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DVDFab (All-In-One) – 30% OFF

DVDFab (All-In-One) – 30% OFF
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DVDFab 13 is the most powerful and flexible DVD or Blu-ray copying, ripping, creating and burning, all-in-one software. Also it’s a fantastic file converter which can rip and convert DVD/Blu-ray movies. Further, it can transfer your files to various portable devices.

This DVDFab All-In-One software is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD and Blu-ray movie. It can copy any DVD, Blu-ray disc with Cinavia watermark. Supports all popular video and audio formats, HD video and almost all multimedia devices.

BUY NOW DVDFab All-In-One (Lifetime + Gift) – 30% OFF

In addition, it can create a protected disc (BDMV-REC) to disable Civania for playback on PS3. Your entire movie is copied to a single DVD or Blu-ray with just one click, and everything happens automatically. Also with including menus, trailers and special features.

In DVDFab 13, graphical user interfaces get a complete new outlook. Icons, buttons, tabs, dialogs, all get improved and optimized for best efficiency and aesthetics. Besides, the first time in the history of DVDFab, user-defined skins eventually become a reality. You will able make your DVDFab program the way you want, stylish, reminiscence, majestic, etc. Your style. Your choice.

The redesigned task manager presents you all the current tasks and the most recent tasks in one place. The detailed status of each task, ready to start, processing, wait in queue, success, failed, cancelled, not processed, exit unexpectedly, etc, all at a quick glance.

DVDFab Remote will keep you timely updated. Task status like progress percentage, estimated time remaining, failed or completed, just a glimpse away on your smart phone screen.

64-bit Encoding Technology

As the 32-bit OS gradually loses its aura, the prevailing of 64-bit becomes irresistible. DVDFab 10 surely takes that advantage to help you get the most of your system, by utilizing the 64-bit technology while encoding H.264 and H.265 sources.

Optimized UI and Framework

The redesigned UI layouts based on the completely new architecture and framework also lay solid foundation for DVDFab 10’s stability.

DVDFab Backup Tools

Word’s top-ranking DVD and Blu-ray backup tools, including DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy, dedicating to providing the leading service to copy and backup any DVD, Blu-ray disc, ISO, Folder without losing quality in a flash speed.

Ripper Tools

The most full-featured ripper tools including DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper. They can read and rip all DVDs and Blu-rays to any mainstream video and audio formats or devices with various settings to make the output video fit your need.

Converter Tools

World’s cutting-edge universal conversion tools including Video Converter, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, DVD to Blu-ray Converter, capable of converting between videos, between DVD and Blu-ray, with a sea of profiles for your consideration.

Cinavia Solution

World’s first complete Cinavia solution: DVDFab CinaviaRemoval HD, dedicating to helping you get completely rid of the hard-to-conquer Cinavia protections embedded in the audio track of any Cinavia protected disc.

Blu-ray Copy is the first full-featured Blu-ray copier, burner, cloner powerful enough to copy any Blu-ray to any Blu-ray, DVD, AVCHD disc (with BD format, and only can be played on BD player) or to your hard drive with just one or a few clicks.

One superior feature of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is that it fully supports Blu-ray 3D. It can copy any BD 50 3D to BD 25 3D in the original format, copy 3D Blu-ray to 2D Blu-ray, and convert Blu-ray 3D to Blu-ray SBS 3D. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can also customize the copy of any movie title in 2D/3D Blu-ray that you select.

DVDFab Technology:

  • The new Meta Info feature will allow user to upload Blu-ray Meta data and make the media server more intelligent.
  • The Cloud Decryption service makes the decryption complete in a matter of seconds.
  • BluPath analysis tool can quickly and precisely find the right playlist and region code for Blu-ray.
  • PathPlayer identifies all the playable contents on a DVD disc to pave the way for a blazing fast decryption.
  • StealthyClone will help users backup/clone BDs regardless of Sony DADC Screen Pass and other structural protections.
  • Lightning Shrink – world’s most efficient GPU-acceleration It based on Blu-ray compressing technology to rip or convert Blu-rays within one hour.
  • Can solve playback problem of the copy of Cinavia protected Blu-ray on PS3
  • Lightning-Recoding technology is the homebrew of DVDFab applied in Blu-ray Copy
  • .miniso file can be produced by Blu-ray Copy and mounted by Virtual Drive to simulate ISO image
  • Intel Quick Sync makes DVDFab quicker at video decoding/encoding during copy/ripping/conversion
  • NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP accelerate DVDFab’s speed in DVD/Blu-ray/video conversion
  • BD Shrink technology enables Blu-ray Copy to compress Blu-ray (3D) movies to smaller sizes to fit on blank BD 25/BD 9/BD 5 discs.
  • BDInfo will help you get the detailed information on the Blu-ray you are backing up.
  • Supports 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) videos to help you enjoy ultra high definition experience.
  • H.265 codec compresses video files to the half size with the same video quality as the original

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-05-14):

  • New: Added support for displaying the update file size in the Updater window.
  • Fix: A problem that Blu-ray Creator cannot create more than four thumbnails with Streaming menu template.
  • Fix: A problem that Blu-ray Creator cannot change the source files’ order by dragging and dropping.
  • Fix: A problem that the custom thumbnails will be replaced by default ones in Blu-ray Creator’s menu panel.
  • Fix: A problem the aspect ratio of the output DVD is wrong after converting from Blu-ray to DVD.
  • Fix: A problem that the output file size still exceeds the capacity even though “Fit to Disc” was selected in DVD Creator.

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-04-17):

  • New: Optimized Products panel.
  • New: Added support for installing UniFab in the background under the original Video Converter module for faster download speed.
  • Fix: A problem that you can’t select No Menu mode in the Advanced Settings in Copy -> Customize mode.

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-04-07):

  • Fix: A conversion failure problem when converting with “No Menu” mode in Blu-ray Creator.

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-03-27):

  • New: Added support for Menu thumbnail preview in the main interface of Creator, so that users can visualize the Menu they are using.
  • Fix: A problem that setting H265 as A/V codec in Common Settings does not take effect after restarting the app.
  • Fix: A problem that the Creator templates are not displaying correctly when the laptop resolution is set to 1920*1080 and the DPI is set to 150%.
  • Fix: A problem that the setting for ‘Play sound when event occurs’ cannot be remembered correctly in version 13.
  • Fix: Some other GUI display problems.

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-03-06):

  • New: Added support for deleting and editing the text information of Metadata in Blu-ray Creator.
  • Fix: A failure problem when output to DVD5 using DVD Creator and DVD Copy module.

What’s New in DVDFab (2024-02-28):

  • New: Added support for the new Streaming menu template in Blu-ray Creator.
    • Support searching Meta information automatically for movies or TV Shows.
    • Support setting the poster of the video as a Menu background automatically.
    • Including Root Menu, Scense, and Set Up pages, closer to the original disc menu.
  • New: Added support for displaying the conversion progress on the app icon in the system taskbar when the task is processing.
  • Fix: A problem that the tasks are not saved in the Archived section after the conversion is finished and the program is restarted.
  • Fix: Some GUI display problems.

Homepage – https://www.dvdfab.cn

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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