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Elecard AVC HD Player 5.8.121004

Elecard AVC HD Player 5.8.121004
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Elecard AVC HD Player is designed for high-quality decoding and playback of the popular multimedia formats. Among others, it include AVCHD, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 SP/ASP, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and 3GP. The player is optimized for the most efficient CPU usage.

This Player combines robust functionality of the popular Elecard MPEG Player, innate H.264/AVC support (without the need to install Elecard AVC PlugIn) and comes with the new exclusive skin.

The built-in DirectShow compatible decoders enable Elecard AVC HD Player to play a number of common multimedia formats such as AVI, WAV, MP3, and MOV. With the Elecard AVC HD Player you’ll be able to view all your movies.

Elecard AVC HD Player is part of Elecard AVC HD Suite, which also includes Elecard AVC HD Editor and Elecard Converter Studio AVC HD Edition.

Elecard AVC HD Player Standard Features:

  • High definition video decoding and playback
  • Correct aspect ratio displaying
  • Full Screen mode
  • Video frame capturing (pixel-by-pixel, aspect ratio or user defined) and saving in BMP/JPEG/GIF format
  • Play list support
  • Support of multiple Player instances
  • Compatibility with the video card supporting the YUV overlay
  • Multimedia hot keys support
  • M3U list support
  • Multi language support
  • Skins support
  • Shortcut menu in the main panel, in the video window and in the full-screen mode
  • Playback stop, if the player window is minimized

Elecard AVC HD Player Exclusive Features:

  • Closed Captions support
  • DVD subtitles support
  • Ability to decode MPEG-2 video in multithread mode on multiprocessor systems
  • Real-time, high resolution MPEG-2 video playback at HD 1920×1080 at 25000 kbps, 25 fps on AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1.8Ghz with DirectX; AVC video playback HD 1920×1080 at 15000 Kbps , 25 fps playback on Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz with DirectX
  • Deinterlace option
  • Seek forward and Seek backward options – ability to look through a movie by step. You can define step size as an interval of time (1, 2, 5, 10, 15 and 30 seconds) or as a number of frames.
  • Quarter resolution playback (Preview mode)
  • Detailed stream information from the video sequence and system headers and from the audio sample headers, statistics from the decoders and render filters. Audio stream output statistics
  • URL opening for playback
  • Support of RTSP, RTP, UDP protocols
  • Fast forward/backward rewind in the RTSP client mode
  • Ability to save the result of video trimming as an uncompressed raw data file (YV12, YUY2, UYVY, RGB24, RGB565, RGB555, RGB32)
  • File trimming and saving into MPEG-2 and MP4 formats
  • Ability to select elementary streams for saving in a file after trimming
  • GOP-accurate AVI (DV, XviD, DivX, 3ivX, etc) trimming
  • Playback can be started in Full Screen mode at startup. This mode is switched off after movie ends

More Features:

  • Tracing of video resolution changes and corresponding adjustment of the Video Window size
  • DXVA hardware acceleration support
  • Auto-shrink of the video window (important for HD video)
  • Playback of a list of files as a single merged file
  • Support of Sony PSP and Apple iPod, Apple iPhone compatible streams
  • Support of black/white filter lists
  • Ability to disable the file history displaying
  • Multi channel mode (available only to registered users)
  • Screensaver disabling, if playback is started
  • MPEG-2 files indexing for more accurate positioning and file duration calculation
  • Support of the player window docking to the screen edge
  • Ability to hide the player window, when the video window is displayed

Homepage – https://www.elecard.com

Supported Formats:

  • MPEG-1 System Stream including VideoCD-compliant
  • MPEG-1 Video Only
  • MPEG-2 Program Stream including DVD-compliant (VOB) and SuperVCD-compliant (SVCD)
  • MPEG-2 Video Only
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • MPEG-2 HDTV (including ATSC)
  • PIM2 (AVI including MPEG-2 format)
  • All 18 ATSC formats
  • AVC/H.264
  • MP4 System
  • 3GPP2
  • MPEG-4 SP-ASP (ISO/IEC 14496-2)
  • Other formats, if corresponding codecs are installed on your PC (AVI, WAV, MOV etc.)

Audio Formats:

  • MPEG-1 Audio Layer (I, II, III) (ISO/IEC 11172-3)
  • MPEG-2 Audio, including unofficial MPEG-2.5 format
  • LPCM Linear PCM (an audio standard for DVD)
  • AAC

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