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VSO ConvertXtoHD

VSO ConvertXtoHD
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VSO ConvertXtoHD software is a Blu-ray and AVCHD Creator. It lets you convert your videos in HD in just a click, whatever their original format. The program will give you the exceptional HD quality results. Give your videos Blu-ray treatment with exceptional image quality!

This VSO Software will allow you to create AVCHD and Blu-ray folders, disks and ISO images. Create Blu-ray from any video with guaranteed compatibility with all home Blu-ray and AVCHD players.

VSO ConvertXtoHD supports all input files – avi, mkv, Blu-rays, DVDs, mts, mpg, FLV, etc. The output size can be DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25, BD-50, or custom value. You can see your changes in real time with the live preview.

Conversions are made with professional looking menus making your disks extra easy to watch!

Edit and Personalize with VSO ConvertXtoHD:

  • Add subtitles and audio
  • Advanced subtitle editing
  • Adjust synchronization
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Rotate videos
  • Add watermark copyright   NEW
  • Chapter managment
  • Cut out sections of the video
  • 480, 576, 720, 1080 resolution
  • 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 full screen
  • Increase audio volume
  • Image perfection wizard    NEW
  • Join files into one
  • HD Menu editor: full customization   NEW 
  • Padding/Cropping
  • Audio normalizer    NEW
  • Add video intro    NEW
  • Live preview!

Quality and Speed – Optimized conversion speed

  • Convert videos simultaneously and optimize for multi-core processing
  • Advanced hardware encoder and decoder settings
  • Nvidia Cuda/NVENC and INTEL QuickSync hardware optimizations for encoding and decoding

Easy to use:

  • Burn to disk
  • Burn multiple copies
  • Make copies of Blu-ray disks
  • Create BDMV and AVCHD ISO
  • Compatible with all disk formats and burners
  • Store conversions on USB key or PC.
  • Shutdown PC option when finished
  • Various skins to change look and feel of the interface
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Includes several HD menu templates
  • Includes “how to” tutorials and video guides

This new VSO ConvertXtoHD 3 version includes a new menu template editor. You can now create and save your own menu templates!

The advanced customization options: number of times per page, thumbnails to be added or not, offset, menu item animations, add your own buttons, sounds, etc…

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2024-01-25):

  • [Feature Request] Notification about being in free mode
  • [Bug] Bad conversion with hw optimizations on
  • [Feature Request] Better handling of memory
  • [Feature Request] Add fault tolerance to hardware encoding failure

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2023-06-14):

  • [Bug] Preview doesn’t work

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2023-06-08):

  • [Bug] Renaming the project name, you then get stuck with a text box you cannot get rid off
  • [Bug] Title name and project name can’t be changed
  • [Feature Request] Open dialog should lead to title’s home folder, not the last one used

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2023-05-04):

  • [Bug] impossible to uncheck “play one after the other” in movie themes
  • [Bug] Subtitles more than 9h59m not supported
  • [Information] Link in “extras” needs correction
  • [Bug] Conversion fails if video has unusual framerate
  • [Bug] Green bar appearing on the right edge of the converted video
  • [Bug] VSO ConvertXtoHD v3.0.0.74 Some Translation issues/error on using key in clipboard
  • [Bug] “Cancelled by user” incorrectly stated when conversion fails

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2020-11-20):

  • [Bug] Memory issue during conversion: fails with “running low on memory”

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD Beta (2020-05-15):

  • Fix encoding of very complex SSA subtitles
  • [Bug] Memory allocation issue
  • [Bug] ASS huge subtitles issue
  • [Bug] Having Japanese characters on menu blocks conversion

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2019-11-13):

  • [Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border

Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2019-10-11):

  • [Bug] Preview with subtitles -> Crashing
  • [Feature Request] [VSORep] “app will be closed” warning issued during install/reinstall process
  • [Feature Request] [VSORep] error message if Internet-OFF
  • [Bug] [VSO Rep] Re-Install not working

Homepage – https://www.vso-software.fr

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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