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Ashampoo Office 9 2024.8.29.1106 – 55% OFF

Ashampoo Office 9 2024.8.29.1106 – 55% OFF
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Ashampoo Office 9 is compatible with MS Office, including Office 365, and Office 2019, and includes text processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Full compatibility and great performance make it a genuine alternative to Microsoft Office.

Users have a choice between a modern ribbon or a traditional toolbar and menu-based user interface. Write has you create text documents of any size in just minutes–at home or in the office, from simple greeting cards to entire theses.

BUY NOW Ashampoo Office 9 – 55% OFF

Ashampoo spreadsheet solution Calculate creates tables and charts of any complexity. And for engaging presentations with high-quality animations and transitions, there’s Present.

Hyphenation has been greatly improved and document navigation is easier than ever before, thanks to miniature page previews. Foot and endnotes are now Office-compatible and the new page break preview greatly helps with print preparation.

Calculate comes with multiple new calculations that work seamlessly with Excel for post-processing. Even element grouping is now supported in pivot tables. Present’s transition effects have been optimized for compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint and the new Ribbon tab offers significantly better management of movie and audio objects.

Ashampoo Office 9 Features:

  • Space-efficient PDFs with auto-scaling
  • Auto-corrections of common typos for various languages
  • Additional list view in “New document” dialog box
  • Different formatting options for pasted clipboard content
  • Insert WEBP images
  • Improved spellcheck handling
  • Easily edit grouped objects
  • Display full document path in title bar
  • Direct input of hex values for Unicode characters
  • Auto-suggestions for hyperlink insertion
  • Improved dark mode with dark sidebars
  • Dark mode auto-toggle based on Windows settings
  • Share documents with Windows apps
  • Undo individual steps during text replacement
  • File attributes like “Compressed”, “Icon position on desktop” and “Owner” preserved during saving
  • Elegant Windows 11 style

And Ashampoo Office doesn’t save your files in some online cloud service but where they belong: on your PC! You can even install it on a USB flash drive.

Word processing excellence: Write

Write is our modern Microsoft Word alternative offers a wealth of new options: Compare two documents side by side with synchronous scrolling, select multiple non-contiguous text ranges with the Ctrl key, and benefit from enhanced document change tracking! Create documents with embedded fonts that ensure your readers get the full experience even they don’t have them installed! The new Book layout displays the first page of a document on the right in two-page view, table cells are now easily rotatable, and list numbering now supports right-alignment. Dummy texts you can create instantly and paragraph, character styles are now easily filterable.

Perfect spreadsheets: Calculate

The powerful spreadsheet application Calculate lets you combine calculations, tables, and charts of any complexity with incredible ease. Calculate covers all bases from simple schedules to the entire financial planning of your company. And don’t worry about mistakes: The built-in syntax highlighting and formula validation will help you spot errors quickly. With over 350 calculations, easy table handling and support for giant datasheets with millions of entries, Calculate 8 is ideal for any spreadsheet task. And advanced features, like pivot tables (with element grouping!), ensure even professional users won’t be disappointed. Printouts of finished spreadsheets are exceptionally easy to prepare, thanks to the new page break preview. For best compatibility and interoperability, Calculate 8 uses the XLSX file format, the same format used by Microsoft Excel!

Stunning presentations: Present

Present is a powerful match for PowerPoint. Create convincing presentations with great ease and show your presentations without additional software on any PC! Breathtaking animations and slide transitions as well as a mature master slide concept help you tackle on any presentation task. Design any number of master layouts with freely positionable placeholders in just a few clicks. This not only gives your presentations a uniform look but also ensures full compatibility with PowerPoint. Multiple ready-made design templates, fully customizable at the click of a button, facilitate the design process. Add some zest to your presentations with graphics, charts, animations as well as audio and video objects. The new Media ribbon makes managing these objects a breeze! And since Present uses the common PPTX file format, exchanging documents with Microsoft PowerPoint is a no-brainer.

Benefits Of Ashampoo Office 9:

  • The perfect alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Compatible with MS Office, including Office 365 and Office 2019
  • Auto-corrections of common typos for various languages
  • Quick-access toolbar with most frequently used elements
  • Create self-contained slideshows that play on any PC without extra software
  • Supports portable installation on flash drives
  • Incredible ease of use with fold-out elements
  • New dynamic PowerPoint-compatible slide transitions
  • Miniature page previews for easy navigation in large documents
  • Create your own document templates with ease

Homepage – https://www.ashampoo.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 11.

Languages: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Rumanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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