync: Fixed Elapsed Time was shown as zero at the end of Sync.
  • Progress of Cleanup Recycled/History: allow Stop/Pause, show percent of completion.
  • CC Runner: Submit /api/update-job-run at least every 5 min, even if % did not change.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.25 (February 24, 2020):

  • Progress: fix reporting progress of Unattended job in in GsRunner service.
  • Progress: fix reporting progress of CC Runner jobs.
  • Progress: better reporting of History/Recycled cleanup.
  • Fixed crashes related to progress reporting.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.24 (February 17, 2020):

  • GSTP file system: if Client == Server then automatically use Local FS.
  • Better locking for reporting Tree Items Changed, fixes rare crashes.
  • Progress Sync Tree: it now ticks every second, sends fewer messages.
  • Progress Analyze: show Total items, Files, Folder (total / excluded).
  • Progress Sync: show current sync command on the left.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.23 (February 13, 2020):

  • SMB FS: Fixed error: Error copying file: Wrong WinFS path(3).
  • Progress: Made Job percent completion progress reporting more smooth.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.22 (February 12, 2020):

  • Browse Dialog: Fixed non-path Filters were lost when Sync Folder was changed.
  • Browse Dialog: Fixed if Enter is pressed in Folders tab, credentials are not picked up.
  • Analyze Progress: Show messages from file systems such as ‘Initializing Cache’ of Google Drive.
  • FTPS: Do session reuse, even if certs are not checked — fixes session reuse problems.
  • SFTP: Fixed SFTP FS was crashing when writing out SSH diagnostic messages to stderr.
  • AutoUpdate: If product matches but version does not match, still get URL for manual download.
  • gsync command line: Added one time run options: /comp-cksums, /comp-bodies.
  • gs-server: fixed several crashes.
  • gs-server receiver: Fixed Cannot wakeup FS: Cannot open file on wakeup .. (error 32)
  • gs-server receiver: Keep file system connected for 3 minute when socket disconnects.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.21 (February 05, 2020):

  • Job Speed: optimimized speed computation and made it more precise.
  • SyncTree StatusBar: update it more often, so that progress ticks every second.
  • FTPS: Always ignore certs in data connection from PASV command, as it uses IP address.
  • Fixed Job URL conversion did not work if %VAR% was present in URL.
  • Command Line: Allow jobs without Server Account Manager, the ones that use /fN=URL
  • Control Center Runner: command line processing: Add Unnamed bookmarks when needed.
  • Explorer: CopyMove task: better progress reporting.
  • Explorer: When pasting file/folder to its parent folder, add ‘ – Copy’ to its name.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.20 (January 24, 2020):

  • Speed and Progress: Added Elapsed Time, better Current Speed computed for last minute.
  • Fixed Speed Limit did not work on fast connections, do better speed measurement.
  • ForceStop of Jobs: fixed some rare crashes.
  • Sockets + IP v6: fixed socket leak when IP v6 connection drops.
  • Ver 9 conversion and import: fixed bugs in migratino from older Jobs .tic and .tix.
  • Browse Dlg: made conversion of GSTP for this computer to Local FS work again.
  • GoodSync Account Setup: Mid Server and File Server: Revive not deleting existing users.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.19 (January 10, 2020):

  • Fixed Analyzed + Sync command did not proceed to Sync, if Analyze-time errors were detected.
  • Browse Dialog: fixed errors when Show Files is flipped several times.
  • Job Scripts: fixed incorrect return code (must be 0) for Jobs with errors: prefix.
  • GS-server: Pass platform from Client to Server, so that Server may adjust License based on Client platform.
  • License Check and Change: Fixed spurious message about [digest auth].

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.18 (January 1, 2020):

  • Browse Dlg + Multi-Select: Do not drop Filters and Sync Folder, when changing Show Files option.
  • Browse Dlg: Fixed Multi folder selections were wrong if Sync folder is root folder of server with home folder.
  • Browse Dlg + Server Accounts: Do not add new Account if Account with same data already exists.
  • Browse Dlg + 2Go: Fixed conversion of folder path on %GSDISK% was producing incorrect URL.
  • Switching Job Direction to Backup via Direction button: set Propagate Deletions to On.
  • MS Graph (SharePoint/O365): Fix failure to upload and/or process empty files.
  • Activation Via Browser for Enterprise: fixed problems in its operation.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.17 (December 23, 2019):

  • Browse: Fixed URL breaks when we offer user to change from file://z/dir to smb://zont/dir.
  • Icons: improved system icon processing in GS and Explorer.
  • Browse Dlg: Allow to select Folder at the top of Server, it makes sense for FTP servers.
  • Update Italian localization.

Changes in GoodSync 10.10.16 (December 12, 2019):

  • Server Accounts: allow changing of server URL and options not to change Account Key.
  • Server Accounts: Added User Email, User Full Name to accounts.
  • Browse Dialog: when user changes Server Account, ask her whether to update Account or create a new one.
  • Browse Dialog: Make %VAR% parametric sync folder paths work properly in Browse dialog.
  • Browse Dialog: Disable OK button, if User clicks on Server or Server Account.
  • Browse Dialog: Make GSTP Direct Addressing work correctly with Server Accounts.
  • Do not check SSL certs: On for gstore://, Off for gstps://, On for single-server file systems.
  • New Job: Fixed New Job from Templates, it was not working.
  • GoodSync + CC: Show Upload Accounts and Upload Jobs commands in regular GoodSync.
  • gsync: Added commands to manage Server Accounts: /sa-create /sa-update /sa-rename /sa-delete /sa-list
  • gsync: Added /dN=/server/folder to specify Server/Folder or Folder inside Server Account.

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