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Serv-U 15.4.2 Build 126 by SolarWinds

Serv-U 15.4.2 Build 126 by SolarWinds
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Serv-U is a powerful, easy-to-use, Windows-based multi-protocol FTP, SFTP and HTTP file server for Windows and Linux. It allows files to be shared over the Internet via unencrypted protocols like FTP and HTTP or securely via FTPS, SFTP, or HTTPS.

Using a built-in web service the software can be configured remotely from any location with Internet access and a web browser. And two built-in file transfer clients allow for file management without requiring pre-installed FTP/SFTP client software.

Serv-U is not only 100% compliant with the current FTP, SFTP and HTTP standards. It also includes numerous features unique to Serv-U that make it a perfect file sharing solution for virtually everyone. Serv-U features an open architecture that makes it very easy to extend, monitor, and change the server behavior with external DLLs.

Designed for all business types and sizes, Serv-U MFT Server software simplifies file transfer for employees from easy-to-use Web client and mobile interface. Moreover it centralizes enterprise-wide file transfer operations for IT pros to ensure better administration, visibility, and control. This means IT pros can now take file transfer control back from employees who are using non-IT-approved FTP freeware and cloud services for exchanging business files.

Serv-U supports separate listeners for IPv6 addresses, IPv6 CIDR support, IPv6 access rules, and logging. Also it supports IPv6 without losing any functionality supported with IPv4.

Feature Highlights:

Support for Multiple Protocols

  • FTP
  • SFTP (SSH)
  • HTTP/S
  • IPv4 and IPv6

Mobile File Transfer and Web Transfer

  • Secure Web browser transfers via HTTP/S (drag and drop)
  • Sync and file compare with included FTP Voyager JV module
  • Secure mobile device transfers via HTTP/S (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.)
  • Rreverse proxy to prevent “data in the DMZ” with available Serv-U Gateway module

Secure File Transfer

  • Multi-factor authentication (certificates and keys)
  • Multiple authentication sources (local, Active Directory, database, custom)
  • Supports multiple keys (SSH/SFTP) for each user
  • File integrity checks (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, etc.)
  • Granular control over bandwidth, storage, permissions, and access

Ad Hoc File Transfer

  • Sender uploads files to a secure Web page on Serv-U, sets expiration date and optional password
  • Server automatically sends links to files (and optional message) to all recipients
  • Each recipient clicks a link, signs on (if required) and downloads files from a secure Web page on Serv-U

Managed File Transfer and Simple Administration

  • Web-based remote administration
  • Intuitive Web clients for drag-and-drop, thumbnails, synchronization, etc.
  • Virtual folder access local storage, remote shares, or both
  • Easy to use Management console and domain setup wizard
  • Automated file management to move/delete files after ‘x’ days
  • Share files that are already on the server
  • Make anonymous shares without specifying email ID
  • Free form search in file shares
  • Automatic account maintenance (reset password, disable after ‘x’ days)

Serv-U Corporate addresses the need for a business-class FTP server with no limitations and the ability to grow with your business.

Corporate Edition allows the following:

  • Support for remote administration
  • ODBC database support
  • Integrated SSL Support
  • Unlimited domains with an unlimited number of concurrent connections
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Support for directory mapping and links
  • Support of UL/DL ratios and quotas
  • Windows User NT-SAM / Active Directory Support

Serv-U 15.4.2 Release Notes:

  • Serv-U now supports Windows Server 2022.
  • Database groups can now be synchronized for multi-instance deployments.
  • Improvements have been made to the password recovery process for Serv-U.
  • Serv-U 15.4.2 contains security improvements such as upgrades to Nova 15, OpenSSL 3.0.13, and zlib 1.3.1 and new encryption of private keys.
  • New Web Client and File share applications now leverage Angular 16 and stronger Content Security Policy definition.
  • Serv-U can now be installed in STIG environments through a new installation process. See Requesting a Serv-U installation in a STIG environment for details.

Serv-U 15.3.1 Release Notes:

  • Serv-U generates a unique default certificate during installation in the Windows Certificate store
  • New Serv-U Client applies configuration from limits and settings in management console
  • Custom logo option for new Serv-U client
  • Improvements for login page with custom html/css
  • Language selection on login page has been fixed
  • Authentication fix for configuration behind load balancer
  • New variable $FileShareToken introduced that can be used in download/upload events
  • Removal of DSA 2048 and 4096 SSH private keys

Serv-U 15.3 Release Notes:

  • Update to modern UI without installing Java
  • Drag and drop support for uploads
  • Multiple file and folder upload / zip download
  • New UI for File sharing (MFT only)
  • Option to use new or legacy web client
  • Security and stability improvements

Serv-U 15.2.5 Release Notes:

  • Authenticated Serv-U account can be moved to new Collection.
  • Preload and SubDomains arguments added to HSTS headers.
  • Issue resolved with HTTP authentication on CentOS 7/8.
  • Issue with the server setting option “Allow HTTP sessions to change IP address” has been fixed.
  • The limit for the number of passive FTP ports increased to 500.
  • The user setting “Change password on next login” has been fixed.

Homepage – https://www.serv-u.com

Supported Operating Systems:


  • 2022
  • 2019
  • 2016
  • 2012, 2012 R2


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v.8
  • CentOS 7, 8
  • OpenSUSE 15.5
  • Rocky Linux 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04
  • Debian 12

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