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Snappy Fax

Snappy Fax
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Snappy Fax is a full-featured fax document management system. It enables you to send and receive faxes from your computer. Allows you to store previously sent faxes that can be retrieved on demand, annotated, and processed again.

You can resend the entire document, or send one or more pages without the need for re-transmitting the entire document.

Snappy Fax introduces true Fax Broadcasting capability. Any document can be captured in a Queue and saved for sending at a later time, either on demand or at a predetermined date and time.

You can have queued faxes sent repeatedly to any number of recipients at specified intervals. Use your scanner to scan documents and then fax them to any fax machine. Or use the Print command from other applications to use the virtual Fax printer, which allows you to send faxes directly from most Windows applications.

Program also supports sending faxes via the internet, filtering of junk faxes and forwarding of incoming faxes to other fax machines or email addresses.

A full-featured cover page designer of Snappy Fax is included along with sample cover page templates. You can use that as is or you can modify them in any way you want to produce the cover page you like. You can also include your company logo on the cover page if desired.

Snappy Fax Features:

Sending Faxes:

  • Send Faxes from any Windows application by printing to the ‘snappy fax printer’
  • Send Faxes via:
    • Fax modem connected to telephone line
    • Internet fax service (efax, etc.)
    • To email via attachment in .tif or .pdf format
  • The following document types can automatically prepare for fax by snappy Fax:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsfot Excel
    • Open Office Text documents
    • Open Office Spreadsheets
    • PDF Files
    • Text Files
    • RTF Files
    • Image files in .tif,.jpg,.bmp format
  • Fax documents directly from your scanner
  • Monitor any number of folders for new files that can be automatically faxed by snappy fax
  • Send Faxes automatically via command line arguments
  • Broadcast faxes to unlimited number of recipients
  • Schedule faxes to send at a specific date and time
  • Sign the outgoing faxes with your signature
  • Draft mode allows “attaching” documents from multiple sources to create multi-page document
    which you can send in one fax transmission
  • When sending faxes, you can select the recpients directly from Outlook’s Contacts

Receiving Faxes:

  • Receive faxes directly to your computer via fax modem
  • Schedule the receive fax mode to specific days and times
  • Receive faxes in the background while you do other work
  • Automatically forward the received faxes to any number of email addresses
  • Save the recieved faxes in tif or pdf format to a folder on your computer or network
  • Reject the junk faxes based on filter settings
  • Automatically print faxes only when needed, eliminating paper waste

Changes in Snappy Fax

  • Added Watch Folder option to automatically retry failed faxes
  • The option ‘Auto-Size Thumbnails’ has been deprecated, is always true now
  • The option ‘Show Record Count in Navigator’ has been deprecated, is always true now
  • Added new Email to Fax option, “Send Status Reply Only if Fax Failed’
  • Notable performance improvements in executing certain SQL queries
  • Saved Grid Filters were not being properly applied at startup
  • The Ribbon can now be minimized by clicking the chevron drop-down button at the right edge of the Quick Bar
  • When the Ribbon is minimized, annotation tools are shown in a floating window when the Image Viewer is being shown
  • New folders can not be added to the Draft and Scheduled Faxes node in the Navigator
  • New button on the mini-toolbar (above the data grid) allows you to lock specific records.  Locked records cannot be focused or selected by the user.  Requires password entry.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Changes in Snappy Fax

  • Printer Setup option to print specific pages (print range) was not enabled when ‘Use Legacy Printing Code’ option was enabled in general settings

Changes in Snappy Fax

  • Fixed issues with forwarding incoming faxes to other fax machines
  • The outbox display was not refreshed automatically upon sending a fax using faxage or srfax
  • Fixed bug in processing Print Driver Override
  • Added code to determine if running in VirtualBox
  • Tif and Pdf files can now be dragged and dropped onto the inbox or outbox from Windows File Explorer to create new database entries.  This is useful if you have tif or pdf files that were created with another fax program and you want to include them in the snappy fax database.  Dragging and dropping file from Windows File Explorer onto any other view in snappy fax will load the related file images into the image viewer as before.
  • Some minor cosmetic improvements
  • Other minor bug fixes

Changes in Snappy Fax

  • Added a migrator module to assist user in moving snappy fax to another computer.  The migrator can be accessed from a new button “Move to another computer” from the Utilities ribbon tab.  The migrator will create a migration file (zip format) which will contain all configuration information and data files.  Once this file is created, it can be copied to the new computer and then the migrator can be run on the new computer to establish the data files and configuration information there.  Important:  The migrator does not process any external files saved in .pdf or .tiff format to folders specified in your snappy fax settings-fax file saving options.  These files are managed by the user exclusively, if you need to move those files you can do so manually.
  • When changing snappy fax’s configuration from use fax server or not use fax server, a restart is no longer required.
  • Added a new button on the horizontal toolbar beneath the image area on the image viewer tab, “Open with Associated Windows Application”.  This is handy if you want to open the .tif file in the viewer in the default windows application for handling .tif files.
  • The options to keep transmission logs is now separated for incoming and outgoing faxes.  If you normally don’t experience transmission failures, you can set the options to ‘No Transmission Log’ to save disk space and processing time.
  • When a page was cut from the image viewer, the update database image button was not enabled as it should be.  Fixed.
  • Deleted the FaceBook and Twitter buttons, in reality, there is no need for these
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks.

Homepage – https://www.snappysoftware.com

Snappy Fax Tutorials

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server (all versions)

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